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Scorned Pt. 15

The Derek Morgan Chronicles

By Cynthia FieldsPublished about a year ago 9 min read
Scorned Pt. 15
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Home of Derek and Penelope – Afternoon –

“Damn, Baby Girl, are you trying to kill your man?”

Derek collapsed next to her breathing hard and sweating profusely. He saw her smiling victoriously from the corner of his eye.

“Oh, so you think this gets you out of going to my mom’s and Dave’s for dinner?” He continued, still breathless.

“Oh handsome...I’m just getting started. You’re not going to let a pregnant woman get the best of you, are you?” She teased.

She rolled to her side to face him and began running her hand over his sweaty body. He closed his eyes struggling to maintain a semblance of control.

“Baby....please...I don’t want to die a young man and if we don’t get up and go, my mother is going to kill me and then what are you going to tell our child?”

Penelope slowly dragged her hand off of him giggling hysterically. She’d already found out about the birthday and shower plans from a little Morgan birdie, but she promised to act surprised any way. Still, she had to show her husband that as the Oracle-of-all-knowing, she had super-powers beyond his muscles, and gorgeous, good looks.

“Okay fine.” Still giggling. “Just let me take a quick shower and we’ll be on our way.” She promised.

“I’ll use the shower in the guest bathroom to save us some time.” He offered.

“You could always join me in our bathroom.” She winked.

“Oh no you don’t, Baby you don’t.”

Rossi Mansion –

Fran fretted around the large kitchen making sure that everything was in place for the guest of honor. Dave and the girls gave her a wide berth as she checked her watch for the umpteenth time. Sarah and Desiree exchanged glances knowing that their brother was in deep trouble and Dave hid his smirks behind a glass of Merlot and made a mental note to hide all of the hammers, shovels and pistols...his stepson was toast.

“I gave him one job! Just one simple job!” She fussed. “When I see him, he’s going to get it! I’m going to ring his neck! I swear...”

“Bella, calm down. Maybe they got stuck in traffic...”

“Oh, they got stuck alright!” Desiree said under her breath.”

Fran looked over her shoulder at her youngest and frowned. Dave wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close. Sarah and Desiree made a hasty retreat while Sarah punched her sister for good measure.


“Breathe...just breathe.” Dave whispered kissing her lightly on the neck. “They’ll be here.”

“Oh, Dave I just wanted everything to be perfect...”

“...and it will be.”

The doorbell rang interrupting their conversation. Dave silently prayed that it was Derek and Penelope. Just as he was about to head out of the kitchen, Fran whizzed past him.

“Uh oh.”

Derek stood nervously on the porch trying to silently run a million excuses through his head; none of which he knew would get him off the hook with his mother.

“Relax Derek, everything will be fine.”

“No, no, Ma told me to get you here by one, not five after one, not one minute after one; Pen, it’s two o’clock!”


He could have sworn there was smoke coming from her ears. His heart stopped...his eyes widened.

“Ma, please...I’m sorry...I tried but Baby Girl...didn’t...”

Then Fran saw her future daughter-in-law, so radiantly glowing with the cutest baby bump ever, standing behind her terrified son and she suddenly forgot why she was mad as she quickly brushed past him.

“Oh Penelope! You look so beautiful! How are you feeling? Please come inside...dinner is ready...”

Then wrapping her arm around the younger woman, Fran lovingly pulled Penelope past Derek and into the house. Derek stood on the porch dumbfounded and with his mouth wide open. He couldn’t move, he was so certain that his life was over, but in a flash, the sight of his fiancé banished him to the land of invisibility. He wasn’t sure if he should stay put on the porch where it was safe or join the party. At the sounds of, SURPRISE, Derek took his chances and stepped inside closing the door behind him.

2 months later –

Derek had been released to return to work. The doctors still wanted him to be careful, but he was ready to join the team full-time in the field. He was excited but nervous. It seemed like forever that he had been healthy enough to travel and take down an unsub. To add to that, Penelope was due to give birth in three weeks.

The birthday-baby shower celebration had gone smoothly, and Fran had decided to pardon him of his offenses; for that he was grateful. Life was great and Derek couldn’t remember a time when he had been happier than he was right now. Truman had asked him for permission to propose to Desiree to which Derek gave his blessing. Little did Derek know but Truman had also gone to Dave after Derek had given his consent. The man fit into the family perfectly and he was just what Desiree needed in her life.

Today, was one of the teams rare Saturday’s off, in fact, the director had given the team a long weekend. Fran and Dave thought it would be a great time for the team to get together before the baby’s arrival, so he invited everyone to the mansion for barbeque and family day. There was only one rule: be on time!

Home of Derek and Penelope – Afternoon –

“Come on, Derek! We’re going to be late!” Penelope yelled up the stairway.

Derek stood silently in the doorway of the nursery. He’d finally finished it; he was afraid he wouldn’t in time for the baby’s arrival, but he had. It was amazing. His heart sped up at the thought of how close he had come to missing out on this very moment. Sam had tried to take this moment, and his life from him. Now here he was standing on his own two feet and waiting on the birth of his child. It was almost too much to take in.


“I’m coming, Baby Girl! I’m coming!”

He smiled, taking one final look before rushing down the stairs to her. The sight of her nearly took his breath away. She’d finally purchased maternity clothes, but it didn’t matter, all he could think about was taking her upstairs and making love to her.

She saw the hungry look in his eyes; she felt the same way, but it was important that they got to the mansion on time. He grabbed her and pulled her close, planting a kiss on her lips.

“Don’t even think about it, Mister!”


“No, absolutely not!”

“Baby Girl come’re not playing fair. That kiss got me all worked up and...”

“NO!” She giggled at the disappointed, needy look on his face.


She kissed him, deep and hard then pulled away smiling that smile that had gotten them here in the first place. He shook his head; he’d been bested by the Queen and he was but a mere mortal after all.

“You win, Baby Girl, but just wait until we get home tonight, I’ll show you who the boss is!”

“Ohhh Handsome...I can hardly wait!” She purred.

Rossi Mansion –

Fran looked around the large garden and smiled. Everything looked amazing. Dave stood behind her smiling at the transformation and shook his head. He marveled at her creative mind and swore that his wife had missed her calling. No one could put together an event in such a short time like she could; she’d thought of everything. The doorbell rang; looking down at her watch she breathed a sigh of relief.

“Right on time!” Then looking at the crowd... “They’re here!”

Derek planted a kiss on Penelope’s lips as they waited for the door to be answered.

“I love you Penelope Garcia.”

She kissed him back and smiled.

“I love you too Derek Morgan.”

The door opened, and the younger couple were met with the wide smiles of Fran and David Rossi.

“You’re here! AND on time!”

“Yes Ma, we’re on time!” Derek grinned.

Derek was stunned by the beautiful lavender flowers that surrounded the walls of the mansion’s foyer. Before he could ask a question, the entry was flooded with their friends and family all dressed to the nines and shouting...


Derek glanced over at Penelope who seemed not surprised at all. Suddenly, he realized the surprise was meant for him.

“...Baby Girl, Ma...somebody want to tell me what’s going on?”

The smiles and the excitement seemed to grow, and he was even more confused than he was before. Penelope gently took his hand in hers as Fran came closer, grabbing his other hand.

“Today is your wedding day, Derek. Surprise!” Fran uttered softly.

“W-wedding? But...” Then looking at Penelope as she shook her head. “You knew about this?”

“Yes, Handsome, I did. I knew how much you wanted to be married before the baby...”

A sharp pain suddenly hit her, stopping her from speaking.”

“Baby Girl?”

“I’m fine, I’m fine just a twinge.”

“Are you sure?” He asked.

“Of course! Now, do you want to get married or not?”

“Yes, yes of course I want to get married!”

Everyone chuckled as Dave, Hotch, Reid and Truman whisked Derek away to the far side of the house. The guest mingled out toward the garden as JJ, Desiree and Sarah led Penelope upstairs to one of the larger guest suites.

Penelope was so excited; this was her wedding day. Never in her wildest imagination did she ever think she would be marrying Derek Morgan and to top it off, she never expected to be pregnant with his child. She opened the door of the room where she and the other girls would be dressing and slowly took everything in, her dress and the dresses of the others hung around the oversized room. They were beautiful and so were the bouquets that had been special ordered and shipped in from Italy. Just as she approached her dress, her attention was drawn toward the bathroom as the door slowly opened. Her jaw dropped as the raven-haired woman approached smiling from ear-to-ear. Penelope’s hand flew to her mouth in shock.

“Oh my, god!”

“Surprise.” The woman whispered gleefully.


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Cynthia Fields

I adore words and I love what happens when we grab them, sleep with them, holler and scream and laugh at them! I love what happens when we throw them in the air and watch them fall magically from our minds onto paper!

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