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Snape's new mission

by The world's No. 1 writer 2 months ago in Fantasy
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Snape's new mission

Snape's new mission
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Still left with a bucket of Froebe's caterpillar did not pick Shawn was Snape nearly roughly pushed out of the office, his feet just stepped out, behind him came the sound of a heavy slamming door.

  "Professor, then this confinement is considered to be finished, right?" Sean shouted toward the small sliding window on the door.

  He was answered with an angry "Get out."

  Sean shrugged, he had restrained enough, and, at that time, how did he know that Snape was the mole?

  It's not Sean's style to be shady and not fight back, even if you can't fight, for the time being, you have to taunt some.

  The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.

  And within the office, Snape was staring grimly at his desk, that is what he had just been writing.

  "Forbidden magic medicine records: unicorn's horn powder, moon grass, African bloodworm fresh individual ......"

  "Medicinal supplement: sacred poison leopard's poison pouch powder (not available yet), curled winged demon venom (1 pint) ......"

  On the parchment was a large list of magic potion ingredients, and at the bottom, Snape made a mark.

  "According to the records and speculation, the potency is not outstanding, and there is the possibility of mutation (alternative)"

  Snape took the parchment and flipped through it, then his breath caught, and his long, thin fingers with prominent bones clutched the edge of the parchment.

  He seemed to want to shred the prescription but finally resisted.

  Snape turned into his storeroom, then put the parchment into a box, which had a thick stack of similar parchment.

  He took a deep breath, staring at the box, his face constantly flashed with a complex expression, and did not know what to think.

  A small mirror in the storeroom twitched gently, interrupting Snape's thoughts, and he stepped forward to take a look, his face a lot more gloomy expression.

  Half an hour after Sean left, Snape walked out of the office and walked toward a part of the castle.

  Walking past the flag with the Newmongard school crest tattooed at the mouth of the stone corridor, he bent up to the second floor and then knocked on the wooden door of some room.

  "Please come in." The owner of the room had a gentle voice.

  Snape pushed the door in, then immediately gently closed the door and cast a spell.

  He turned his head to look at Tom Riddle in the room and slowly lowered his head: "Master, didn't you say that it was best for us not to contact each other within the castle?"

  Riddle's gentle and elegant smile disappeared all at once after the door was closed, and he licked his lips: "Severus, are you questioning me?"

  "Absolutely not, my lord!" Snape buried his head even lower.

  Riddle moved closer to Snape, then reached out a hand on Snape's shoulder: "Ha-- Severus, do not be nervous, for your loyalty, I have never doubted."

  "It would be my pleasure."

  Riddle turned sharply, and he looked out the window: "Severus, the plan is ahead of schedule."

  "As you wish, my lord." Snape slowly lifted his head, his face expressionless.

  "Severus, what was your original mission?"

  Snape immediately replied, "To capture Wallop."

  "Now, there is a change in the mission." Riddle shook his clothes, black fog fiercely flooded out, and then transformed into an extremely thick black python.

  The python crawled across the ground and then slowly wrapped its cold body around Snape.

  "Master ......" Snape's breath caught slightly sharply.


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