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The Boy And The Generous Dragon

A Tale of Friendship And Kindness

By dharanPublished about a year ago 2 min read

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a boy named Jack. Jack was an adventurous and curious boy who loved to explore the nearby forest. One day, while he was exploring, he stumbled upon a mysterious cave.

The entrance of the cave was hidden behind a large boulder, and as Jack moved it aside, he saw a glimmering light emanating from the inside. Jack's curiosity got the better of him, and he entered the cave.

As Jack made his way deeper into the cave, the light grew brighter, and he realized that he had discovered a treasure trove. There were piles of gold coins, precious gems, and rare artifacts. Jack was amazed and started to collect as much treasure as he could carry.

As Jack was about to leave the cave, he heard a deep growling sound. He turned around and saw a large dragon staring at him, blocking the exit. Jack was terrified and thought that he was going to be eaten by the dragon.

But the dragon surprised Jack by speaking to him. "Hello, young man," said the dragon. "I am not here to harm you. In fact, I am impressed by your bravery and resourcefulness. You have managed to find my treasure, and I am grateful for that."

Jack was surprised and asked the dragon why he had a treasure trove in the cave. The dragon replied, "I have been collecting treasures for many years, and I have grown tired of hoarding them. I want to share my wealth with the world, but I need someone to help me distribute it."

Jack was excited and eager to help the dragon. He suggested that they use the treasure to help the poor villagers in the nearby town. The dragon agreed, and they packed as much treasure as they could carry and made their way to the village.

When they arrived, the villagers were amazed to see a dragon with Jack, and they were frightened at first. But Jack explained the situation, and they quickly warmed up to the idea of receiving the dragon's treasure.

The villagers were overjoyed, and they used the treasure to improve their village. They built new houses, a school, and a hospital. They also used the treasure to buy food and medicine for the less fortunate.

The dragon was pleased to see the joy and happiness that his treasure had brought to the village. He realized that he had been hoarding his wealth for too long and that sharing it with others was the right thing to do.

Jack and the dragon became good friends, and they continued to distribute the treasure to other villages in need. They traveled the world, helping people and spreading joy wherever they went.

Years went by, and Jack grew old. One day, as he was lying on his deathbed, the dragon appeared before him. "Thank you for being my friend, Jack," said the dragon. "Your kindness and generosity have inspired me to become a better dragon. I will continue to share my wealth with the world, in honor of our friendship."

And with that, the dragon disappeared, leaving behind a legacy of generosity and kindness. The villagers remembered Jack as a hero, and they continued to tell the story of the boy who befriended a dragon and changed their lives forever.


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  • Ap Shanmugapriyaabout a year ago

    Good one👍

dharanWritten by dharan

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