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The butcher and the cheese monger

The need of honesty

By Mieczyslaw OzPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
The butcher and the cheese monger
Photo by Alexander Maasch on Unsplash

There was once a cheese monger who once a week sold a pound of cheese to a butcher.

The cheese monger owned a cheese shop where every class of people could buy a variety of cheeses. Cheeses everyone could enjoy.

The cheese monger sold some of the most delicious cheeses you could get your hands on in town. Fruity and citrusy, clean and buttery, tangy as well as creamy. A taste of delight.

The butcher himself had a prosperous butcher shop a few blocks away from the cheese shop.

The butcher was well trusted by the people, especially hunters which regularly would bring game to the shop and brought the butcher a constant stream of business.

After months of buying cheese from the cheese monger, the butcher decided to weigh the cheese himself to make sure he was indeed getting a pound of cheese.

When the butcher weighed the cheese, he found that he was receiving less than the promised pound of cheese which infuriated him.

The Butcher was a straightforward man, had an open mind, and always took things in stride. He decided to ask his son to go to the cheese shop purchase one pound of cheese and to bring it back to the shop.

The butcher wanted to double check. Maybe the cheese monger made a mistake weighing the cheese.

The son returns with the cheese, the butcher weighs it, and the cheese was exactly one pound.

The butcher thought maybe the cheese monger did indeed make a mistake and he decided to chase the problem no further.

The time came along when the butcher had to purchase cheese for the week, the butcher headed to the cheese shop along with the new order of meat the cheese monger had ordered.

The butcher entered the shop, exchanged greetings with the cheese monger, handed over the box of meat and the cheese monger handed the butcher a bag of cheese.

The butcher on the way back home decided to stop by the butcher shop to weigh out the cheese because he could not get over the curiosity; Did the cheese monger give the pound of cheese or did he not.

The butcher entered the butcher shop, took the cheese out of the bag and placed it on the scale. He could not believe what his eyes had seen. The cheese monger has done it again, the butcher thought.

Enraged, feeling cheated and fooled the butcher decided to take the cheese monger to court. Only God knows how many times the cheese monger has done this, the butcher thought.

When in court the Judge asked the cheese monger

"Sir, the butcher here says you have cheated him out of a significant number of ounces from the cheese he has purchased from you. Is that true?"

The cheese monger replied.

"No, your Honor that is not true. for you see I give him the same amount weigh he gives me in meat."

The Judge then asks cheese monger.

“Sir, how do you weigh the cheese you have been selling the butcher?”

The cheese monger replied.

“Your Honor, I have a scale which I use to weigh out the cheese.”

The cheese monger then continued.

“Your Honor, I’ve bought one pound of meat from the butcher long before he started purchasing cheese from me. Whenever the butcher brings the meat for me, I put it on the scale. Thereafter, I measure the same weight in cheese in return. If the butcher is not getting a pound of cheese, then, he also is not giving a pound of meat as promised.”

You can fool others, you could even fool yourself, but trust requires honesty.

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