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Seven Captures of Meng Huo

Zhuge Liang's story

By David cenPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

During the Three Kingdoms period in China, there was a famous strategist named Zhuge Liang, who served as the chancellor of the Shu Han state. One of his most famous achievements was the capture of the barbarian king Meng Huo, known as the "Seven Captures of Meng Huo."

The story began when Meng Huo, the leader of the southern barbarians, began attacking the Shu Han state. The emperor Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang's lord, ordered Zhuge Liang to lead the army and stop Meng Huo's invasion.

Zhuge Liang led his army to the front line and prepared to engage the barbarians. However, Meng Huo was a skilled warrior and a cunning strategist, and he managed to outmaneuver Zhuge Liang's army and capture several of his generals.

Zhuge Liang realized that he needed to come up with a new strategy to defeat Meng Huo. He decided to send his subordinate, Wei Yan, to negotiate with Meng Huo.

Wei Yan went to Meng Huo's camp and said, "Your majesty, we do not wish to fight you. We come to you with peace in our hearts. If you surrender to us, we will spare your life and treat you with honor."

Meng Huo laughed and replied, "You are a fool. I do not fear death, and I will never surrender to you. Your offer is meaningless."

Wei Yan returned to Zhuge Liang and reported Meng Huo's response. Zhuge Liang nodded and said, "I expected as much. We must find another way to defeat him."

Zhuge Liang then ordered his soldiers to retreat and set up a trap for Meng Huo. He ordered his soldiers to dig a pit and cover it with leaves and branches, making it invisible to the naked eye.

When Meng Huo's army pursued the retreating Shu Han soldiers, they fell into the pit and were trapped. Zhuge Liang then ordered his soldiers to attack the trapped barbarians, killing many of them.

Meng Huo managed to escape, but he was captured again by Zhuge Liang's army in another battle. Zhuge Liang then ordered Meng Huo to be released and allowed him to return to his own territory.

Meng Huo was surprised by Zhuge Liang's mercy and decided to launch another attack on the Shu Han state. However, he was captured again by Zhuge Liang's army and released once more.

This pattern of capture and release continued six more times, with Meng Huo being captured and released each time. Finally, on the seventh capture, Meng Huo realized that he could not defeat Zhuge Liang and surrendered to him.

Zhuge Liang then treated Meng Huo with great respect and honor, and the two became friends. Meng Huo became a loyal ally of the Shu Han state and helped them defeat other barbarian tribes in the south.

The story of the "Seven Captures of Meng Huo" became famous in Chinese history as an example of Zhuge Liang's skill as a strategist and his ability to win without resorting to violence. It also demonstrated his compassion and understanding of human nature, which helped him win the trust and loyalty of his enemies.

Zhuge Liang's decision to capture and release Meng Huo seven times was not only a strategic move, but also a reflection of his philosophy and character.

Firstly, Zhuge Liang recognized that Meng Huo was a skilled warrior and leader, and he saw the potential for him to become a valuable ally. By showing Meng Huo mercy and respect, Zhuge Liang was able to win over his loyalty and support.

Secondly, Zhuge Liang believed in the power of persuasion and negotiation over brute force. He saw the value in finding peaceful solutions to conflicts, rather than resorting to violence and bloodshed.

Finally, Zhuge Liang was known for his compassion and empathy towards others. He understood that Meng Huo was not purely evil, but rather a product of his environment and circumstances. By treating him with kindness and understanding, he was able to win his trust and respect.

Overall, Zhuge Liang's actions in the "Seven Captures of Meng Huo" demonstrated his strategic genius, his commitment to peaceful solutions, and his compassionate nature.

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Share Chinese Sory,which you never heard before.China has 5000 years history and it is A kingdom of artifacts.Such as Chinese Kongfu,Qigong etc.

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