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You're my stars

By Han KouyatePublished 2 months ago 3 min read

The boy would gaze at the stars outside his window every night before bed. He lived in a small wooden house near the fields of a quiet village. After a day's work in the fields, he would lean against the window, watching the stars in the sky above the fields, which shone exceptionally bright and beautiful. Every day, he would fix his gaze on the brightest star and watch it for a long time until he fell asleep.

One evening, as the boy continued his usual stargazing routine, he noticed that the brightest star was missing. Puzzled, he heard a series of knocks on the wooden door. Opening the door, he found a girl standing outside, a particularly beautiful girl with eyes that resembled a starry sea. The boy gazed into her eyes, momentarily lost in their depths, before hurriedly asking, "Is there something you need?"

The girl explained that she had come to this place to play and had nowhere to stay for the night. She asked if she could stay here for a while and offered to help with the farm work. As the boy contemplated her request, he found himself captivated once again by her eyes and agreed in a rather magical way. The girl's sleeping spot afforded her a view of the night sky, and she lay on the wooden bed, watching the stars. The boy watched her in return.

The next morning, as the sun just began to rise, casting a golden hue over the wheat fields, the boy prepared a hearty breakfast. He woke the still-sleeping girl, whose eyes seemed not as brilliant as the previous night but remained beautiful. After she finished her meal, the boy shouldered his tools and headed out to tend to the farm, today's task being fortifying the grapevines.

The girl sat in the gazebo, swinging on a wooden swing and watching the boy work. As the sun climbed higher, the boy decided to take a break from the scorching sun, plucking the shiniest cluster of grapes and returning to the gazebo. He offered her some grapes, saying, "Hi, have some grapes; it's quite hot today." The girl accepted the grapes, took a moment to think, and replied, "I've come from a faraway place. I wanted to see the stars here."

The boy was taken aback, looking into the girl's eyes once more, which were indeed as beautiful as the stars. "I love the stars here too," he said. Strangely, the girl seemed to forget about going back home and stayed here day after day. She either swung on the swing or stayed by the boy's side. She seemed to prefer sleeping during the day and came alive at night.

In the evenings, the boy and the girl would sit in the gazebo, watching the stars together. The boy wondered why he liked stargazing so much, and just as he lowered his head to speak, he found himself gazing into the girl's eyes again. In the night, her eyes shone even brighter under the moonlight, and the boy was once again captivated by those eyes. Before he could respond, the girl gently kissed the boy's lips.

The boy felt as if he were floating among the stars, surrounded by their twinkling lights. He remained in that ethereal moment until the girl bashfully nestled into his embrace. The boy didn't respond with words. The girl spoke softly, saying, "I love the stars." The boy held the girl in his arms until she fell asleep, waking up the next morning.

The girl never mentioned leaving, and the boy never asked, for he knew that the girl was that missing star. On the night she fell asleep, the stars above her head shone brilliantly, flashing and twinkling. The starlight continuously struck the boy's heart, and in his heart, something had taken the place of the missing star. The boy held the person in his arms and said, "You are the starry sea in my eyes, and from now on, there is only you in my eyes, with your company. I love you."


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