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Spontaneous Heist

Freddy's unknown box contents

By Shelby Hagood Published 4 months ago 1 min read

"You always reap what you sow," Andie heard her grandma's voice inside of the back of her head while her best friend, Ernie described his plan on how to steal old man Freddy's box he always carried around with him everywhere.

Andie though at the same moment, Yeah right, like I believe in any of that crap. Even with what people think about the concept of Karma, it is obviously silly to believe that anything happens for you just because of the sake of your actions. I mean look at all of the nice people who have had a bad life for years...

"Hello, earth to Andie. We are doing this right? Or are you going to chicken out?" Ernie knocked her from her thoughts.

"Yeah, of course. The old man will of had it coming! There has to be something in that box worth stealing or he wouldn't always have it," she replied.

They snuck their way into his creaky house while he was sleeping and opened the box. Disappointment. Just music boxes? For what though? "You always reap what you sow." Grandma! Just heirlooms maybe? They both walked away empty handed and sad it wasn't a fun steal.


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