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siege of post-80s

Part 4(1)

By lihaoPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

Very charming little flower, the blue of the petals blooming can penetrate deep into the bottom of my heart. Gray blue is so lonely, sometimes it looks as clear as the sky, and sometimes it is full of a touch of melancholy. But no matter which color is preferred, it can always bring Yawen a sense of tranquility, like the sea. The kind of steadfastness facing the sea has not changed no matter whether it is cloudy or sunny.

In the bustling city, I wonder if there are people who like this kind of flowers as much as myself? Cornflowers belong to autumn, and autumn with cornflowers is no longer sad and desolate, because it interprets two words like belief-happiness.

I like ordinary happiness. Just like the bunch of cornflowers in front of me, and the one holding the cornflowers—him.

Yawen withdrew his thoughts, looked at Guohai on the opposite side and said, "Guohai, me."

"Why do you want to eat McDonald's all of a sudden? Do you want me to buy you a children's meal?" Guohai stroked Yawen's hair, his eyes were full of tenderness, so gentle that there was no distraction.

"My, I mean good friend, it's already ten days late." Yawen lowered his head, fiddling with the straw in his hand.

"You mean?" A hint of surprise flashed in Guo Hai's eyes.

"I seem to be pregnant." Yawen raised his head, catering to Guohai's gaze.

"Really?" Guohai stood up excitedly, stepped forward to hug Yawen as if no one else was around, turned around three times, and shouted: "Oh my God, I'm going to be a father." The excited voice resounded throughout the McDonald's hall.

The sudden move made Yawen dizzy for a while. People around smiled and blessed, and some even started to applaud. Yawen blushed like a Fuji apple.

"Guohai, put me down quickly." Yawen's shy face was as delicate as a blooming rose. "I'm not sure yet, I'm just saying it seems."

"Yawen, marry me." Guohai's eyes were full of expectation, he took Yawen's hand and said without thinking.

Next to the McDonald's slide, Yawen looked at Guohai, stroked his head, and began to cry. This sentence seems to have heard too many versions. It seems that the last time it was in the western restaurant full of crystal glasses, sitting in front of Yongnian with billions of dollars in wealth. These three words from someone else's mouth feel so cold. But at this moment, the three words in Guo Hai's mouth are extremely warm.

After wiping away tears, Yawen nodded vigorously.

Two people walk hand in hand on the road. The air seems to be filled with moving music. In today's Shanghai, there is no noisy sound. It seems that all passing vehicles no longer honk their horns, and they do not emit the annoying exhaust fumes that usually seem so. In the cool weather, the hearts of the two were as hot as when they first met.

"Yawen, I was thinking about it before, but I just don't know what you mean. I will try my best to give you happiness and make you the happiest wife." Guohai looked up at the green leaves above his head, and the sunlight shone through the gaps in the leaves. Guohai's face. In Guo Hai's eyes full of longing, it seems that he is drawing pictures of happiness one by one, and each piece of beautiful life is approaching little by little.

"Guohai, do you really think so? Are you responsible because of your child?"

"Of course not. I've always had this idea. It's not just because you're pregnant. I just want to be responsible. I just wanted to work harder to make more money and wait until I get promoted before I promise you. But at the same time, I don't agree with what many men say. Say I can't give you happiness now, so I won't be with you. If you love someone, you have to work hard for her. You will be my biggest motivation by my side. So, I will feel wronged at first. But, you know, I will Working hard for you."

Yawen took Guohai's hand, stopped, and said to Guohai: "Guohai, if you love someone, you can also endure hardships with him. Moreover, our life is already good now, I will not ask for a luxurious life, I just want I hope you can always treat me like this."

The two looked at each other silently, and they understood each other so well that they didn't say anything more. It seemed that every bit of their acquaintance was re-reflected bit by bit in their eyes.

Guohai gently embraced Yawen's waist and said, "Yawen, being your husband is the happiest thing for me. From the first day I saw you, I hoped to play this role in your life." Then he approached Yawen gently, and just as the two of them were getting closer and their lips were about to touch, Yawen suddenly shouted: "Ah!" and quickly broke away from Guohai's embrace.

Guohai looked at Yawen in puzzlement, and let go of her hand.

"Guohai, I'm going to the bathroom!" Yawen left Guohai who was full of doubts, and quickly ran into the nearest restaurant.

The restaurant waiter saw a pretty girl running in in a panic, thought something was wrong, nodded politely and asked, "Miss, do you have dinner?"

"No, can I borrow the bathroom." Yawen looked around for the sign of the bathroom.

"Here we are." The waiter smiled awkwardly.

Yawen suddenly understood, walked quickly to the bar, pointed to the wine cabinet behind the proprietress and said, "A bottle of Sprite, take it away! Oh, no, take it away!" At the same time, he took a picture of a fifty-yuan note on the bar.

Both the proprietress and the waiter stared blankly at Yawen.

"Can you tell me where the bathroom is now?" Yawen said to the waiter feeling uncomfortable.

The waiter lightly pointed to the front of Yawen. "Thanks." Yawen quickly slipped into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, looking at the hopeful red, Yawen breathed a sigh of relief and smiled sweetly.

Young Adult

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