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Seasonal Sacrifice

Fraternal Siblings

By Blondie WillettPublished 8 months ago 1 min read

She dawns a dress. Not her first; perhaps her last. Thoughtless innocence to this evenings events. Nothing new and anticipatory, even still her feign surprise sells the rooms attendees. Their fee is compensated, hypnosis, succumbing to adrenaline drowning their sense. Dilation - Mutation. Victims of her infecting essence. Existence thereafter damnation, longing for emancipation of breath. Painting every step in colbolt, luring dissipated fools. Singular casualties signal only the final act. Presently masses crawl to execution, by her convey. One by one, offerings nourish the ground soaking primeval layers. A frigid sigh leaves her lungs, caressing parted lips. Flames ignite her veins, ablaze the freeze, life shattering the silence. Bare beauty drifts freely but not without a price to pay.


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Blondie Willett

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  • Test3 months ago

    your writing is both captivating and chilling,

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