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By Aboki GodfreyPublished 3 months ago β€’ 19 min read
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❣❣❣❣❣❣EPISODE 01 ❣❣❣❣❣❣




"Alright class it's time to wrap up for the day,"

I shout clapping my hands together, hoping to

catch the attention of every child in the room.

"Before you leave remember to take your

addition and subtraction worksheet with you

and complete it by tomorrow. We will go over

the answers during math lessons, make sure

you come prepared."

At the end of my speech, the final bell rings

signaling the end of the day. In an instant, a

hoard of 15 little boys and girls rush to their

mini lockers, each one grabbing their

backpacks before exiting through the doors.

Somehow it didn't matter how much fun they

had in class, everyone always looks forward to


Some children make their way to where the

buses were while others walk to the entrance

where their parents awaited them.

Assuming all the children have left; I turn

towards the board and start erasing the notes

for the day when I hear a noise behind me. I

whip around and see Kale, a student of mine

standing by the large windows looking outside.

I watch him sigh deeply as he observes

another student entering a car while their

parents drive away.

Confusion and concern wash over me because

Kale has never stayed late before. If his

mother, Abby, wasn't available to pick him up

his dad would come instead, and they were

always on time. I wonder what was wrong.

I walk to where he stands, "Kale, sweetie are

your parents late this evening to pick you up?"

I ask squatting down until I reach his eye level.

He silently shakes his head no.

"Is someone else picking you up then?"

He shows me a smile and replies, "Yes, my

uncle is, but I think he's late."

I glance out the window to see the first bus

starting to leave. The long line of parked cars

in front of the school is slowly diminishing. "I

see," I respond as cheerfully as I can, "Well...

you know what, since you're waiting do you

want to help get the class ready for


"Yes, please!" He exclaims happily while

nodding with excitement.

I laugh joyfully. Kale is one of the top students

in my class and one of the quietest. He

regularly did what was asked of him and rarely

acted out. Sometimes I feel like he acts too

mature for his age.

Grabbing the chair and making sure it is

stable, I place it in front of the board. "Here," I

reply handing him the eraser, "Just do as much

as you can." He gladly grabs it from my hand

and attempts to finish what I started earlier.

Fifteen minutes later, the board is cleaned, the

agenda for the next day is written down

perfectly, and the quote of the day, which was

written by Kale, is placed neatly on the right

side of the board just like it should be. Yet,

there was still no sign of Kale's uncle


I was starting to get worried and I suspect so

did Kale because he was constantly looking

out the door.

Wanting to distract him I suggest, "Since we

have some time, do you want to help me with

something else? But you have to keep it a

secret from your classmates."

"Secret?" He says cocking his head to the side

in question.

"Yes, can you do that for me?" Kale nods

enthusiastically. "I was thinking the other day

of throwing a little party for everyone. Think of

it as a 'pre-end' school celebration, because

it's not long until the end of the school year.

Can you believe it, there are only four and a

half weeks left of school?"

Kale shakes his head in disbelief too.

"Me neither. Plus, you guys have been doing

so well with keeping up with your daily

journals, I wanted to thank everyone for their

hard work. So, I will be baking cupcakes and

ordering pizza for the whole class in a couple

of weeks. However, I'm also making

decorations in hopes of decorating the

classroom and surprising everyone. Do you

think you can help me make some?"

"Yes!" He shouts, grinning happily.

I stick out my pinky, "Can you pinky promise

to keep the party a secret?"

I watch as he extends his little pinky and

wraps it around mine, "I promise Ms. Cooper."

"Awesome," I reply directing him to follow me

to my desk where all the supplies are stored,

"Why don't we work over here? There will be

more space."

Kale looks up at me his eyes twinkling, "I get

to sit at Ms. Cooper's desk?"

"Just not my desk," I reach down to pick him

up and place him on my office chair, "you get

the honor of sitting on my chair."

"Wow!" He says in awe as his small legs that

don't quite reach the floor kicks excitedly.

Pulling a chair so that I'm positioned in front

of Kale, I hand him a piece of blue

construction paper and scissors, "Ready to


He gladly accepts the items, "Yep, I can't wait."

"Alright." I grab my own paper and scissors,

"just follow me."

Soon we both lose track of time as we

continue with our project. I was afraid that

something like this would eventually become

boring to Kale, but to my surprise every

decoration he makes only puts a brighter smile

on his face. I'm grateful that Kale is willing to

help me, having an extra pair of hands with this

project saved me a lot of time.

Speaking of time, I peek at the clock and

couldn't suppress a small frown. It's been over

an hour and a half since school ended, and

still no sign of Kale's uncle. Now I am starting

to get overly concerned.

"Kale," I ask my voice low, "is your uncle really

coming to pick you up today?"

He looks up from the paper he was cutting.

"Yeah, he said he woβ€”"

"Kale I am so sorry I'm late," cries a breathless

voice from the doorway.

My head snaps in the direction of the voice

and instantly my heart drops to the pit of my

round belly.

Standing in the doorway of my classroom is

the most handsome man I ever laid eyes on.

He stands maybe about 6 ft 2 inches tall and

has short brown hair that seems to be perfectly

maintained even after the run here. His white

shirt is loose but did no justice in hiding his

toned muscular body frame. He is in

deliciously great shape but somehow, I get the

feeling that he isn't the type of guy to brag

about it. The jeans hang low on his hips and

fit snuggly onto his skin. However, it is his

green eyes that draw me in. They appear to

sparkle with mischief and along with

something else that I couldn't detect.

"Uncle Caden," I hear Kale say as he jumps

down from the chair and heads toward the

front door.

Kale's voice brings me back to reality.

Mentally shaking my head, I try my best to

clear my thoughts before I attempt to speak to

the handsome stranger in my classroom. This

was no time to be gushing over my student's


Getting up from my chair I approach him, "Hi,

you must be Kale's uncle," I extend my hand

for a handshake, "I'm Erin Cooper, Kale's

homeroom teacher."

"A pleasure to meet you, Erin, my name is

Caden Williams." He says as his large firm

hand connects with mine. Instantly I feel

shivers erupt through my whole body but at the

same time warmth spreads in my chest.

It takes me a second to register the reality of

what just happened. Shivers? Who experiences

shivers during handshakes? And why did it feel

so darn good to hold his hand? I have never

been like this with anybody, so why now?

Unsure how to react, I pull my hand back a

little quicker than I intended and let it fall

lifeless against my side. I rub my hand on the

surface of my jeans hoping to destroy the

evidence of the tingles coursing through my


"I sincerely apologize again for being late," he

states quickly, "Something came up at work

and I couldn't leave. I tried to get here as fast

as I could. I am truly sorry."

"No need to apologize, Kale and I actually had

a great time together." I glance over at Kale

who is currently grabbing his backpack from

my desk, "Didn't we, Kale?"

"Yes, we did." He says beaming brightly

showing his perfect teeth.

My eyes flicker back to Caden, "If you don't

mind me asking is there a reason why you're

picking him up instead of his parents?"

"His parents will be out of town for a couple

of days, so Kale will be staying with me for

the time being."

Kale walks up to his uncle and slips his

smaller hand into Caden's palm. "Uncle, I'm

ready to go now."

He looks down, "Sounds good buddy. Thank

you again," he grins in my direction, "for

staying with him until I arrived."

"No worries, I was going to stay after school

for a bit anyway and having him here made

time go much faster."

Walking behind them, I watch them exit out the

door. "Good night to both of you," I smile

before turning to Caden. "And I hope to see

you again as well."

With an enchanting grin from him he whispers,

"Oh, I'm counting on it."



"Hey Kale," I ask keeping my eyes on the road.

"Do you know if Ms. Cooper is married?"

Kale ponders over the question before replying,

"I don't think so," his arms cross against his

chest, "Ms. Cooper doesn't have a ring like

mommy and daddy."

"How about a boyfriend?" I peek at the rear-

view mirror and see Kale shrug.

"I don't know. Ms. Cooper never said anything

about a boyfriend."

I mentally throw a fist pump in the air from his

response. No ring is a good sign, but I'll have

to figure out if she has a boyfriend or not. I

know I shouldn't be asking my nephew such a

personal question and about his teacher no

less, but I couldn't help it.

The desire to know more about the stunning

woman I just met clouded my judgment.

"Uncle Caden." I hear Kale call from the

backseat. "Why do you want to know if Ms.

Cooper has a boyfriend or not?"

He is as sharp as always. Sometimes I forget

he's only 6 years old. "No reason," I answer,

"Just curious that's all."

Kale gives me a slight nod before turning and

looking out the window.

How is he supposed to tell his 6-year-old

nephew that he just saw the most beautiful

and breathtaking woman he ever laid eyes on?

I recall rushing to pick up Kale and wondering

who his teacher might be. I also wanted to

meet the person that Kale speaks so highly of

and quote as "his favorite teacher."

I was anticipating a 50-year-old lady with gray

hair and a nice smile. However, I haven't

expected to lay eyes on a lovely luscious curvy

woman with creamy white skin and kissable

lips. She was beyond gorgeous. She stood just

tall enough so that she reached the top of my

shoulders, which was the perfect height for me

to observe those beautiful light brown eyes of

hers. Her black hair was tied up into a nice

bun but all I wanted to do was strip those

curls loose so that they could fall past her


Not only was she adorable, but her name

matched her perfectly. Erin. Such an innocent

and soft name, it plays flawlessly against my


Damn, and that handshake was something

else. At just the initial touch of our hands, I felt

my palms burn with desire, but it didn't stop

there. The heat of our touch coursed through

my body and straight to my loins. Just a

simple touch and already I felt myself losing

self-control, I can't imagine what would happen

if she was naked and in front of me. Thinking

about it made me shiver with craving.

No woman has ever had this much impact on

me before, it's both frightening and exciting.

My thoughts switch back to Kale as I pull up

into my driveway, "We're here buddy."

On cue, he unclips his seatbelt ready to get off

his booster seat. Opening the side door, I

allow him to hop off as I reach for his

backpack. Entering the quiet house, I turn on

each light one by one as we make our way to

the living room.

I set his backpack on the couch. "Kale, do you

have anything you need to work on tonight,

maybe homework?"

"I do," he says. Opening his bag, he pulls out a

one-sided piece of paper from his green folder.

He holds the paper up facing me, "Ms. Cooper

gave us a math worksheet to do tonight and

asked us to complete it by tomorrow."

I glance down at my watch, 10 minutes till 5.

"Kale, I still have to make dinner, would it be

alright if you start the worksheet yourself? After

dinner, we can go over any questions you have.

Does that sound like a good plan?"

He nods, getting ready to settle down by the

coffee table. I am glad that I have an open

kitchen and living room, that way I can keep

an eye on Kale while I cook.

Forty-five minutes later dinner was served.

Placing the plate of spaghetti and garlic bread

in front of Kale, I sit next to him ready to dig

into my own dinner. I watch him take a big

bite of spaghetti, happy that he is enjoying his

food. "Are you missing your parents yet?"

He glimpses at me under his eyelids before


Kale's parents will be gone for 3 days and 2

nights for their anniversary trip to Hawaii. My

older sister, Abby, asked if I could watch him

for the time they were gone. I gladly accepted,

I mean it's not like there was anyone taking up

my time.

I'm a single bachelor that practically dedicates

his time and life to work. Don't get me wrong,

I love women and hanging out with my

buddies, but I take my work very seriously.

That was the reason why I was late picking

Kale up today. One of my biggest clients

decided at the very last minute that he would

like to redo his whole floor plan and of course,

I couldn't say no. Owning your own business

has its benefits but disadvantages too.

Although, I can't complain too much because I

love what I do, and it definitely brings in the


"Should I take that signal as a no?" I chuckle


He shrugs again, "I do miss them, but I'm

spending time with you and that makes me


I can't help but smile at his response. Abby

has raised him well. "Same buddy, I think we

are going to have a great time together before

your parent's come home." I take a sip of my

ice-cold water, "If there is anything you want to

do, don't hesitate to tell your uncle ok?"

Kale nods just as he shoves another spoon of

noodles in his mouth followed by a bite of

garlic bread.

As soon as dinner is over, I leave behind the

dirty dishes in the sink for the time being while

I help Kale with his homework. To my surprise,

he has already finished the worksheet while I

was cooking. The only thing left was to make

sure all the answers were correct. Once again

to my amazement, all but two questions were

right. Kale is really a smart boy.

It didn't take me long to teach Kale how to

solve the two questions he missed. He is a

quick learner and math just came naturally to

him. Kale must have gotten that trait from his

father because I know for sure he didn't get his

math skills from Abby. She hated math just as

much as she despised physics.

"Well done Kale." I pat him on the head softly,

"I know that Ms. Cooper will be very pleased

with how well you've accomplished your


"I hope so," he grins widely, his words full of

anticipation, "When we do well on our

homework or tests, she always puts the best

stickers on the paper. Plus, she gets the very

good ones and they smell like candy."

"Does she now?"

"Yes!" Kale spread his arm wide his voice

rising, "Ms. Cooper is great; she is the best

teacher in the whole world."

Just hearing my nephew talk so proudly about

his homeroom teacher, makes me want to

know more about her. What were her hobbies,

likes, and dislikes? Was she the type of girl

that soaked her body in a nice warm bubble

bath with a glass of red wine after a long day?

Or did she kick off her shoes, relax back and

enjoy a night alone with a movie or a book?

And what would it take to see those beautiful

lips arch up into a smile for me?

I know we've just met, but that single simple

interaction that we shared was special and

unique, at least for me. Just thinking about her

makes me feel so alive .

"She does sound like a wonderful teacher."

"Ms. Cooper is awesome, but," Kale frowns, "I

wish she could be my second- grade teacher


"That's right it's almost summer soon."

"Yeh, I can't wait for summer, but that means

no more Ms. Cooper."

I pat his head softly again, hoping to reassure

him, "I don't think you have to worry, I'm sure

that you will continue to see Ms. Cooper even

when she is no longer your teacher." I smile, "I


He sighs, content with my response, "Thank

you, uncle."

"Now that your homework is done, do you

wanna watch some television before bed?"

Kale jumps down from the chair his arms

spread wide, "Yes please."

"Ok, why don't you go watch TV while I clean


Two hours later, the kitchen is cleaned, Kale's

bath is done, and his teeth brushed. He is

tucked neatly under the covers in his spider-

man pajamas and after one book a soft

snooze from his lips signaled that he is

dreaming away.

I pull the sheet cover closer to his chin, "Good

night my little man." I whisper kissing him on

the forehead. As silently as I could, I gently

shut the door half-way and walk out of the


Making my way back downstairs, I grab a nice

cold beer out of my fridge. Plopping myself

down on the comfy sofa, I breathe in

satisfaction as the pop of the can cause the

beer to sizzle to life. "Now," I spoke out loud

to the empty room, just as I take a swig of the

yummy fluid, "What should I do about Ms. Erin


I never get the chance to think about my

question. The buzzing of my cellphone in my

back pocket distracts the rest of my thoughts.

Reaching to grab it, I see that the caller is my

sister, Abby.

Sliding the green button, I place the phone by

my ear, "Hello sis, what's up?"

"Caden, how's my little boy?"

"He's doing fine, I just put him to bed."

"I was afraid that he might be restless the first

night that we were away, but I'm glad he's

sleeping soundly. So, thank you again for

watching him. I know how busy you are."

"It's fine, I'm actually glad to have someone

here to keep me company. It gets kind of

lonely coming home to an empty house."

"That's why I keep telling you to get yourself a

wife. I mean Caden you're 30 years old and the

last time I saw you go on date was about 6

months ago. Well if you can even call that

blind date a real date. Not only did you arrive

late and forget her name, but you completely

ruined everything by saying you had no interest

in her at all and you were only there because

mom forced you to go."

Placing the palm of my hand on my forehead,

I groan loudly. That is one memory I did not

like to remember, but it is also a memory that

my mom never let me forget. She sure gave

me an earful that day. My mother has a habit

of setting me on multiple blind dates with

every available woman.

"You know how much I hate blind dates," I


"Mom just wants you to settle down. Get away

from work for a little bit and enjoy life."

"I enjoy my life right now and I'm not always

working. I go out all the time."

"Yeh, and then you hook up with random girls.

Caden, that's not settling down."

"Alright, alright," I respond with annoyance.

"Let's not talk about this anymore. I feel like

mom's lecturing me."

After a short pause, Abby continues, "We're just

concerned about you."

"I know sis, but I'll be ok. I'm a big boy now."

I respond grinning to myself, "I can take care

of myself, so don't worry."

"Fine, then we will leave it at that. Make sure

to take good care of my son."

"Will do. Kale and I are going to have some

quality uncle and nephew time."

I could almost hear the smile from Abby.

"Thanks, Caden, I'll see you in a couple of

days. Good night."

"Good night." I press the end button

disconnecting the call.

Looking at the clock I see that it is already

past 9 pm. I might have just enough time to

finish my drink and review some floorplans

before bed. I'd have to sleep a little earlier

tonight if I expect to wake up in time to get

Kale ready for school.

In fact, if I sent him to school a bit earlier,

maybe I can stop by to say hi to his cute little

homeroom teacher.


To be continued.....

Do you think they're lusting for each other or

they are falling for each other. Discuss!

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