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by Kacie 14 days ago in Short Story

A short work of fiction.

I walk alone, the way I've grown accustomed to walking these past few years. The snow falls gently around me and some plant themselves in my hair. I remember the look on his face when the snow would fill my hair. He would smile that smile that got me every time, and laugh as he shook off each individual snowflake. He always did love the winter, but I believe it was simply due to the snow. The snow gave him an excuse to warm me up and get close to me. An excuse to caress my face and cup it in his hands.

Now he is beyond my reach, and anyone's reach for that matter. Because even though snow can live on through the endless water cycle, humans cannot.

I see him all around me; in each snowflake there's a memory. Each one dear to me, and each one melting away once it hits the ground. I glance up and notice I've already reached the bridge. The still, frozen water sits below. I touch the rail that stops me from falling into that certain death. I walk alongside it, feeling its groves and waiting to feel the familiar. My body stops when it feels the dent. Here it is, the spot where my life fell apart at the seams. This is it; this is where the love of my life got struck by a car and was killed instantly.

It's been ten years since that day. The day that car pinned him to the rail, then proceeded to drive away as if a life hadn't just been taken. They have yet to be brought to justice, and they will most likely evade any charges for the rest of their life. However, I'd like to believe that knowing what they did and who they took away from this world, keeps them lying awake at night. Their overwhelming sense of guilt is what helps me fall asleep at night. Knowing that they must be suffering too, as they should.

He had always told me to move on if anything were ever to happen to him, but that was easier said than done. We would talk like this after watching a cheesy rom-com and I always believed it was mostly said in jest. Maybe he really did mean it though. My love always seemed to know what was to come in our lives. Could he have known about his fate as well? No, he couldn't have, or else he would have avoided the bridge that day. He would never have chosen to leave me behind. No, he was simply powerless when his fate drove sped that corner.

He was my whole world. He was the light at the end of the tunnel. Now, I'm in the dark. Surrounded by a flurry of snow that won't let me escape. But maybe there is an escape, and maybe it should be right here. Right here where he died and with the snow in my hair. Soon he would be there to wipe off those flakes once more. I grab onto the railing and start to raise my body over. That is, until I feel a whack on the back of my head.

My feet fall back onto the surface of the bridge and I turn around. There before me stands a man I've never seen before. He's got a smile just like his though. A smile that could warm you up instantly in the dead of winter. I look at the snow covering his bare hands and see them begin to redden from the sharp chill.

"Sorry about that, but you looked like you could use a snowball fight." He rubs the back of his head and laughs gently.

Then suddenly- I see it. What I've been so desperately in need of these past dark years.

A light.

Short Story


Just an aspiring writer trying to gain experience :)

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