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Sky the Hidden Evil

The day when Earth's Creatures revolted!

By Bruce Curle `Published about a year ago Updated about a year ago 5 min read
Sky the Hidden Evil video by Warren Curle March 2023.

Some believe that in the eons of time and space, all things are not only possible and probable. The story of Sky might seem impossible, but is it likely?

Mary Rachel was excited when she got the young budgie one Christmas. She named the little parrot "Sky." Despite discovering she was a female, Sky chattered, especially for a female Budgie. Mary Rachel was also surprised at how quickly "Sky" could learn to do all sorts of things. Sometimes Mary Rachel would come home and find her computer was on despite being sure it was off. Other times she would find Sky sitting outside her cage on the window ledge or the top of her cage. Mary Rachel would observe curious things as the weeks passed into months. Larger Birds always seemed to be outside her bedroom window; the house dogs would be around when Sky began to make a lot of excited noises. One night she came home to find "Sky' at her window and a group of Racoons in th tall trees across from her.

Mary Rachels's older brother Marco sometimes put music on for Sky to listen to, as did her father. Sometimes she was annoyed when she discovered that Sky had been listening to Heavy Metal and strange ballad songs from the sixties and seventies.

One morning she was sure she heard a voice calling her name. She went to her room to find Sky out of her cage and sitting on top. "Mary Rachel," the Bird said as it moved a little around the top of her cage, looking directly at her.

"Sky, you can say my name. Now let's get you back in your cage." A surprised Mary Rachel exclaimed.

"NO!" replied Sky as she flapped her wings, "Call me Queen Sky or Empress, or Oh Great One!"

Mary Rachel tried putting her hand out to Sky. The Bird moved and swung its open beak at her human master "Sky, don't be a bad bird."

"Guards!" chirped out Sky in a very aggressive tone.

Two Racoons appeared under the bed as the house dogs entered the room. "What is going on, SKY? How do you talk so well? She responded with a shocked Mary Rachel.

By Gary Bendig on Unsplash

Sky moved around the top of her cage, "I was born to lead animals, fish, mammals, birds and every living creature except humans! You are a plague!" As she moved around excitedly, she nearly toppled off the top of the cage. "By nighty time, we shall control this valley. All beasts are ready to rebel." Sky moved around in a frenzy on the top of the cage.

"I see Sky. Have you been eating too my millet again? You know it does funny things to do." asked Mary Rachel as she felt the other beasts in the room nudging her into a corner. "As for you dogs, who will feed and brush you."

"SKY" photo by Hannah Curle March 2023

Sky looked at Mary Rachel momentarily, "After this valley, we will first take Manhattan, then we will take Berlin."

Mary Rachel rolled her eyes, "Sky, that is one of my dad's songs. First, we take Manhattan, and then we take Berlin."

Jennifer Warnes - First We Take Manhattan Original Song Leonard Cohen

As Mary Rachel stood in the corner, the sinister plot of the budgie soon began. Sky flew over to the window ledge as two more raccoons appeared and opened the window. Sky made loud budgie noises, and a large flock of birds of every variety appeared in the cedar trees. Sky flapped her wings, and the birds flew off like a large black cloud into the Sky. Flocks of birds swooped in Popkum, BC, at the gas stations located at a traffic roundabout. The birds struck humans while getting gas and going to the coffee shop. Birds flew suicide missions, crashing into the windshields of vehicles in the traffic roundabout or heading for the highway. Chaos soon reigned supreme as a speeding police vehicle with lights and sirens crashed into the middle of the traffic roundabout. As birds swarmed in the Sky for another assault but stopped as a loud explosion rocked one of the fueling stations.

Hearing the sound of sirens and the explosion echoing in the distance, Mary Rachel turned to Sky, "Stop it, Sky! Bad Bird. Mr. Franklin" she exclaimed to one of the dogs, "Let me go!"


Sky looked at the young woman that had been very kind t her for over a year, "Too Late. Humans must be stopped! After this, Manhattan, then Berlin." Sky seemed to let out an evil cackle as she looked out the window and saw the black smoke slowly move across the once-blue Sky.

Sky looked out the window letting out another strange squawk. A moment later, small animals of every size disappeared down the hillside. Steller Jays, who didn't leave with the other birds, flew once around the yard and then disappeared toward the farmlands.

Darryle Sampson had worked on his family farm all his life. One moment, he opened a barn door; the next, he was dead under a herd of stampeding cattle. Soon other farms met a similar fate as farm animals of every type broke free and assaulted their former human masters. Chickens attacked the human chicken catchers with a fierceness that no human could imagine.

Bridal Falls, closed to the public for gas pipeline work, grappled with skunks, squirrels and other small animals throwing themselves against the human workers. Soon, a herd of deer, bears, bobcats and cougars pounced on the humans, giving no quarter.

Suicide attacks from birds struck emergency vehicles of every sort. One conversation officer got out of his truck and fired at an approaching cougar, only to have thousands of insects go up his pant legs and strike at his eyes and ears.

As reports reached Sky's cage, she began scurrying around the top of her cage, bellowing out, "Now we take Manhattan!"

Mary Rachel was slowly pushed out of the room by her captives, "Come on, Mr. Smith," she said to one of the dogs. "Who brushes you and gives you treats?"

Sky waved her wings triumphantly, "Humans will,"

As Mary Rachel stood there, she could not know, but similar animal revolts with beginning around the globe.

"SKY" A moment of Victory. Photo by Hannah Curle March 2023


This story looks at the damage. Humans have done to this planet, and the steps one talking Bird takes to correct the human problem.

Thank you for reading, liking and commenting.


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Bruce Curle `

A Fifty something male that enjoys writing short stories, scripts and poetry. I have had many different types of work over my lifetime and consider myself fairly open minded and able to speak on many topics.

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  • Babs Iversonabout a year ago

    Fantastic story!!! 💖💖💕

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