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Safes and Safe Deposit Boxes Revealing Hidden Treasures

Unlocking Secrets

By Myke & AmyPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

In today's world of online banking, the use of safes and safe deposit boxes may seem outdated. However, you'd be surprised to know that there are approximately 25 million safe deposit boxes currently rented in the United States alone. Behind those tightly-locked doors lie countless mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Join us on a journey as we explore some of the craziest secrets revealed by safes and safe deposit boxes.

Unboxing History: Safe deposit boxes, durable storage containers usually found in bank vaults, have been popular for storing personal valuables since the 1860s. It's no wonder that when these boxes are finally opened, they reveal fascinating historical oddities. In early 2021, TikTok user Billy Holt and his partner Sean acquired an old safe deposit box unit from an auction of a closing bank. It turned out to be more than just a coffee table as they had initially planned. The unit contained 30 safe deposit boxes dating back to the 1920s, all still filled with their abandoned contents. To their excitement, Billy and Sean were given the keys to each box. Documenting their discoveries on TikTok, they opened each box one by one, revealing a treasure trove of intriguing items. While some boxes contained the expected documents and jewelry, others held peculiar surprises.

For instance, box number 113 revealed a reversible Little Red Riding Hood puppet that could transform into Grandma, alongside the eerie wolf disguised in Grandma's clothing. Box 137 contained a collection of creepy dolls, leaving Billy and Sean wondering why such items were deemed worthy of safekeeping. The most unsettling find was in box 103, where they discovered what appeared to be a yellowing human tooth. Commenters on TikTok urged them to have the tooth tested for DNA, suggesting it could belong to a missing person. Although there have been no updates on this toothy mystery, it was enough to thoroughly spook them. Who knows, there might be another safe deposit box out there filled with old teeth, waiting to cash in with the tooth fairy. Now, that's an image more painful than a root canal.

Unclaimed Mysteries: In the United States, all states have unclaimed property laws that require banks and safe deposit box centers to hand over abandoned property to the state. When a box remains dormant for a certain period due to unpaid fees or lack of response from the owner, it is sent to the state's Unclaimed Property Division, where it is opened. These divisions have uncovered a wealth of personal trinkets, some of which are astonishing. In recent years, Colorado's Unclaimed Property Division has discovered silver bars, a diamond, and a Tiffany necklace adorned with pearls and emeralds worth a staggering $150,000! Items like these, along with others found in abandoned boxes, are stored in a highly secure walk-in vault inside the Colorado State Capitol building until their rightful owners claim them.

Each state has its own policies, but in some cases, if the items go unclaimed, states like Colorado, Texas, California, and Washington auction off valuable items from safe deposit boxes, excluding documents with personal information. These auctions can include fine jewelry, collectibles, and antiques. However, not all safe deposit boxes are filled with riches. Utah, for example, has revealed some truly peculiar finds, including a full clown costume, a ski mask and handgun, and even someone's deceased pet cat. It seems someone took the concept of Schrödinger's Cat a little too literally. Let's hope the cat wasn't alive when it was placed inside.

Inside Jobs: In March 2021, the FBI raided the U.S. Private Vault Company in Beverly Hills without warning, seizing safe-deposit boxes belonging to numerous customers. It was discovered that the U.S. Private Vault Company had been encouraging its customers to use false identities, allowing them to store the proceeds of criminal activities in a difficult-to-trace manner. This shocking revelation exposed the dark side of safe deposit boxes and their potential misuse.

While online banking may be the new norm, the allure of safes and safe deposit boxes persists. These relics of the past continue to safeguard a myriad of secrets, from historical artifacts to the unexpected and bizarre. The next time you pass by a bank, take a moment to appreciate the mysteries concealed within those seemingly ordinary boxes.

world of safes and safe deposit boxes is indeed filled with unexpected twists and turns. From corrupt companies to hidden treasures, it's clear that these secure storage units have seen their fair share of shady dealings and surprising discoveries.

In the case of the US Private Vault Company, it's unfortunate that innocent customers had to go through legal proceedings to retrieve their forfeited goods from the FBI. While the raid successfully exposed the company's money laundering activities, questions about the violation of customers' private property rights do arise.

Similarly, the Safe Deposit Centres in London, England, and the seizure of cash from safe deposit boxes in Toronto, Canada, highlight how criminals often take advantage of the privacy offered by these facilities. These instances demonstrate the need for proper regulation and oversight to ensure the integrity of safe deposit box services.

On the other hand, the story of John George Junior, the local government official from Massachusetts, is a reminder that even seemingly upstanding citizens can be involved in illicit activities. The discovery of cash, Rolex watches, and jewelry in multiple safe deposit boxes revealed George's embezzlement of taxpayer money. It serves as a cautionary tale of the potential misuse of public funds.

As for the fake safe discovery story, it's a reminder that not everything we come across online is genuine. The tale of hidden treasure and mysterious clues turned out to be a hoax orchestrated by The Chive. It serves as a reminder to approach online stories with skepticism and verify their authenticity.

Lastly, the Cleveland couple's remarkable discovery during a home renovation project showcases that sometimes real-life surprises can be just as astonishing as fiction. Uncovering stacks of cash dating back to the 1920s and 1930s hidden in green boxes hidden in their basement is like finding a time capsule of wealth.

These stories highlight the allure and intrigue surrounding safes and safe deposit boxes. They remind us that these secure storage units hold not only valuable possessions but also the potential for unexpected revelations and mysteries waiting to be unraveled.


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