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by kathryn dunyon 10 months ago in Short Story
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Kathryn Dunyon

Ill admit I probably shouldn't have gotten as high as I did which means I defiantly should not have driven home either but in all honesty I didn't really care anymore. I didn't wanna feel anything but instead I feel everything ten fold. It was strange how weird weed made you feel when you were already about to break. It's like almost feeling the pain but then it goes away for a little then comes back again stronger.

I pulled up to the driveway and put my white jeep in park and slowly waddled up the driveway to the front door and and got inside. The fact that I didn't have to unlock the door should have been my first clue that I wasn't gonna make it to my room safely but I was to doped out and loopy to realize. I slowly walked past the massive kitchen, up the stairs, and down the hall framed with family pictures, leading to my room when the light flicked on above my head.

I slowly turned my head and saw my father at the end of the hallway with his arms crossed and a serious disapproving 'dad' look on his face. For fear of what was about to happen next I braced myself as he unfolded his arms and came at me from across the hall. I knew what was about to happen next as he balled his hand into a fist and hit me across the face knocking me to the floor and undoubtedly leaving a big ugly bruise.

"Stand up you mistake!" he yelled, picking me up by my collar and tossing me into the wall like a rag doll.

"I said stand up Ashton! you wanna act like an adult pick yourself up like one and come and fight me like a man!" he shouted as he lunged forward. but this time I was a little more prepared and ducked just in time to miss his attack.

"Dad stop! you're being insane!" I yelled while still fending off his blows by just a hair.

"Shut up you damned mistake! fight me already!" he yelled, lunging at me again except this time he got me. he grabbed my shirt and pinned me against he wall violently, knocking a few pictures of the wall.

"dad please stop!" I yelled, starting to panic a little bit. Usually by now he would have called me a mistake again and thrown me into my room, and walking off like he hadn't just beaten the light of day out of me. But this was going to far and mom was the only one who would have been able to stop him but she's gone now and he doesn't care about me enough to stop on his own.

"Shut up you little brat. Your such a disgrace, no wonder your mother never loved you. She was just as repulsed by you as I am" he spat out at me. Now he struck a cord with me, I was used to his violence and his relentless hatred towards me but to bring my mother into this was just cold.

"Dad just let me go" I said with my head hung low

"What, are you afraid to fight me?"

"Just let go of me dad" I said fighting the tears threatening to fall from my eyes. He looked at me and brought his face so close to mine that I could smell the shrimp he had for dinner on his breath.

"Your just a child and that's all you will ever be, useless and weak" he said, shoving me into the wall again before letting go of me and walking away.

He has always been abusive even when mother was alive but its gotten worst since she died. We both loved her so much and the only thing that kept his violent side at bay was her calming voice, she always protected me at any cost and hated how violent he got but she loved him anyway. I've always hated my father but when mother died I almost felt sorry for him because she was the only one he cared about.

I got up and painfully opened my bedroom door but my whole body was aching and sore. I slowly made my way to the bathroom on the left side of my room, turned on the light, and looked at myself in the mirror. There was a big ugly bruise on the left side of my face and my lip was bleeding. I looked myself in the eyes and saw a tear fall, then another and another then suddenly I was on the floor, bawling my eyes out and curled myself into a little ball.

I opened my eyes to complete darkness and sat up from my fetal position and looked around trying to find some source of light when suddenly a bright green light appeared a few yards ahead of me. It was a green sphere that that grew brighter and brighter with each passing second until I couldn't see look anymore. I squeezed my eyes shut and cover my face with my arm then I was falling into more blackness and away from the green light.

I opened my eyes again and saw that I was in a forest but the trees were black and grey and there was ash falling from the red sky. At that point I believed that I was legitimately in hell and felt either fear or vomit rising in my throat, or both.

I looked around a little bit and saw a woman in a white dress with a green trim with her back to me a few feet away. I took off toward her and as I got closer I realized she resembled my mother a little bit with her long red auburn hair and small dainty frame.

"Hey lady where am I; where are we?" I asked, tapping her on the shoulder while trying to catch my breath.

When she turned around I was shocked to see that she was in fact my mother. Her emerald eyes met mine and I started to cry and fell to the black ashy floor at her feet.

"Mother I- is this real? Are you really here?" I asked looking up at her

"I'm really here Ashton you don't need to worry anymore" she said falling to the floor with me and wrapping me in her arms, pulling me close.

"Are we in hell mama?"

"No sweet boy we are not in hell, this is what my own peace is like"

"Why its so dark and sad here"

"No reason in particular, I just like it here"

"Mom why am I here, am I dead to?"

"No my sweet boy I just wanted to see you again before I couldn't anymore and tell you that you are going to be fine and there isn't any need to continue this destructive cycle that your in. Fine peace Ashton and know that you will see me again one day" she said as she started to fade away

"Wait mom don't leave me again!" I yelled as my vision blurred from tears "

"Goodbye for now Ashton"

Short Story

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