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Skull-Man and the Lords of 80's Evil

A He-Man Fan-Fic, Part Wo...A SKELETOR Fan-Fic to YOU!

By Kent BrindleyPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 7 min read
Skull-Man and the Lords of 80's Evil
Photo by Lina White on Unsplash

From the dark confines of the foreboding Snake Mountain, Skeletor sat upon his twisted bone throne and mused. His throne room was empty of his lesser henchmen, save for the diabolical beauty Evil-Lyn and his savage pet, Panthor. The Sorceress of Night was enjoying the Lord of Destruction's agony following so many failed plots and his savage pet was merely enjoying the wicked sorceress's attention as she casually stroked the beast.

"Fools! Bunglers! Half-Wits!..." Skeletor screamed of his evil servants who, obviously, were not in the room. "...MORONS!"

Evil-Lyn struggled to stifle a chuckle as she was far too powerful of an acolyte for the words to be addressed to her. Meanwhile it was all that Panthor could do to hold a yawn. He had heard his master's shouting several times before and it grew tiresome and dull.

"Perhaps, Lord Skeletor, your oafish henchmen who those epithets are meant for should be present to hear them!" Evil-Lyn finally piped up, knowing very well what the answer was as to their absence. Sure enough...

"Because the dolts are in prison, you foolish witch!" Skeletor shouted.

Even Evil-Lyn knew when she had crossed a line in her master's presence and she sat quietly to listen.

"Trap-Jaw, Beast Man, Goat Man, Clawful, Mer-Man, Fang Man, Tri-Klops; ALL in jail!" Skeletor seethed. "Faker a rambling wreck of spare parts! All thanks to that muscle-bound meddler, HE-MAN!"

"...and the Storyweaver too." Evil-Lyn couldn't help adding.

Skeletor picked up his Havoc Staff and banged its handle against the ground.

"BAH the peasant Earth boy!" he screamed. "If only there was another evil adversary for me to pick from on Eternia; I would CRUSH Grayskull's defenses and be its Lord this time!"

"Of course, revered Skeletor; let us put our heads together." Evil-Lyn answered. "What evil agent wouldn't line up behind a nice, kind, and wonderful leader such as you?"

Panthor let out a snickering purr at that; until the Havoc Staff went off and the savage cat dove under the council table with a startled roar. With a gasp, Evil-Lyn dodged the blast as well. The effect, however, did leave behind a crater in Snake Mountain's wall.

"I am NOT nice, I am NOT kind, and I am NOT! WONDERFUL!" Skeletor reminded her as smoke billowed out of the hole in the wall. "And you try my patience, Lyn! Now, let me think. Evilseed; the fool cabbage-head would have ended me if given the chance. Negator; the fool had one good plan on Eternia; canceled out by an aimless endeavor, and both ending in miserable failure! Skokoti; her emissary, Masque, was TWICE the villain that she was; and STILL LOST! Nepthu; the fool doesn't know true power when he's just as happy as a doddering old gardener! I require REAL villains; Wizards and Warlords!"

Evil-Lyn righted herself once more and dusted herself off before readjusting her cape to where it was no longer covering her face.

"Then I suppose that you're about to look to Eternia for a successful villain who would willingly put up with another of your schemes; aside from me, of course, dear Skeletor." Evil-Lyn demanded with a sneer.

"Eternia alone; for a better sorcerer or conqueror than I?" Skeletor demanded as a storm gathered over Snake Mountain as if to Skeletor's beckon call. "No. Beyond these mere borders!"

"Then to Etheria?" Evil-Lyn demanded, knowingly.

"Of course not, witch; hasn't Hordak himself failed on Etheria enough times alone, especially to She-Ra and He-Man?" Skeletor demanded. "They would know him and his tricks!"

"In speaking of failures, he was Skeletor's mentor, wasn't he?" Evil-Lyn grumbled.

"Silence! I am casting the spell to reach to other parallel universes and bring to me the best wizards and warlords, that they might fight under my banner!" Skeletor bellowed. "Sagar, Earth 3094, far-off Bandisar, Third Earth; ALL worlds plagued by evil in the cruel Overlord, the wizard, Gemini, Tormack, the warlord, and Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living. I have sensed them all, I know their evil, and I will bring them HERE; puppets to the dominion of King Skeletor!"

Evil-Lyn, in the meantime, raised her own magic wand.

"Hmph; his original plan finally holds merit." she declared with a snigger. "But imagine his surprise when, for the fun of it, his new scheme includes Hordak's powerful science and Shadow Weaver's awesome magic anyway...!"


On the planet Sagar, John Blackstar, a displaced Earth astronaut turned mighty defender, approached the conniving Overlord's Ice Palace backed by the sorceress, Mara, and shape-shifting Klone.

"There!" Mara declared, pointing to the foreboding fortress.

"And neither Overlord, nor his sorcerer, Vizier, have seen us yet!" Blackstar added, raising his Star Sword. "Today, we take the Ice Palace and overthrow the Overlord!"

"We're with you, Blackstar!" Klone declared.

Suddenly, a swirling pool of black materialized in the night sky directly over the Ice Castle. As Blackstar and his friends watched in awe, Overlord seemed to vanish into a larger than life spectral state. Then, as swiftly as Overlord seemed to vanish, so did the black sky-pool.

"Blackstar, what has happened?" Klone demanded as Mara tugged the warrior leader on a shoulder.

"I-I do not know." Blackstar finally answered. "But if that meant that Overlord is...gone...then...then we ARE a free Sagar!"

"I wish that I could believe that for a moment, Blackstar." Mara mused.

"As do I, dear Mara." Blackstar whispered back...


The battleground of Earth 3094 was split between Thundarr, the Barbarian, and the mechanical knights led by Gemini, the Wizard. Ariel, the Sorceress, and Ookla, the Mok, were already Gemini's prisoners to even draw the foolish barbarian out into the open in the first place. The gamble had worked and Gemini now only needed watch as his vile knights crushed the barbarian for him. No matter how many of his legions fell to the hated Sunsword, they were expendable as machines; and Thundarr was one man. He would only stand for so much longer.

Suddenly, the sky filled with a pool of blackness. Then, Gemini seemed sucked into the mysterious void from his place enjoying the performance from the safety of a cliff face.

"No!" Gemini mused as he vanished from Earth 3094.

Thundarr would still surely fall; without saving his comrades. Gemini had wanted to WITNESS the spectacle personally!


Tormack's Gurza legions exploded across the plains of Bandisar under the leadership of his greatest general, Otar. In his evil palace, the dreaded usurper, Tormack, wished to watch his evil hordes with his conniving niece, Rava, at his side. However, a pool of inky blackness filled the sky and seemed to beckon to and pry Tormack from his own lair; to his confusion and to the horror of his niece. She knew that Galtar, the champion, had done something to her uncle; and she would find him and pry the answers from the "hero" of Bandisar...


Mumm-Ra, the mummified devil priest, had sensed the oncoming storm; and had detected so much more. The darkness beckoned him from his slumber in his pyramid of evil and he vanished willingly to whoever called. Let the scheming evil Mutants fall to the Thundercats of Third Earth; this time...


"It is done!" Skeletor crowed from Snake Mountain. "Do you not sense it, Evil-Lyn? The evil is gathering!"

"Yes, my liege; it is indeed..." Evil-Lyn answered as a separate portal to Etheria stripped her surprise guests back to Eternia and the hallowed halls of Snake Mountain...


Thunder and lightning shook Castle Grayskull. Orko, the Eternian Royal Palace's Court Jester, anticced about on air as Teela Na, the Sorceress of Grayskull, looked on.

"Yipes; that's SOME storm!" Orko declared.

"...It is a foreboding and bitter omen, Orko." she amended. "A greater evil than only Skeletor has come here; and it has come from other worlds. Nonetheless, these other worlds have good in them too; and Skeletor has already graciously weakened the dimensional boundaries between worlds."

Orko hovered up to the Sorceress's throne and rested his hands on her shoulder.

"So you're going to bring the good guys?" he asked.

Sorceress pondered for a moment.

"If evil is already here, I must call to He-Man." Sorceress insisted. "I must concentrate if I am to telepathically reach the hero of Eternia, friend Orko."

"...Well I don't see evil waiting around while that happens!" Orko grumbled to no one in particular as he began his own magic gestures to hasten the process of bringing other heroes from other lands for himself...

What evil awaits Eternia? What wayfaring heroes can help? Be back next Friday for Part 2 of our tale...


"Today, Skeletor thought to talk back to me of all people from his throne! Know who your betters are, even if they do allow you delusions of grandeur. You may never know when you are only kidding yourself by dismissing those around you. Until next time..."

Thanks for reading Part 1 of this Fan-Fiction project. Obviously, if this epic were real, it would have involved no fewer than FOUR animation studios, and their respective voice actors and writers, to work TOGETHER under one umbrella ("Filmation" for He-Man, She-Ra, and Blackstar; "Hanna-Barbera's" Galtar and the Golden Lance [Tormack], "Ruby-Spears's" Thundarr [Gemini], and Lorimar's "Thundercats" [Mumm-ra]).

Alas, such a project could have only come from a fan's fevered imagination...

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