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Short Story Segment #1

Frosty Sunlight Tacos

By Robert AneiroPublished 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 3 min read
A 'winning' smile!

Have you heard of the rare food cart that only opens when there is snow on the ground? One day it's nowhere to be found, the next, as if blown in with the snow, there it is, serving it's only dish. Frosty Sunlight Tacos.

Have you ever had a Frosty Sunlight Taco? You hold it in both of your hands, trembling from the cold aura it emits. Gently, dexterously, you peel away the tin foil wrapped around the taco and ... Boom! Light, glorious, golden light, begins to pour out of the exposed gap in the tin foil.

Squinting your eyes, but unable to look away, you continue to peel back the tin foil, bit by bit. And slowly, the radiance of refracted sunlight grows, larger and larger until it covers you so completely as to obscure your body from any observers.

Finally, the tin foil burden is fully removed. What you hold in your swiftly freezing hands is a Taco so holy in appearance. But, you know. Whatever appearance it may take, it is delicious. Held in both hands, mere inches away from your face and level with your mouth. Suddenly, like a sprung catapult, you shove the shining food into your salivating mouth.

Making exaggerated munching sounds as you moan and squeal in delight, you have no care for what others may think of you at this moment. You. Are. In. Bliss.

Finishing up all too soon, you swallow down the last, tasty remnants. Your senses start to come back to you and behind you, you hear the rude comment of a passerby. You freeze. Your slightly hunched body, born out of your ferocious consumption of the Frosty Sunlight Taco, slowly straightens out.

Swiftly, you turn around to stare at the passerby, startling them into silence. But, soon, ashamed of being frightened by you, the passerby converts their shame into anger, venting it all on you. But you, in your blissful state, with a pit of ice melting in your stomach, smile. And your smile is stunning. Literally. The Sunlight glow radiates out past your teeth, blinding the passerby into submission. Falling down, the passerby regains their bearings, only to become consumed with unimaginable terror at the sight of you almost eerie smile. Which results in them swiftly fleeing.

You continue smiling as you turn your face, slowly, to look at the crowd of spectators who stood and watched the passerby denounce you in public. Now, it was their turn. Their turn to flee in panic. Though, a few brave souls endured the onslaught of your 'winning' smile.

How foolish of them.

The Sunlight faded from your mouth and the icy pit in your stomach was gone. Seeing this, the remaining few, who deemed themselves heroic beings, felt at ease, ready to cast you down for daring to challenge them.

It's too bad, they still had a chance to run. To live.

A small shock-wave rippled out from your body, causing the heroes to tense up once again. Nervously studying your appearance for any change, they saw your eyes light up, filled with the same brilliant Sunlight that once shone out of your mouth.The heroes eyes widened, prepared to flee.

Too late.

With just one look, a single glace at each of the foolish heroes, you banished them from the world of the living. They melted, swiftly, like a human shaped pile of snow meeting the piercingly intense rays of the morning's first Sunlight.

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About the Creator

Robert Aneiro

One of my favorite hobbies is thinking. I love to create fantasy realms in my mind, be it for stories or poetry. The one thing I was missing was a proper platform to share my fantasies. It's time I got Vocal. Hope you enjoy :D

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