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Sarajevo Prison state

by Syed Arabi Khalique about a year ago in Horror
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The sweetness of death

Right outside Bloomsbury, New Jersey, was this prison, and the name of this prison was Sarajevo State Prison.

Created by the mad Wall street mogul, Sikander Raza, the prison sat on 1700 acres of land, and yet few mortals could claim to have seen it

The prison facility carried about 22,000 inmates, from every corner of America. It was one of the biggest prisons in the whole world and a poorly managed one. Prisoners were harassed and hurt on a daily basis, and if they retaliated even a bit, hell loosed upon all of them. The torture that they endured resulted in the death of many.

The Sarajevo prison was not a name that was known to the public, even state officials of many departments were unaware of its existence, so there was no sign of any possible respite for those prisoners.

One of the reasons behind it being unknown , according to some sources, was that not all of the inmates were human, but that could have been just rumors.

After years of horror, some of the inmates, who knew a little magic, came together. They formulated a plan, a desperate plan but times called for such action.

The plan was to call upon an ancient being, a being whose only record was found in old Sumerian texts, the very texts which called the being " A harbinger of nightmare."

They would call upon the entity and then command it to break them free from the prison, then help them escape to Mexico or Argentina. What they didn't count was the being itself.

On the ill omened day, they brought out a heart shaped locket, which was supposed to be the symbol for The Being. The prisoners did all the rituals and chanted all the chants, and by God it worked. Smoke rose from the locket, in a color not from our world but from some evil dying land. And then the roar was heard.

The Being came out in all its glorifying horror, horror that even diseased human minds could never conceive. The prisoners ordered it to follow their words but to no avail, they were dealing with terrifying power way beyond their imagination.

The horrors that happened in Sarajevo prison on that day, would have made even the denizens of hell glad that they were in hell, not in Sarajevo. The Being was a bringer of nightmares but you didn't need to be asleep to see it. Wherever it went, the cries agonies could be heard.

If evil had only unleashed its soul destroying terror on the Sarajevo Prison state, all would have been great but that didn't happen. The Being got through the walls of the prison and went out into the wide open world. That's when the destruction of life itself on Earth began.

That all happened 4 years ago. The Being still lurks on this world, with a purpose only it knows. We live in fear and we sleep in fear, for we hear his sounds while we are awake and when we sleep, we see his image.

Lands are burning. The sun isn't shining, maybe it fears something that is treading on our ground. The moon hasn't abandoned us but she has no light. "The Earth is dying" would be wrong, for mother Earth will love, it is we who might not.

Human civilization can never move forward, unless God calls his horrible creation and sends it back to its filthy land. But will God do so? I , for one, don't think so. I will ask this one thing from him though, If you won't give us peace in this world, then at least take our lives away, be it heaven or hell, for at this time even the fires of hell burn dimmer, while the nightmare walks.


About the author

Syed Arabi Khalique

I am a cyber security student who loves writing about the weird and the unusual, sometimes grotesque even.

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