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Skies Abound

That velvet violet hue

By Kuro Seijaku Published about a year ago Updated about a year ago 10 min read

Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky. 5 years ago such an occurrence would have the world at a standstill as we all, collectively looked up. Pondering, curious, & wondering; are we alone? Now it is as common an occurrence as the summer breeze. So much that it’s hard to remember life without them.

Risina was the first person I knew to have seen them. We were sophomore’s in college at the time and best friends. We spent our adolescence mapping out our lives, hanging out, and complaining about how boring our sleepy little town was. She was a huge fan of Harry Potter, dragging me out of the house at every opportunity to see the newest film at our local theater whenever they’d release. I wasn’t a fan, but I didn’t dislike it. The movies were always a good time, but I was more into the action. I guess the heavy focus on academia turned me off.

After each film we’d walk home together. She’d usually gush endlessly about all of the spells, characters she liked, and how she thought the next one would be. However, that changed 4 years ago. She invited me to the park one evening after school. I told her I’d have to pass cause of Lacrosse practice, and that I’d be happy to go the day after. Being as how Lacrosse was paying for my scholarship she completely understood and said it was okay, and we could go another time and she’d call me when she got to her dorm. For some reason though, I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off.

Sina was always chipper and quite charismatic. She’d elect herself to organize all the group outtings, encourage our friends whenever they seemed down, and was all around a wonderful person to spend time with. Having known her for over a decade, I could read her pretty well. That day she was definitely in a mood, fighting her hardest not to let it show. She knew how protective of her I was, and that I’d do anything to make her smile. She probably knew how head over heels I was for her despite my best efforts to play it cool.

I didn’t want to ruin what we had, I got the sense she respected that. So when she went off to the park by herself it was hard on us both. We mutually understood that life has it’s own way of separating people. We were so sure we’d be together forever, now that was coming into question. After practice I decided to check on her, she usually updated me on everything and I hadn’t heard from her earlier. This was around 9 or 10 o’clock.

My first call rang and went to voicemail, which was odd. 5 calls later, I knew something was up. The park was on the other side of town, usually a 30-45 minute walk. So I booked it as fast as I could, I had a pretty good layout of the city in my head so I made a mental map of a route that would be a 15-20 minute run. Ducking and dodging through traffic I didn’t have time to stop and think or look around. It was dark and I felt like Risina needed me. When I got closer to the park there was this unmistakable glow, “a fire!” I said to myself.

Thinking Sina was in danger I dropped all of my equipment, ran into the park, and prepared for the worst. The glow was exactly what I thought it was. Not in the way I thought though and that autumn would change my life and the world, forever. I entered the park to see a figure hovering a few feet off the ground in a clearing between the trees. The figure was surrounded by a beautiful aura of orange and yellow that sparkled and shimmered like nothing I’d ever seen before. They were surrounded by a dozen or so hooded figures standing around in a circle.

The figure that was hovering had flames erupting from her hands and two jets shooting out of the bottom of her feet. It was completely inexplicable, and one of the most beautiful things I’d ever seen. It wasn’t long before one of the hooded figures noticed me standing there. They beckoned me over to join them, it was Risina. She greeted me warmly in her usual cheery demeanor. “Well there you are Max, I didn’t think you’d make it!” I paused. “What’s going on Sina?!?” She could tell I was confused and mostly concerned. Who wouldn’t be the first time they saw real magic? “That’s hard to explain, I mean, I took you to the movies…” she replied coyly. All at once, I started to understand. It was real, magic, was so real that society completely forgot it existed.

Well I should say the mages just got better at hiding. Sina explained to me that Harry Potter was an adaptation of a real life mage, her grandfather. It was the story of how he’d planned to bring magic back into the cultural zeitgeist. Of course names and events were changed around a bit but it was all true. After her story she apologized for not telling me sooner, worried that I’d think she was a weirdo or worse, a freak. I reassured her and told her that we’re best friends. I’d never turn her away for something like this, it’s who she was.

She introduced me to her friends, each one an adept mage in their own right. We spent half an hour talking, they explained their powers and how they manifested. It was through a process called ignition. Apparently under a full moon the clouds in the night sky turn purple, the sky begins to brighten as though the sun were rising, and you’ll be able to see your own aura. It clued you in to what sort of powers you had. Some could turn invisible, fly, pass through solid materials, manipulate the elements, and more.

Suddenly there they were, right in my face, the clouds. They shined a brilliant violet glow beneath the full moon. “So you see them now huh?” I could hardly believe my eyes, I mean seeing a magical girl floating around was one thing. But to feel that same power beginning to course through my veins, was something else entirely. I was nervous to say the least, not wanting to look away. I knew now, and because I knew I’d understood that my powers would manifest tonight. It was that scariest most awe inspiring moment of my life.

I was so caught up in the moment that I hadn’t noticed everyone’s murmuring. Looking around, the group was staring at me, all astonished. I was beyond confused at this point, because I wondered what was so interesting about me to have them so awestruck. Rather than ask the obvious question, I looked at my hands.

The next morning, I woke up in Rosina’s dorm on the floor. “Good morning sleepyhead, we’ve got to get ready for school, c’mon.” Our first class was early in the morning, looking at the clock I exclaimed “I’m gonna be late, I’ve gotta get back to my dorm!” Sina looked at me with a blank expression and burst into laughter. “Max, you’re a magi now, consider the possibilities.” She walked into her room, grabbed her phone, and made a call. “You can? Wonderful! I’ll let him know to get ready.

“Hey, we’ve got backup incoming, you won’t be late.” Before I could say a word two of the mages from last night, Rick and Jaz, appeared in front of me. “Hey there new blood, ya sleep well?” Rick started. “Please don’t mind him, he’s always joking around.” Jaz replied. “Are you ready to go?” They said in unison, which was honestly the strangest part of this entire interaction. “Uh yeah, I guess, how are we getting there though?” I asked. Rick tossed two books over to Sina and said “Teleportation my dear boy!” With a book in either hands Risina ran over to me, hugged me and said “don’t sweat the small stuff, we do this kinda thing all the time, you become quite resourceful when you live a double life like this. We’ve got you covered.” She looked up at me and smiled.

I anxiously joined hands with Jaz and Rick, and in the blink of an eye we were in front of my dorm. “Is the coast clear?” Rick asked looking around. “Yep, I think so, I’ll drop the field.” Jaz replied. “What if someone saw us?” I queried “Wouldn’t that be really bad or something?” Jaz quickly reassured me “That’s what my transparency field was for, Rick does the teleporting, and I keep us covered!” At this point I began to realize that these guys really were pros. “Besides, every major institution already knows about us, they have administrative staff that handles that sort of thing.” Rick added.

Feeling much better, I thanked them both and sprinted off to my dorm. It was about halfway through the school day that I started to feel it. That sinking feeling that I was forgetting something. I could be extremely forgetful at times. Then it hit me “My equipment!” I exclaimed, luckily most of the class knew I played so when they looked over it wasn’t confusing. I think they felt my pain there, our coaches were very no-nonsense. After Chemistry let out I called Risina to let her know what happened. “Check your locker.” She said in that tone that let me know she had me covered.

As if it was magic my equipment was all there, oh wait. Adjusting to this new world definitely took some time. I only had to balance Lacrosse and studying before, but now I have extra study material and practice as well. ‘C’est La Luna’ was the name of the guild that we belonged to. Everyone told me I was welcome to join, so long as I respect the rules and avoid causing trouble. After a year and a half of working at it my powers blossomed. “You’re one heck of a quick study.” Jaz said after our guild evaluations. They were annual so it was my second time going through them. The first evaluation was tricky for me, but I managed to pull through.

Everything was going really well and I was optimistic about the future. Unfortunately it didn’t last. A couple of weeks after our first guild eval, there was a news report that shook the whole world. Apparently two guilds got into a major dispute, it was public, and it got nasty. Luckily no bystanders were harmed however, now everyone was on edge. A month after the dispute the president held a press conference. During the conference he explained that magic was real, and all around us. She stated that many of our friends, family, and neighbors work in secret to protect the world from the dangers of magic. She apologized on their behalf for failing to do so last month.

Despite the fact that I had prior knowledge of this, it still was such an unreal experience. She went on to say that the government is putting programs in place effective immediately to counter this issue. That the public would be able to study and practice magic in designated areas. However, it was made explicitly clear that the use of it in public would be severely regulated, as to ensure that no one was taking advantage of their newfound abilities. She went on to say that the reason this information was hidden was because up until recently the mages were part of a secret branch of the government.

That up until now they’ve been living in harmony around the world. Yet now there were too many mages to properly regulate anymore. Stating that it was now the right of the people to utilize their abilities as they see fit, in accordance with the laws of course. I was over at Sina’s place at the time so while it was jarring, I could see a mix of hope and anxiety on her face. That hopefulness inspired me. Today, there are nearly double the amount of practicing mages.

The night of the president’s press conference at midnight every news channel broadcasted an artist rendering of the sky with purple clouds. They reported that if you see the clouds looking like this then your powers would manifest that evening. Since then social media has been abuzz with newly awakened magi. All of the fake mages and pseudo spiritual channels were out of a job overnight. It was quite the experience to behold. I’d never thought too much of them before my ignition manifested, afterwards though, I’d watch a few of my favorites for some laughs.

It became obvious pretty fast who really was a magi in the comments. They’d either troll or get into small discussions in which they’d speak in code to throw people off. Now they had whole communities dedicated to the study and practice of the mystical arts. I was proud to be a part of them. After we graduated Risina was called upon to lead the guild. She took to it well, it was hard at first because we knew she’d be gone more often than not. Being the head of a guild was a huge responsibility and was quite demanding.

She was apprehensive at first, we’d just started dating and because it was new she was really nervous about leaving me. I told her that if I was able to wait this long to be with her, supporting every step of the way. When she’s off on assignments I like to head back out to the park, back to where it all started. It’s so unreal now, magic is so common that most people take it for granted. When the curtain dropped and magic was revealed to the world every practicing magi became legends. Every night at midnight, the purple clouds comes out to dance with the blushing sky. Now we can all look up and wonder how we never noticed it before.

Thank you all for reading! ☺️ This is going to be a new series for me, so you’ll definitely get to see more from these characters soon. I wanted to dive in and I think it came out very well, much love young magi, and remember to keep an eye out for those beautiful violet hued clouds!

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