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Smood Day

by LaShonda Odom 7 months ago in Fantasy

Doom, Who?

Five years ago Earth had this pandemic it caused havoc throughout the world enabling many to lose their jobs homes even access to public places grocery stores, libraries, train stations air ports were all empty and marked as contaminated. Due to the economic drop many people were forced out of their homes to live on the street with their bare menials to become a member of what is known as Tent City. The tent city is a place where the financially unfortunate locals of the community band together to support one another in the unprecedent time of disaster when extra care is needed.

Even though times were rough everyone managed to keep a hopeful mindset that things would eventually turn around for the best. During this time in a certain city made of gold was a golden heart shaped locket with a glowing light inside that shined brighter as the positive hopes of the world fueled it's brightness. The locket was left by the Ancients who knew that one day the current world's system would fail and to ensure the survival of All life the locket was hidden underneath a golden bridge so that at the perfect time it would unlock and shine bright enough to bring enlightenment to every suffering throughout the world with a successful curing answer.

The problem was the bridge was guarded by evil spirits who wanted to lock up the world's enlightenment to harness the power for their own plans to enslave the light. These where the Ancient's mortal enemies from long ago who battled the Ancients for the rights to rule their offspring. The spirits were mighty in terror they used fear to control the unsuspecting majority thus far and it made the majority forget that they were the offspring of the Ancient Light keepers. On this day at this specific time the locket was set to open no matter what the power of the locket had grown extremely powerful too throughout time for not everyone was fearful.

Next to the gold city not too far from the golden bridge lived a daring young lady who had faced many dangers head on furiously and triumphed. Her name was Goldie and she had gold skin teeth & nails her hair was wild with Gold brown red and orange strands resembling flames of a fire her eyes were bronze wit sparkles of gold dust. Goldie's heart was even the very essence of pure Gold but if that wasn't enough Goldie's main ability was to harness the power of Gold in all the universe.

Needless to say that Goldie couldn't ignore the suffering and poverty of the Offspring of the Ancient Light Keepers for the energy from their hope & the Ancients was felt deeply in her heart. Goldie headed towards the bridge in a haste for she was drawn to the light which seemed to sing to her heart. As she approached the bridge she noticed the evil spirits Goldie quickly ducked into a cave and began to invoke the energy of all the righteous warriors of the Universe. Goldie had accomplished to harness the powers of 5000 warriors within her small frame she began to glow as bright as the light in the locket the cave where she was started to illuminate a blinding light that alarmed the evil spirits.

One by one as the evil spirits gazed at the light they immediately turned into stone & sunk to the bottom of the sea. When the last evil spirit had sank the heart shaped amulet opened and a marvelous beam of pure light poured from it into all of the Earth. The sick became healthy the weak became strong the poor became rich all suffering around the world ended at that very moment. At that very moment the world's system was no longer the world's system the world became a Universal system which all life could grow and thrive.

Country leaders took true inventory of all the needs of their constituents and allied with other countries in collaboration to help each other . We as energetic beings realized that there is One main vibration we should stay on : Love. And when stay on the frequency of Love all other forms of life tap into the same frequency; Animals Plants Air Water & Earth is happy too. Everything and Everybody moves in a erythematic harmony with one another respecting & appreciating the differences in each creation as the organs in One body works together for the full vibrant complete operation of the ONE.


LaShonda Odom

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