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The 10 Evil Disney Pixar Theories That Will Have You Doubting Everything

Toy Story

By Durga PrasadPublished 4 months ago 11 min read

Whether it's a classic like Toy Story or a newer addition to the universe, Disney and Pixar fans have a way of conjuring up the craziest theories that will make you seriously question everything. Welcome, my name is Kennedy, and if you thought you wouldn't get it, may have worse or more confusing theories than your childhood classics, and then think again because today we are back with some of the most terrifying theories, so get ready because these are the 10 best Disney Pixar theories that will make you question the third part. First of all, let's start with

Number 10.

Monsters Inc and Toy Story The Monsters Inc franchise is no stranger to dark fan theories, and while this may not be as bad as the blood collection theory, it's definitely something you hope for when we're all on board with the general theory . From the Pixar universe, it makes sense that the young minds of the Pixar universe, like Andy, would be targeted by the screaming monsters of Monstropolis. I wonder who else they would scare today, but we'll just focus on one monster, Randall. Some fans believe that Randall may not only be a Monsters Inc. villain, but also Andy's monster in his own reality, and the reasons for this are somewhat interesting. The first reason given is that Randall is seen working. masked in front of a background that looks exactly like the walls of Andy's room, and another reason is that in Toy Story 3 we see a sign in Andy's closet with an image of a creature that looks exactly like Randall. I mean, why else would he be a drawing of a scary monster if he wasn't trying to get the scary monster that comes into his room at night out of his head, so yeah, in the end, we know that Randall is terrorizing Andya's package. too. like a monster that entered

Number 9.

Riley's Monster: Talking Monsters, Inc. Crossovers According to this next theory, Riley 2 may have been one of those scares where monsters had to visit at night. Now, there is one theory that suggests that Bing Bong is actually Riley's monster, similar to the first time. The Monsters Inc movie where they got together laughs so why wouldn't he  be a scary presence in her life and while I can definitely see  one standing there is another controversial fan theory that is a bit more interesting the other theory is that Bing Bong he is just his imaginary friend we say, but  he contains hints about who his real monster is, as you will remember from the movie, where Bing Bong tells us where he got his inspiration from, but he accidentally leaves. . where did his legs come from suspicious fans discovered that this is because his legs are inspired by his monster, George Sanderson, whose fur looks exactly like the yellow-orange striped legs we see on Bing Bong, and therefore Bing Bong cannot identify where his legs came from . . . that's because Riley was either so scared of George that she blocked out the memory or  just pretended not to remember when she tried to make something scary more positive when it's all true, which would  mean a sock on George's back. All the ruckus at the beginning of Monsters Inc. would have been Riley's, which is a fun Easter egg to come.

Number 8.

Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo Bruce made us all laugh when he held an anonymous shark meeting with the now famous slogan that fish are friends, not food, but some fans began to wonder where he might have gotten that belief system from. I only know two vegetarian sharks in the media, Lenny and Bruce from Shark Tale. Some fans think they've hit rock bottom, and I have to say that if it's an entertaining theory for the fans, Bruce is actually her son. I pulled my chin, but his father abandoned him when he was young and he was raised by a single mother, I'll just stick with the theory, then it explains that his mother probably wanted her child to be different from his father. and raised him so To be as kind as possible now, as I mentioned in Finding Nemo, Bruce has a support group of sharks whose Mantra goes against the killing machine narrative so often associated with sharks, and some fans claim that Bruce. so afraid of his own. dad that he started this support group to make his mom proud and try to hold himself accountable. I have to admit it's a bit far-fetched, but I have to admit it would be wild if it turned out to be true in the next hour.

Number 7.

Emperor's New Groove, so before anyone says this, I know Emperor's New Groove isn't Pahumans; that's part of the Pixar Canon, but this is a list of Disney Pixar theories, so I'm leaning a little on the Disney side of this one. For starters, when the fly calls Cuhuman, the humans that the llama calls for help before the spider eats them, it might have been a fairly trivial part of the movie, but this suggests that it actually could be. Basically, they point out that the only animals that can speak are, of course, our own species, only speak English if they were once humans, meaning that a fly eaten by a giant spider is a human trapped in the fly's body. The only hole I want to poke is the one where the squirrel talks. I mean, he talks and squeaks, but Cronk does understand him, so you think you might as well argue that the squirrel was once a human and he was just a squirrel for so long that he forgot how to talk because, I mean, he sure can communicate and get his point across just like everything in another movie character. I don't know if I'm just spitting; I'm just glad there are no potions in real life that can turn me into a fly and the next spider meal.

Number 6.

Wreck-It Ralph posted the following on Reddit, which has to make sense and turns an already sad backstory into an even cooler theory. As you may remember from the movie Wreck-It, Ralph, one of Calhoun's characters in Heroes Duty, tells the tragic story of how a cyborg was eaten by her husband, and she had to kill the cyborg at their wedding. I already think it's not great, but they explained that it becomes blurred when you put together the fact that in the movie we find out that the hats change and eat everything, Calhoun himself mentions it a few times, and we see it with the laser by Ralph at work. then again with a king bomb, which in turn would mean that when Calhoun's husband was eaten, her image would quickly form as a cyborg, and she would be forced to shoot not only the creature that had just eaten her husband but also the one that looked like her, and on the wedding day to talk about a difficult day the next.

Number 5.

Fast forward, and Toy Story is one of the newest movies to be added to the canon. It didn't come out until 2020, but wouldn't you know it, some fans believe it could be related to the movie that started it. two teenage dwarves, the younger brothers Ian and Barley, whose father died tragically before Ian was born. On Ian's 16th birthday, the boy's mother gives the boys a set of magical tools that can bring their father back for a day, but of course things go wrong and the boys have to travel to perform a magic spell. Around here, it's actually more sad than bad, but for this theory to work, you also have to remember that there's a pretty big fan theory out there that suggests that Toy Story's father, Andy, is also dead, so basically some fans believe that moving on is not actually his own story; it's a story that Andy invented in his head to help him cope with the loss of his father, which means that Andy is trying to imagine a world where he can live in a magical universe and bring his father to life.

Number 4.

Pixar's end game, as we all know, is the biggest theory of all, the Pixar Universe Theory, which, like every other universe theory, imagines that all the movies are in the same world and that their characters and plots overlap and intertwine. Based on this umbrella theory, there is a fan theory that surrounds the end or the end of the characters in this universe, and it is a total human apocalypse followed by the world running and humans ruling forever. It sounds just like the cheesy stories you remember watching about this theory. suggests that, in fact, all the talking toys, inanimate objects, and talking animals sent the humans on the Axiom ship because they were all tired of being treated as second-class citizens and exploited by their human owners when the humans and Wally returned to Earth. The pseudo-supervillain Rebellion starts forcing people to work for the toys and treat them just like they have all these years. It's dark now, but maybe the worst part of it is that if it were true, it would mean that Wally would have to participate in the game. plot that means he lured humanity back, not to help him grow again but to imprison him in a new dictatorship of evil toys that is decidedly darker than I remember.

Number 3.

Monstropolis is not real; we have another black theory to add to Monsters Inc. in the eyes of the franchise, and it involves my favorite character, but it's not really my favorite theory. The theory starts if you watch Monsters, Inc. Have fun with the new Monster Friends, Goof and Mike, but the downside comes when they wonder, "What if there is no monstropole in real life?" What if the monsters aren't real?" and "What if the Monsters Inc. story is just a complicated trauma created by Boo to survive the memory kidnapping?" You can see why I hate this theory. Basically, this theory says that if Boo came back from this adventure, his parents would get sick, and the story they would get is that he was there the night he was taken. Some monsters that made him scream and then hang out in a strange town were mentioned, along with a mist giant and a one-eyed monster, so maybe Sully was less of a friendly mist and more of a scary, super-hairy robber. I choose to believe no because I love the boot too much, but let me know what you think of this arrival.

Number 2.

Bon voyage is the real villain, and although most of us watch The Incredibles thinking that the main villain was Syndrome, there are fans who have different opinions on this theory. The villain we see at the top of the movie is really far worse than this syndrome ever was because he was actually behind the whole lawsuit against the super-profiteers. Let me break this down. Fans will note that the man in the film who appears to take his own life and is saved by Mr. Incredible wasn't just random but actually the henchman of Bombs Voyage, planted to protect the super machine from destroying the theft of Bon Voyage and then act as a catalyst for supporters of the case. Proponents of this theory point out that it seems quite convenient that this man jumps from the building at the exact moment of the robbery, when two well-known superheroes just happened to be nearby and therefore probably lured the superheroes into the building. building, which in turn allowed unknown helpers to claim it later as an unsolicited request and therefore illegal. superheroes and allow villains to continue their ruse and persist within us, completely undisturbed.

Number 1.

Note linguine that it didn't take the world long to fall in love with Remy the rat. I honestly think there's nothing not to love about this beautiful creature, but this theory might make you second-guess how quickly you fell for him, according to one Reddit user. suggested that Remy may not be a real character but rather a metaphor for something much darker: drug addiction. The theory explains that Linguine, who is Remy's master chef, is not so much under the influence of the super-amazing rat chef as under the influence of another illegal substance. To make matters worse, the theory reminds us that Linguine's father, the famous and respected Gusto, was one of the best chefs in Paris, so any pressure would be too much to handle, so Linguine now found himself working in a restaurant. and announcing yourself. unable to live up to his heritage, he turns to other substances for a sense of confidence, and only under their influence is he able to cook magically, but of course he keeps it a secret, knowing that if someone now discovers the truth, he will be judged, and who will level it? The darker part is that in the end, she's still cooking with Remy, so I'm not sure that's the best message I have in terms of bad theories. It's a lot. I mean, we're not just enjoying a nice story; that's all. I hope you enjoyed Evil Pixar. Theories if you hit the subscribe button below to stay updated with all the awesome latest content. Catch up next time.


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