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siege of post-80s

Part 4(9)

By lihaoPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

"That's strange, why don't you have girls in your family?" Coco asked suspiciously.

"This?" Hanwen was a little embarrassed. "Even if it's a coincidence, there are a lot of people eating at noon today, and there are some important local people. Remember, don't drink and talk less, this kind of dinner is a little unclear to you."

"Isn't it just a family reunion? How are you and Ruby doing?"

"I often quarrel, I think I'm really not a patient boyfriend." Hanwen shook his head helplessly.

"Why? I think you are very patient."

"Who said that? In fact, I have a bad temper. I fired a manager yesterday, and I was so busy all day. She also said that I didn't have time to accompany her, and the two of them started arguing. I was very annoyed. I came out of her house and arrived. I haven't answered her phone now either. Sigh!" Han Wen sighed softly.

"I think she is the kind of girl who has a good temper and is very accommodating to you. I have met her once, and she feels pretty good. Don't you just like this type of little woman? If you find a girl with a bit of character Friends, the two of you will definitely break your heads. Why, so you are all faking it?" Coco pinched Hanwen's arm and laughed.

"You girl, how can you say that about me? I don't know, maybe because there are so many things recently, it's hard for me to delay work for women, and I'm not used to trying to figure out other people's thoughts." Han Wen also laughed. "You've been doing well recently? I'm happy to see you."

"Happy? Forget it." Coco opened the mirror and straightened her hair.

"You have become a lot whiter recently. I saw your white neck from behind just now, but I didn't recognize it. So you are so white. It's over, now you don't look like a foreign girl, thanks to the fact that you didn't marry me at the time, Otherwise, I will definitely ask for a return."



"So you know how to joke." Coco kept laughing.

Hanwen scratched his head and laughed too.

In the earl's private room of the Yuchuan Hotel, Coco curiously looked at the carved walls and the curtains with tassels neatly tied in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows. The huge round table in front of him was covered with a golden tablecloth, and there were plates of exquisitely crafted dishes on the large glass turntable. Coco only recognizes the big boat-shaped Australian lobster. The waitress will introduce each dish, such as salmon sashimi, Kobe beef, mouse spot...

The room was full of strangers, Coco struggled to repeat the names of those people following Xiao Yuehan, Mayor Wang, Director Zhang, Director Song... The waiter smiled and helped Coco take out the red napkin from the cup, put it under the dinner plate, and tidy up. Make a beautiful shape.

Sitting on the European-style chair wrapped in red velvet, Coco looked at every stranger present. It was really hard to remember the names.

There is no hotel with such a luxurious decoration in Australia. Everything around is like a palace, and the waiters serve Buddha Jumping Over the Wall to everyone. Everyone here looks very kind, and their smiles are as sincere as their Australian counterparts. Soon, Coco fell in love with such a relaxed and natural atmosphere, as well as the luxurious decoration like a palace.

The waiter brought the white wine with the words...special offer on it. Because he spoke quickly, Coco only heard the word special offer, and quietly sent a message to Hanwen: "What does special offer mean?" Although Hanwen was sitting next to coco.

"It's liquor for high-ranking cadres." Hanwen also replied quietly.

Just as he was about to pick up the golden spoon to drink the soup, Mayor Wang raised his glass first. Coco immediately put down the heavy spoon and picked up the orange juice in front of him.

"Oh? How can the Xue family's daughter-in-law only drink orange juice? Come on, waiter, pour white wine for this beautiful lady. I heard that you grew up abroad, so you must not know how delicious this kind of wine is. You can’t drink it.” Mayor Wang said enthusiastically, and everyone echoed.

"Li Ke, it's rare that your Uncle Wang is in a good mood today, so you just drink a little white wine, and you must toast Uncle Wang alone later."

Xue Zhenyu also picked up the wine glass with a smile, and gestured to Coco with his eyes.

Young Adult

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