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Script Love Part 5

Happy New Year!

By Wil McMurranPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

You're invited!

Invitation delivered to Ray's home

Special Delivery

Ray opened the letter and couldn't believe his eyes. He rubbed his head, stepped back, and sat on the couch because he couldn't believe his sights on what he was reading and seeing. "I thought... How did she track me?", Ray said in a low nervous tone. He began reading the contents of the letter which came with some sort of postcard like a flier.

"Hello, Raymond, or as you call yourself, Ray. I guess things are going well for you since you left me stranded with a broken heart and embarrassment. I'm inviting you to my holiday party and I'm sure you have a girl to bring. See you soon, your past." The letter read.

Ray couldn't understand what was going on and how and why? He kept pacing and looking at the invitation flier which was a pic of his ex and him kissing her. What game was she playing and why now? He couldn't show his girl this flier because how could he explain him kissing another woman on a party invitation? Ray immediately called Gary but got sent to voicemail. He texted him to ask for his location. Gary texted back and the two were supposed to meet at a sports bar. Until then he's not feeling well and needs to lie down and get some rest. His head is throbbing and he just wants to lie down and sleep. Within seconds he's asleep thinking when he awakes all this will be a not-too-funny dream.

Unwanted Invite

Ray is at a bar with Gary and he's going in nonstop. He can't stop talking and Gary is sitting there wondering if he should tell or not, but Gary is stuck. See he's been threatened not to say anything or have the risk of losing his job. Gary was sent proof of connections to his job by way of Ray's mystery woman that's not a mystery to Gary.

"Hey she sent an invite with me and her on it kissing as if it's our party.", He said

" Just take it easy. I told you all that you have done to these women will come back to hunt you. ", Gary said. They both sat there and continue to talk until the beers ran dry and the wings ran out. Terri walked in and sat with Gary and about 5 minutes or less Ray's mystery lady walked in and went straight to Ray and said, "You been looking for me? Well here and I see you showed up.". Ray looks at her and for the first time lost for words. The lady that he's been looking for and missing ever since he laid eyes on her is finally in front of him after texting him out of the blue and actually showing up and he can't gather words to say. "Um, uhhh, How are you, umm, can I have your name now?", Ray said nervously. " "Yes, my name is Ayana, cutie. ", She said. At this point, Ray forgot all about the girl he was dating and the party. He was all in after Ayana called him cutie as she rubbed the side of his face until her finger flickered his beard.

Ayana went on and asked what he was doing for the holidays and she wanted him to accompany her to a holiday party on December 26th he thought about the invite and figured this was his way out and he accepted her invite instead. She then went on and told Terri and Gary they should come because it was going to be a blast. Gary looked nervous and nodded his head as he eyed Terri with a sexy but evil smirk. At this point, Ayana got up and disappeared like always leaving Ray in awe as he was prepared to spend the rest of the night with her like he did all of his women. Instead, he sat not understanding and very confused.

Happy New Year!

A knock came on the door at 7:30 sharp and Ray went to the door. At the door when he peeped through the hole it was Ayana and the first thing that came through his mind is how she knows where he lives. He opens the door and there is Ayana with a big smile saying "you're ready my dear?" Ray answered, "yes I'm dressed just wasn't ready for you this early, but I just have to get my jacket and we can leave."

" Wow, this your car? ", Ray said as he walked outside. Ayana looked at him and nodded her head as she unlocked the doors. She sat in the vehicle a lovely Rolls Royce Phantom black on black plush leather. Ray just got in and sat in silence because of amazement. He look at Ayana and she asked him if he was ready for the time of his life. As she asked she handed him a flier and asked if he can see if it was an address to the place on it. Ray grabbed the flier and his mouth dropped and he began to stutter his words. "So, ssssssss, so thi, thi, this the party we going to? ", Ray responded.

" Why are you nervous? ", Ayana said with a smile. At this point, Ray knew something was up and he didn't know what to do as she drove faster. He was demanding answers on what was going on and why he was being taken to a party with him on the flier. She told him he need to sit back and think hard about the woman on that flier and what he had done because karma has come home and was ready to collect. Ray looked at her and said, "Oh my God!" Ayana turned to him as she slammed on the gas and screamed "Happy New Year, motherfucka!"

To Be Continued

Oh My God!

Ray in passenger seat wondering what's going on

Karma came to collect

Is this the end of Ray?

Comment below, Yes, No, or Don't know.

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Wil McMurran Jr is an exceptional man of many talents, but of all talents, Wil McMurran found his passion and love with writing. He loves creative writing and also has ways to use his writing to help give back. please contact and follow.

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