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Seventh Heaven

"In which, she found her heaven in Seven,"

By STARINTHENIGHTPublished about a year ago 11 min read

TITLE: Seventh Heaven


▪Heaven Dela Verde (Ven)
- A girl who can perfectly fit as the living example of the word "happiness". Just like her name, her personality and talent seem heavenly. So pure and bubbly, like an angel in disguise. 18 years old. A classmate of Seven.

▪Seven De Asis (Sev)
- The actual opposite of Heaven. Her attitude, her mood, her personality, her aura 一 basically her overall characteristic screams so different from Heaven. Bubbly? No. An angel in disguise? Of course, not. She's the other way around.

▪Mrs. Severance and Mrs. Beverlyn
- English and Math Teacher of Class 3C(The section of Heaven and Seven)

▪Other Students
- Approximately 10- 15 students. They will act as the classmates of Heaven and Seven.


The set was styled following the usual classroom from nowadays. Chairs are organized, the teacher's table is placed in the front part of the whole classroom. A whiteboard is also visible but the teachers preferred to use projectors and TVs for presenting their lessons.


The scene opens with the presence of Seven. Classes are not yet starting so no one reprimands her even if she's unusually seated in her designated chair. Her feet are rudely rested on the back of another chair and her face was covered with a certain handkerchief. But even if her face is not visible, you can directly say that she's crying. Those little sobs are heard from her.

While on the other side, someone was watching over her. It was Heaven. After a few minutes, Heaven couldn't take it anymore. She decides to approach Seven.

Heaven: (Slowly and quietly taking steps towards Seven.) Gotcha! (She suddenly takes out the handkerchief covering Seven's face)

Seven: (Obviously annoyed. Opens her eyes and stared sharply at Heaven.) What now?

Heaven: So, I'm right. You're... really crying. (Worried but managed to plastered a little smile on her lips.) Mind to tell me the reason why?

Seven: (Sarcastically smirking while wiping her tears out) Why would I? Are we even close?

Heaven: (Caught off guard.) Huh? Oh, uhm一

Seven: (Rudely cutting off the words that Heaven wants to say) Hey you, little Miss Friendly. For your information, I hate talking and sharing my problems with anyone. Especially with you who's like an annoying stranger. (Rolls her eyes) So, please. Let me do a favor and leave. Quit bugging me. (Coldy turns her back from Heaven, switch seats, and acts like sleeping with her head bowed down to the chair.)

Heaven: (Smilingly shakes her head because of the attitude of Seven but doesn't give up with her agenda.) You're right. We're strangers. (Finds and sits on the chair in front of Seven. Tilts her head to meet her eyes) But, that's the point, right?

Seven: (Leans up in her chair. Runs fingers through her hair and heaves a deep breath) What? What did you say? (Sounding so annoyed)

Heaven: (Smile widens 'cause once again she got Seven's attention) Let me tell you this. My mom once told me that it's better to voice out your personal problems with a stranger than to tell them to your friends. It's because If you share it with them, you release the tension and still keep your personal world away from it. Also, we both know that sharing your problems with others makes you feel relieved right? So, yeah. I think you should open up with me. Who knows, maybe I could be a help or such... (Still smiling while waiting for the response of Seven)

Seven: (Narrowing her eyes towards Heaven) You know what? I.DON'T.CARE. It's really not my thing to share my personal problems, okay? And FYI, I don't have a friend. (Obviously not interested in their conversation, she attempts to go out of the room)

Heaven: Wait! (While still sitting, she prevents Seven from going out by holding her wrist)

Seven: (Pissed, she closes her eyes) What is it now?!

Heaven: (Plastering a cute and genuine smile) If you don't want to voice out your burdens in me, it's fine. (Instantly changes her facial expression and became serious) But, it's not fine if you don't have any friends. So in that case, Seven De Asis.... will you be my best friend?

Seven: (Flabbergasted, she remains stuck in her place with no words to blurt out)

The school bell suddenly rings which cues to the appearance of their other classmates and also their English Teacher/Adviser which is Mrs. Severance. Amending to the situation, Seven quickly left Heaven's grip on her wrist and go to her designated seat.

Heaven: (Hands are humorously suspended in the Midair) Hey, Seven! You haven't answered my question yet一

Mrs. Severance: (Suddenly appears and stands in front of the class making Heaven's words cut off) Goodmorning class! (Plastering a warm smile together with her authoritative voice) Are you all ready for the graded speak up today?

Other Students: (Some heaves a deep sigh and playfully groans and complains. Others pretend to be asleep and yawning just to be not called for the graded speak up.)

Seven: Tsk. (Showing not a little bit of interest, she rudely bows her head to her chair) Graded speak up, huh? Tss. I don't care. (Like a typical rebel, she said those words to herself)

Mrs. Severance: (Not minding the lazy reactions of her students) Ok! So Let's start! Who wants to volunteer to answer first? Anyone? (She roams her eyes around waiting for gestures of any students)

Heaven: (Somehow nervous but gathers her courage up and lifts her hand) Uhm, Ma'am... I volunteer. (Automatically stands up and head towards the direction of Mrs. Severance)

Mrs. Severance: (Smiles) Thank you for volunteering yourself, Ms. Dela Verde. Here... (Handing her a bowl which contains the speak up questions) Pick one paper in there and I'll give you 1 minute to think of your answer regarding the written question.

Heaven: (Picks up a paper and reads the question to herself quietly. Seconds after, she hands the paper to Mrs. Severance and starts thinking about her answer.)

Mrs. Severance: (Rings her mini bell just to cue that 1 minute is already finished) Alright! Times up! So, Heaven. Let me read your question first. (Picks up the paper that Heaven has chosen awhile ago and reads it for the whole class) If it's your best friend's birthday today, what kind of present will you give to her or him? What's the reason why you decide to give that kind of gift?

Heaven: (Gathers all her might and smiles warmly before speaking) Uhm, if I were to give a gift to her, It'll not be a material thing. Instead, I want to present her with a... song. The reason why I decided to just sing her a song as a birthday gift is that personally, I think she doesn't need any material things, to begin with and also I'm afraid that if I'll give her something, she might not like it.

Mrs. Severance: (In a state of awe because of the kind of answer Heaven has said) Song? You'll sing her a song? Really? Can I ask what song could that be?

Heaven: Oh, It's a song entitled "Count on Me" by Bruno Mars. It's actually a friendship song, Ma'am.

Other students: (Starts to get interested and requests Heaven to sing the song in front of the class) Sample! Sample! Sample!

Mrs. Severance: Oh my, Heaven. Your classmates want to hear you sing! Could you grant their wishes though? (Lowkey sounding excited to hear Heaven sing also, just like her students) Come on, Ms. Dela Verde! I will give you plus points if you sing that song for the whole class!

Other students: (Humorously drumming their chairs and continues teasing Heaven.) Go on, Ven! Sample! Sample! Sample!

Heaven: (Starts scratching her nape shyly) Uhm, fine. I'll do this for the extra grade and of course for my best friend. (She starts humming the intro of the song)

*Insert the lyrics*

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you
We'll find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like one, two, three
I'll be there
And I know when I need it, I can count on you like four, three, two
You'll be there
'Cause that's what friends are supposed to do, oh yeah
Ooh, ooh, yeah, yeah

*End of the song*

Other Students: (In the verge of amazement, they clap their hands slowly. Obviously shocked of how heavenly and angelic the voice of Heaven is.)

Mrs. Severance: (Smiles proudly) Ms. Dela Verde, if your best friend heard you sing right now? I'm sure she'll be definitely amaze just like us. Is she here in our class? May I know her name though?

Heaven: She's here, ma'am. And she's seated there... (points to the direction of Seven.)

Seven: (Shoots her eyebrows up while wearing annoyed at the same time, confused face. She whispers to herself) Huh? What? Friends? Best friends? Since when did we become like that?

For the second time, the school bell rings again. This means that the 1st subject is already finish and the 2nd teacher has to come in to the classroom. Mrs. Severance, being their adviser and 1st subject teacher, leaves the class an assignment before heading out of the classroom. As soon as she gets out, Mrs. Beverlyn 一 their Math Teacher, enters.

Mrs. Beverlyn: (Slaps her stick to the table strictly, which makes all the students flinch and stand up) Goodmorning, class 3C!

Other students including Heaven and Seven: Goodmorning, Ma'am Beverlyn...

Mrs. Beverlyn: Yesterday, I reminded all of you that we have a graded recitation today. So, I expect everyone can answer my questions right now. Understand?! (Starts shuffling her hand-held cards which contains the surnames of the students and also the math questions) Ms. De Asis, stand up!

Seven: (Heaves a deep breath for the second time before forcefully standing in her chair)

Mrs. Beverlyn: Here's your question. If you can't answer this or your answer is wrong, that means I'll write zero for your recitation score, ok?!... If f(x) is an odd function, then | f(x) | is what?

Seven: (Didn't say any response)

Mrs. Beverlyn: (Suddenly gets angry and slaps her stick on the table one more time) You can't answer, again?! On our last recitation, you also got zero. In our everday discussion, you didn't bother to speak up even just once. Are you planning to fail on my subject, Ms. De Asis?! (Continues to blabber until she reach on a very sensitive topic about Seven) How about your mom, huh?! Maybe this was the main reason why she died! She's been stressed out because of your falling grades, strange attitude and most especially about you being kicked out of this school!

Seven: (Hurt from the words of her teacher, she closes her eyes and balls her fists tightly. She's on the verge of crying again but she hides it by lowering her head)

Mrs. Beverly: (Abruptly stopped when  she feels that her phone is ringing. She takes it out from her pocket and exits the classroom. Upon her exit, the school bell rings again which means breaktime is up)

Other students: (Heads towards the door and exits the classroom)

Seven: (Sits in her chair, stoop down on her table and remains inside the classroom)

Heaven: (Also remained inside the classroom and gazes towards the direction of Seven with worried eyes) 

Minutes after, Seven decides to head out. But, Heaven blocks her way by spreading her arms wide.

Heaven: Sev, are you alright? Where are you going?

Seven: It's none of your business. Move. I need to go to the comfort room. (She escapes Heaven's blocking. She goes out of the door wearing her bag)

Hours passed, Heaven became anxious because Seven is not yet coming back and is no where to be found in their school. Later on, classes are already finished and Heaven decides to remain in their classroom again and wait for Seven's return. While waiting, she cleans up their classroom because she's the assigned cleaner on that day.

Heaven: (Pauses cleaning 'cause her phone is ringing. She reads the caller I.D and became confused because a number just appeared to the screen which means it's a stranger) Hello? Who's this?

Caller: Hey, Ven. This is me, Sev...

Heaven: (Frowns) Sev? As in Seven De Asis?

Caller: Yeah.

Heaven: (Gasps) Oh my gosh! I've been worried sick about you! Where are you right now? You said, you're just going to the comfort room. Why did you leave?

Seven: I just need to leave, Ven. I'm sorry...

Heaven: Sev, you don't need to say sorry...

Seven: I am. I'm really sorry. I'm deeply sorry. I need to say sorry 'cause...... I'm leaving now, Ven.

Heaven: (Astounded) What? Leaving? Where are you going?

Seven: It's my last day today, Ven. My last day of remembering you. Tommorow, even if it's against my will, I will forget you.

Heaven: (In a verge of great confusion) What are you saying? I can't understand, Sev...

Seven: I have an anterograde amnesia, Ven. Now, I'm sorry but I need to say goodbye to you... Heaven Dela Verde, thank you for considering me to be your bestfriend. Thank you for forming some memories with me eventhough I will forget those easily. Thank you for making me smile. Thank you for... putting me in Seventh Heaven. Goodbye, Ven. Until I remember you...

Heaven: (Shakes her head) No... No... No... (Drops her phone together with the broom that she's holding awhile ago. No words left for her to say aloud, she covered her mouth with her hands while silently sobs and cries.)

一 T H E  E N D 一


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