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By Aboki GodfreyPublished 4 months ago β€’ 6 min read
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My name is Erin Cooper and I'm 25 years old.

I grew up in central Wisconsin where the

summers are hot and humid, and winter

seemed to last forever. My father is a well-

known surgeon and my mother is a nurse. If

you're wondering if they work at the same

hospital, they don't. Because according to my

parents, coming home to each other after a

long day of work was always more rewarding.

My whole life I have been surrounded by the

medical field. By the time I mastered cursive

writing, I could already define and spell:

Cholecystectomy. That was only one of the

many medical terms that I have learned from

my parents.

However, it didn't matter how much I knew

about the human body, I never wanted to

follow my parents' footsteps. I wanted to do

something different; something that interested


So, I decided to become a teacher and am

currently a first-grade teacher at Oakland

Elementary School. I couldn't be happier than I

was at this moment with my choice of career.

Those kids are practically the love of my life.

Maybe it is the fact that I know I might never

have children of my own, that makes me want

to be a teacher so bad.

As much as I love my job and my parents,

most of my life revolves around my adorable

younger sister, Grace. Just recently turned 22,

she is three years younger than me. She might

be over 18, but she is still very much

considered the baby of the family and will be

forever loved and spoiled by all of us.

Unlike me, she hopes to one day make a name

for herself in the medical field. That's why she

is currently in college hoping to become a

surgeon just like our father. The only difference

is she will be specializing in pediatrics.

However, as much as I love her she is

everything that I am not.

Where Grace is tall, slim and beautiful, I'm

short, fat and plain. Being the unlucky person

that I am, I inherited my father's black curly

hair, while Grace was fortunate enough to have

my mother's, silk strawberry blonde hair full of


She is gorgeous from head to toe and is

everything that I wish I could be and more. Yet

I know deep down that I could never reach the

level of beauty that resides with Grace. I am

not even close.

Heck, even her name is beautiful. She got the

name Grace, defining elegance and beauty, as I

was stuck with the plain common name, Erin.

I've always wished to be as gorgeous as my

sister one day, but it didn't matter how many

diets I went on or how much I worked out, I

could never lose any weight. I was doomed to

be big forever.

People always liked to use words like big

beautiful women, big-boned, or curvy to

describe big girls like me. However, I think

those words are not in every girl's dictionary.

Sure, there are plenty of women out there that

are on the bigger side and yet extremely

beautiful, but hell, I am not one of those

women. Yeah, I might have curves, but I'm still

fat nevertheless. You can phrase it any way you

like but fat is fat and that is exactly what I am.

Does that mean I like myself this way? Of

course not! What woman likes themselves the

way they are?

I have tried over the years to love myself and

my body, but that is something that is easier

said than done.

What makes me hate myself more is that I live

with people who are practically perfect in every

shape and form. Both my parents look great

for their age and are extremely healthy. My

mother teaches Zumba as a hobby and my

dad goes to the gym about every other day to

keep in shape. And as you know already my

sister is perfect. Yet here I am the black sheep

of the family.

Do you know what's even worse? It's that my

family supports me in everything I do. They

don't hate me for how much I weigh or that I

decided to become a teacher. In fact, they love

me for who I am and that makes it so much


Sometimes I wish that they would hate me for

being fat, hate me for not following in their

footsteps, or hate me for being different. But

they don't, and I find that harder to live with

than anything else.

Unable to tell my family my struggles and

what I was going through, when I turned 23, I

moved out. My mother might have

disapproved of me leaving home, but I knew

she couldn't stop me from moving on. I moved

to a new location, got my own apartment and

even changed school districts. Everything was

new and fresh, I wanted to start my own life.

I might have moved to a new location, but it is

literally only 20 minutes away from my parents'

house. Regardless I love the fact that I have

my own place and can drown in my sorrows

by myself. My family does visit me on

occasion and honestly, I enjoy their company,

but I like my solitude too.

Sometimes being alone is enough to heal me.

Because do you truly know what the hardest

thing of all is? It's not the fact that I'm the

oddball in the family or have extremely low

self-esteem issues. What hurts me the most is

liking someone only to witness them falling in

love with my younger and prettier sister.

I have had guys who tried to befriend and

pretend to be nice to me just so they could get

close to her. It truly hurts knowing I was being

used for someone else's goals. I don't blame

Grace because it's not her fault that all the

guys I knew or liked, fell in love with her

instead. In fact, my sister has never known

about any of this and I hope she will never find


I have just come to believe that some people

are not meant to be in a relationship or lucky

enough to find their significant other.

Sometimes fate is cruel, and some people just

never find true love. I know that I can be one

of those people.

Maybe I am not meant to fall in love, because

I am starting to wonder if there's really a guy

out there who is willing to look past my weight

and insecurities, and not fall in love with my

sister at the same time.


To be continued......

Hey guys do you think this story is gonna be interesting?

Do you also believe Erin is going to find someone who will love her despite the fact that she doesn't even love herself?

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