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Samhain Night

A Microfiction

By Miss RiggiePublished 10 months ago 1 min read
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First, Julia lit her wick from the black candle standing in the cauldron, her face contorted with determination.


Next was Marie, squeezing a stray tear from her eye, placing a hand over her empty belly.


Then came my turn, heart full, I remembered the faces and names as the fire warmed my fingertips.


We stood our candles around the cauldron and joined hands, welcoming the spirits of our loved ones. Fumes swirled into our lungs, breath by breath a circle was formed, a funnel of energy whirling between us.

Sisters, forever.

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About the Creator

Miss Riggie

Artist | Writer | Lover | Fighter

Born in Sydney, Australia, I write about what inspires me, to inspire others. Poetry, stories, deep introspective works, the lot! MUSE POWERS ACTIVATE!

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