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Starry nights for kids

by SondJam 6 months ago in family
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The children came to the meadow to see the stars.

The stars looked like white balloons floating from the earth to the sky one after another. The balloons' strings are broken, so the stars can't come back. People have forgotten about the stars, but the stars keep looking at the earth from afar. If someone on Earth keeps looking at the stars, their eyes will always meet. The words that the stars want to say will also come slowly with the gaze, but of course, it is a sound thinner than a silk thread, and only by holding one's breath can one hear it. So the children look at the stars without blinking, feeling that they cannot fail to live up to the gaze of the stars.

Looking at them, the children felt that the stars were boats made of ice, with ice palaces on top. The ice palace has steps and a balcony. So many people read and study in this white palace and walk with their heads down. However, the children want to really see how many people in the white palace, what those people look like, but can not see.

At night in the grassland, you can see the stars when you tilt your head a little. The night sky seems to be a dark blue iron pot, the iron pot has a mysterious pattern composed of stars arranged, seems to have a moral.

After watching the stars for a long time, the children felt a breeze blowing in their ears from the stars, a slightly fishy wind, and the smell of water and grass and rivers.

They guessed that all the animals living on the stars were animals. The fox lived on the light red star, the tiger on the biggest star, and the white rabbit on the smallest white star. Then, the blue bird, the red bird, the green bird, and the purple bird live on a petal-shaped constellation. Every morning, they fly straight from that constellation towards this side, play here all day, and fly back to their constellation before it gets dark, and that constellation is their bird cage.

The children say.

"When you look up at the stars, you can't swallow spit if you want to."

"My eyes are like mirrors, taking in dozens of stars."

"If the stars are made of ice, one had better fall in the desert and turn into a lake."

While they were talking, a shooting star suddenly crossed the sky. I would say "crossed" rather than "fell", the star like a stone, from above their heads to fall vertically in an unknown place. The speed was so fast that no one could see what the meteor looked like.

The children said.

"One meteor fell, and two more are about to fall."

"Is that so? Why?"

"They are three brothers."

They waited for a long time, and the two shooting stars did not fall. If the shooting stars in the sky fell that fast, there would be no stars in the sky.

As they talked, the children walked to the little river by the village road. The river was so quiet at night that every water plant was asleep on the shoulder of the one next to it, and the stars were floating on the river on sentry duty.

A few of them stared at the stars in the river.

The child said, "When we look at the stars in the river, it's like looking at them through a magnifying glass. It is possible for us to see the ones standing above the stars."

"Huh?" They stared at the stars in the river with bated breath to see if little people would appear on the stars. The little fish jumped and stirred up the river, and the stars fled. When the river slowly calmed down, a wiggle reappeared on the stars. At that moment, a dark cloud floated to the river, which hid the light of the moon. The moon looked like an egg yolk hidden in a gray cotton wool. The cloud swam to the center of the river, and the moon slowly emerged from the cotton wool of the cloud, looking especially bright, brighter than the moon in the sky.

The child said, "When the moon shines so brightly, the fish in the water think it's daytime and they all hide." He also said, "When the moon comes out, there are fewer stars."

It was late at night, and all was silent on the grassland. The four fields of insects chirping one after another. As if each insect song echoes a star in the sky.


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