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The Billionaire Space Race

by Gal Mux 4 months ago in Sci Fi

And the Diamonds in Jupiter

The Billionaire Space Race
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

“Do you know why the world’s billionaires are currently on a space race?” Dimitri probed.

I shook my head. “Mmm because they can…because they want to… because they want to create a space travel business…” I kept guessing.

“Oh my sweet dear, ” Dimitri taunted me patronisingly. “ Are you aware that it rains diamonds in Jupiter?”

“Yeah, I am.” I dismissed him somewhat irritated. Who did he think he was? Why was he acting like I was an idiot?

“Think about it. What’s the point of getting to space and back in just a few minutes? If it was just for the view, why not orbit the earth for a couple of days or weeks even? Why jet back immediately? Why not hang around there for a while and take the moment to fully enjoy the experience? Billionaires are smart about their money. That’s how they got to be billionaires in the first place. You think they’d be doing this just for the sheer fun of it…?” Dimitri went on.

“They are billionaires. They can do whatever they want. They are also not the only ones going on these space travels. If you can afford it you can go too you know. We need to quit hating on billionaires and other rich people. Their activities and motivations can be nauseating sometimes but they are entitled to spend their money in whichever way they please. It’s theirs after all!” I interjected.

I thought I was making sense but Dimitri kept looking at me pitifully while shaking his head. I could even detect a faint sneer at the edge of his mouth. It was as though he wanted to save me from something. Maybe even from myself. He sipped his wine and had a bite from the pieces of gouda on his plate.

“The rich will always get richer Leo. The poor unfortunately will always get poorer. That’s the curse of this wretched world.” He said as he smacked his lips. “And a magician’s greatest weapon is misdirection. Never forget that. That’s always the trick. Don’t look at what they are showing you. Instead, ask yourself, “What is it that they do not want me to see?” He looked me straight in the eye. His finger was on his chest as he emphasised the me.

I rolled my eyes and sipped on my energy drink. It looked like I had gotten myself an evening date with an old wise character from a fantasy tale. Only without the large grey wisdom beard, wrinkly skin, and free-flowing attire. I chuckled at the thought.

He was on his third glass now. Was it me or was merlot such strong a wine? I wondered. I wanted it to stop though. There were other more interesting topics we could discuss. But the evening was kinda boring, to be honest. It was Friday night and I didn’t want to go home yet. My roommate was probably there already smoking weed with the goons he called friends. Even though I was irritated, I allowed myself to be indulged by my colleague’s babblings. It would make the night go faster I thought. By the time I’d get home, hopefully, my roommate and his buddies would have already passed out and I could get some peace.

In a few months, my lease would expire and my contractual period at the firm would come to an end anyway and I would move to the coast. I would never have to deal with my annoying roommate or this weirdo ever again! For these reasons, I figured the ramblings of a semi-drunk guy were better than the hallucinations of stoned wannabes. So for the evening, I decided to sit there and endure it.

“What is it that these billionaires don’t want us to see?” I asked Dimitri feigning interest. “These flights are being viewed globally via live feed…”

“Exactly! Misdirection…” He answered smiling sheepishly while pointing at me. “ They show you the flight from start to finish so that you think that there is nothing else going on. What is it that they are not showing you hmmm? Think!” He pointed several times to the side of his head.

“Are you suggesting that they are colonising space or something… already moving to another planet without the global public knowing? Honestly, you ramble too much Dimitri!”

“Oh, darling. Think! It rains diamonds in Jupiter! Think!” He dragged and separated each of his words as he shook my shoulder.

Ok. We were going in circles. I wondered whether I should go home at that point. Getting high via secondary smoke was better than listening to the jabbers of a mad man. I was also too tired from working all week. I didn’t want to tire my mind on a Friday evening. I had gone to the bar looking for rest, but I was getting the opposite. The cars speeding by the street below were offering some distraction at least.

“I will let you in on a secret.” Dimitri leaned in and whispered. He threw his eyes around like someone afraid of getting caught. As though someone was listening in or watching him. “ In each of these billionaire space shuttles, there is another smaller shuttle hidden in a secret compartment that gets launched once they reach space.”

“Huh?” I was kind of curious now. Maybe there was some content in his ramblings. Or not. Either way, it was entertaining. Just like a sci-fi movie.

“The destination of these mini vessels is Jupiter. They have an open hollow body and are designed to zip in and out of the gas planet multiple times at supersonic speed collecting these rare diamonds. They are then reorbited back to space where based on their programming attach themselves to the future incoming space vessels of the billionaires that sent them.”

“Wait what!” My mouth was agape.

“Why did you think these billionaires want to have their space shuttles go to the edge of space? Why do you think there are a few minutes of lag when they reach outer space and just before they jet back to Earth?”

“I don’t know….” I mumbled. “Because they are designed that way… because it’s fun?” Honestly, I had no clue.

“ These lags are there to buy time for these returning mini vessels carrying the diamonds to reattach themselves on the incoming space vessels. They do it in outer space because it is easier to avoid detection and surveillance from government and other commercial satellites.”

My head hurt. My eyes were popping.

“ These mini vessels are solar-powered. Are super fast and super strong. They can travel for months on end and can withstand the hottest or coldest temperatures. They are also self-repairing. Are the size of a mini toy plane and are made from alloys of the rarest metals mixed with earth diamonds.” Dimitri continued.

I could not believe my ears.

“Billionaires don’t play the poor man’s game, Leo.” He added acknowledging the disbelief on my face. “Millionaires think they are being cool paying obscene amounts of money taking pictures and videos with billionaires in space jets and posting them on their Instagrams for likes and comments. What they do not know is that they are the bait. Their role is to provide the transportation to space and back. They are the ones funding these trips that are allowing billionaires to keep on getting richer. They are part of the misdirection. It’s all just a game. A billionaires game. And we are all pawns just being tossed around the board.”

Ok. Now I was really interested. I was mind blown.

“ How do you know this,” I asked him. I wanted him to keep going.

“Look buddy, the future of mining is space. Think asteroids, space dust, moon rocks, the diamonds in Jupiter, Saturn…Blood diamonds are getting less and less profitable. Too much legal framework, regulatory policy, activism, and politicking around them. Rich people don’t like others meddling in their business or even worse tampering with their profit margins.”

There was some merit in his statements.

“Also, any wannabe rapper or so-called star can access regular diamonds. There are too many of them nowadays. It’s hard to keep up. They cheapen the brand. Regular miners are also randomly finding them in their backyards. Think about the Tanzanian guy. He found two huge rocks twice! Millennials care zero for them. Top-tier Hollywood stars are no longer interested. Earth diamonds used to be the thing but that’s old news now. Their allure is gone. They have become too common. Too accessible.”

By on Unsplash

“ It can’t be…” I kept going back and forth. “But there must be rules to bringing stuff from space right?” I enquired stuttering in disbelief. “It just can’t be…”

“Stuff falls from space into the Earth all the time. There’s nothing wrong with getting stuff from space.”

He was right about the objects that fell from space into the earth. But he had not convinced me.

“That’s about what’s falling. What about bringing? There must be rules…” I insisted on my point.

“Oh no. Space is up for grabs. It’s for anyone that can afford it, buddy. No one can lay claim to space and its riches.”

“But governments can’t allow this… can they? Space missions and all the research since way back were funded by the public. Billionaires should not be the only ones benefitting from this…”

“Oh Leo, how do I break it to you? Buddy, they are in on it.”


“Why do you think they have been awarding billion-dollar contracts to these private space exploration companies? Why have they been allowing them to operate tax-free? Why are they giving them free test sites and landing spaces? Why have they been providing them with their top scientists and all their research? Why huh? Think Leo!” He was pointing hard on the side of his head. His finger was shaking.

“I don’t believe you. It can’t possibly be true. This is just one of those crazy conspiracy theories. Just idle minds looking for big answers to problems that don’t even exist. It’s the moon landing hoax story all over again!”

“Buddy again, the future of mining is space. Governments have huge annual budgets that need to be fed. And they are still competing to see who can do it best. The world is also 300 trillion dollars in debt. The resources on earth are dwindling and those outside of Earth are just sitting there waiting to be grabbed. Who knows... It could be by humans or by aliens...Soon humans won’t be living on earth anymore. The strategy is to evolve or die out. Grab or be grabbed.”

“How could this be possibly true?” I objected.

I didn’t want to believe it. Where was I? Who was this guy? Was his name even Dimitri?

“How convenient is it that private space exploration missions have started succeeding just when billionaires can live stream them? Very convenient huh! Do you think that these shows they are currently putting up for the world are among the first successful private space travels?” Dimitri asked looking dead at me.

“I guuesssed so…” I stammered shaken from what my ears were picking and wondering whether he could see through me.

“Diamonds from Jupiter started arriving on Earth years ago through the so-called space travel mission tests. The original was one large piece that was cut into smaller pieces and later sold to the elites. Think monarchies, legacy families, elites, top religious figures, other billionaires, heirs, and heiresses. The funds collected were channeled to further journeys and explorations.”

I was all ears.

“They called this original piece the E.T. The extraterrestrial. Some sources say that E.T stood for Elizabeth Taylor suggesting that this first stone was named after the famous actress due to her great love for diamonds. The story goes that she was offered the first piece as a gift but she declined. Instead, asking in goodwill that the equivalent sum be donated to an AIDS charity of their choosing. Note that all pieces from the E.T can be traced. All but this first piece that was allegedly offered to Elizabeth Taylor. Nobody knows whether that story is true or also, just another misdirection.”

How could all these be true?

“Who are you? Where are you from?” I was now shaking from fear.

“Think of me, think of us as emissaries of truth.” He said calmly.

“Us? What do you mean?" What do you want?"

He threw a glance at me.

"How can you prove all these? Before you tell me any more, prove it!”

Dimitri sighed. He then clicked on what seemed to be a strange-looking app on his device. He was concealing it attempting to prevent me from seeing more than I was supposed to I figured. It buffered for a few seconds. Suddenly a sharp green light shot from the screen.

I could feel my hands sweating. My knees were achy and weak and my head hurt. I wanted it to stop. All of it. But I had been sucked in too deep already. I wanted to know more. Much more than what I had already heard. I leaned in. Well aware that after this, it would never be the same again.

The app loaded. At this point, there was no turning back.

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