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selfless love

If you love someone unlimited, it never ends because there is no end to unlimited love…. It never ends. It only grows.

By Nikhil BhowmikPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

"selfless love"

"selfless love"

Love Story July 6, 2018 14,465

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"selfless love"

He tore off the white paper from the diary and wrote in large letters, "No one is responsible for my death." He folded the paper and placed it under the glass on the table.

Yep Al that sounds rubbish to me and it doesn't look like BT is for me either.

He looked at the shiny new knife, thinking that in a little while he would use it to cut through the blood vessels in his hand. What do you think, Adri put the blade on the table and looked through the window one last time. Anamne goes back to the memory of the past.

Aranya's first appearance on the varsity team. At first Alanya didn't like it, but Alanya is a very stubborn boy. He had just conquered Adri's mind with his madness. Then the relationship between husband and wife begins. The duo has no shortage of fame in college sports. And just like that, their days continued with naughty sweet naughty and petty squabbles.

They don't even know how the three springs hold each other's hands. But the forest suddenly began to change. Forest, who used to wait to talk to Adrie on the phone, is now waiting as soon as Adrie gets a call. While he didn't take it seriously at first, there was a time when Adrie had a hard time taking advantage of the forest. As for the forest, it stopped communicating with Adri. This afternoon, this exchange is over forever....

- Why did you become like this?

- You mean, like, salt and their ilk, don't you? Please tell, what's the story of their big puppy...

- You are ignoring me. Wait on the phone. You were not like that before the forest!

-Listen Adri, people don't have to be the same all the time. Time changes people. So, what is the crime here?

- Yes, there is really no crime here!

- I can't take you anymore, Adrie. I don't think it's right to continue our relationship. so ...

- Forest please, I love you very much. Please don't leave like you...

- Listen Adri, I can't continue this relationship! Because I don't love you anymore. I am very sorry.

-what do you mean? what are you saying? How are you?

- Yes...because I thought I couldn't go with you. Also, where is our family, where...

- Stop the forest... didn't you think about this before the relationship?

- Listen, I admit I was wrong, but I can't take this pain seriously anymore.

- Please don't do that....I wouldn't please the forest without you!

Despite many requests, the forest did not return that day. Adri cried a lot but didn't benefit!

After returning home, he went straight to his room. However, his mother called him for a while and he ignored it.

The decision is final and the world will leave Maya today. There is no other love like this in the world. Suddenly, at the call of his mother, Adri came out of the imagined world. What do you think he should do the last time he sees his parents. As soon as she opened the door, she said,

- See how you like mom's clothes?

- Well, too much, Mom.

- I looked at this dress over and over at the market that day.

- isn't it, mom?

- Mom, I feel sorry for myself. I can't afford anything today.

At that time Adrie's father came home. It looks like a sack wrapped in a drawstring.

He handed the bag to Adrie's mother and said:

- The girl said that she ate shrimp that day. So I thought I got some shrimp for my daughter today. Adri's mom loves Adri, having fun and cooking.

Adri watched and burst into tears. Without saying a word, he came to his room, pressed the pillow and cried for a long time. Just then, my brother came over and asked:

- What's wrong with you? not feel well?

- No, bro, that's it. Nothing happened to me.

- Tell me what happened, sister! Does he know I took money from your bag? Well, sister, I will give you money tomorrow if you don't eat tiffin. Please don't trust me anymore, I won't do that.

Adri couldn't take it anymore! Hao Mao cried. Hearing the crying, the parents rushed to Adrie's room. Adri hugged his mother tightly.

I started thinking, "Love is in my family, selfless love. Would I die for a liar? It wouldn't hurt him if I died. It would hurt my parents. Who would they love if it wasn't for me?"

He tore the paper from the bottom of the glass and threw it out the window.

The dark room was illuminated by Yohena's light, and everything seemed extraordinarily beautiful.

Life is so beautiful for Adri. As that piece of paper tore the old to shreds, a new chapter in Adrie's life began.


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