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SCARY STORY to tell in the dark Alvin schwartz

The Haunting of Hollow Manor (Alvin Schwartz)

By Salman siddiquePublished 4 months ago 5 min read

Deep within the heart of a desolate forest, an imposing mansion loomed, casting an ominous shadow over the landscape. Hollow Manor, as it was known, had stood there for centuries, its dark history a well-kept secret. The locals avoided the mansion, whispering tales of malevolent spirits, vengeful souls, and unspeakable horrors that dwelled within its decaying walls. But one fateful evening, five unsuspecting souls would venture into its depths, unaware of the terror they were about to unleash.

A torrential downpour raged outside, as lightning split the night sky and thunder rumbled through the forest. In the nearby town of Blackwood, a group of friends gathered at the old, weathered inn, The Black Crow. The friends, Sarah, David, Lisa, Mike, and Emily, had been inseparable since childhood. That night, a mysterious letter arrived, inviting them to spend the weekend at Hollow Manor. The sender was anonymous, but the invitation bore a seal that none could ignore.

Curiosity overpowered their skepticism, and they decided to accept the invitation. The rain continued to pour as they made their way to the foreboding mansion. An eerie mist clung to the trees, and the silence was broken only by the deafening sound of raindrops on the roof of their car. Sarah shivered, a sense of dread creeping over her as they approached the imposing gates of Hollow Manor.

As they entered the mansion, a chill ran down their spines. The grand foyer was adorned with faded tapestries and a cracked chandelier that swayed ominously in the still air. They set down their belongings and began exploring the vast, dimly lit mansion. Unearthly whispers seemed to echo through the walls, and shadows danced in the corners of their vision.

The group settled in one of the gloomy parlors, and unease washed over them as the fire crackled in the hearth, casting flickering shadows across the room. Sarah noticed a portrait on the wall, depicting a woman with piercing eyes and a wicked smile. It was rumored to be Lady Agatha Hollow, the original owner of the mansion, who had met a gruesome end, but the painting seemed to come to life, its eyes following her every move.

As evening descended, they heard the clinking of silverware and the laughter of revelers. Confused and terrified, they ventured into the dining room, only to find a ghostly banquet taking place before their eyes. Transparent figures in elegant attire feasted on invisible meals, their faces frozen in time. The friends backed away in horror, but the figures paid them no mind.

In search of answers, David discovered an old diary in the library, written by Lady Agatha herself. The diary spoke of a cursed ritual she had performed to gain eternal life. She mentioned sacrificing innocent souls to sustain her own. Her power had grown to be immense, and her diary revealed that her restless spirit still wandered the mansion, seeking more victims.

The group realized they had been drawn into the cursed web of Hollow Manor. Lady Agatha's malevolence had bound them to the mansion, and escape seemed impossible. The rain outside had turned into a relentless storm, making it impossible to leave.

As they explored further, they encountered invisible forces that toyed with their senses. Doors slammed shut on their own, and ghostly hands grabbed at their ankles as they walked down the hallways. The mansion itself seemed to be alive, a malevolent entity hell-bent on keeping them trapped.

Desperation led them to hold a seance in an attempt to communicate with Lady Agatha's spirit. In the candlelit room, the planchette on the Ouija board moved with a will of its own, spelling out ominous messages. They realized that they were not alone in the room; Lady Agatha's presence filled the air, her icy breath sending shivers down their spines.

In the diary, they found a description of the ritual Lady Agatha had performed. Desperate to break the curse, they decided to perform the ritual themselves, hoping it would free them from the mansion's grip. As they chanted the incantations and followed the instructions, the mansion began to tremble, and a dark, swirling vortex materialized before them.

With a blinding flash, the ritual unleashed an ancient and malevolent force that surged through the mansion. Shadows came to life, and the walls oozed with a vile energy. Lady Agatha herself emerged from the abyss, her eyes blazing with fury. She accused the friends of trespassing and defiling her home.

Terrified, the friends tried to flee, but the mansion's grip tightened. They faced a choice: stay and face the wrath of Lady Agatha or confront the very entity they had inadvertently set free. David, consumed by guilt, decided to confront Lady Agatha, hoping to find a way to undo the curse.

In a tense confrontation, David appealed to Lady Agatha's humanity, recounting the torment she had endured and the horrors she had inflicted on others. As tears welled up in her spectral eyes, Lady Agatha revealed the truth about her curse. She had yearned for immortality but had become a prisoner of her own making, tormented by her actions.

Together, David and Lady Agatha devised a plan to break the curse that bound her to Hollow Manor. They needed to find her original diary, hidden deep within the mansion, and destroy it. The friends embarked on a treacherous journey, facing apparitions and supernatural obstacles along the way.

After a harrowing search, they located the diary hidden in the attic. With trembling hands, David tore the diary to shreds, breaking the curse that had plagued Hollow Manor for centuries. Lady Agatha's spirit was finally at peace, and the mansion ceased to be a malevolent force.

The mansion began to crumble, and the spirits trapped within were released. The friends managed to escape just in time as Hollow Manor collapsed into a pile of ruins. The storm outside subsided, and the forest regained its peaceful serenity.

With their harrowing experience behind them, the friends made a pact never to speak of their night at Hollow Manor again. The secrets of the mansion and Lady Agatha would remain locked away in the past. As they returned to Blackwood, they couldn't help but wonder if the invitation had been a mere twist of fate or something far more sinister.

In the end, they had faced their deepest fears, and in doing so, they had released an ancient evil and redeemed a tormented soul. Hollow Manor's dark history would be whispered about for generations to come, a chilling tale of horror, sacrifice, and redemption that would haunt the memories of those who had ventured into its depths.

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