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Ruby the famous cat

A cute story about a fluffy talking cat

By Christina EpperlyPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
Ruby the famous cat
Photo by Hunt Han on Unsplash

Ruby stretched out her legs and paws as the early morning sun came in through the bedroom window. She knew that her favorite human that was called Olive would be waking up soon. She was excited for the day ahead. They were going to be traveling to a large event on the other side of the country where they both would be performing for a large crowd of people. Ruby loved Olive more than any human she had ever met, and she had met a lot of them, especially since she and Olive had become famous. Olive was the one who had rescued her from the laboratory where she and many other cats had been used for experiments. Olive was the one who had discovered that the people at the lab had figured out how to make cats talk. It all began when Olive was walking on a trail that was located across the road from the lab where Ruby and her friends were. A brave kitten named Cypress had managed to escape the lab,and he had found Olive. He was young, and he had no idea that most people did not know that cats could be made to speak in the same way that humans could. When Cypress spoke to Olive, she almost passed out from the shock. However, Olive turned out to be just the person that all the lab cats needed. Olive had posted a video of the Cypress online. In the video, Cypress told the world about the lab. However that was not all Olive had done she was worried that the people at the lab would try to get rid of the cats to cover up their work so she had made sure that the police could get into the lab before she posted the video. All the people involved were arrested for the illegal experiments that they had done on the cats. After the rescue the cats were all adopted to good homes. Olive had wanted a friend for Cypress, so she adopted Ruby. Cypress was not a huge fan of all the fame and attention, but Ruby was. Olive was a struggling actor and writer when she had found Cypress. After posting the video that led to the awareness of the situation at the lab. She began to get offers to be on many different TV shows, movies, and pod casts. Cypress had enjoyed all the excitement at first, but since he had gotten older, he was not as outgoing as he used to be. Ruby was happy to step in and take Cypress's place in the spotlight while Cypress stayed home and relaxed. Ruby was very excited about the event that they were going to. She had been in movies and TV shows, but live events and meet and greets were new to her. She loves meeting her fans, and she had been day dreaming about all the fans she would be meeting and talking to. Her fans loved to hear her talk, and she was more than happy to talk to them. Just a few minutes after Ruby had woken up, Olive's alarm began to make loud noise that Ruby hated. Fortunately, Olive heard the alarm just seconds after it started making noise, so she was able to quickly turn it off before it bothered Ruby's sensitive ears too much. Olive greeted Ruby by telling her good morning and petting her on the head. Ruby asked Olive if she had slept well, and Olive responded that it was not long enough. There was not much time before they had to leave, but luckily, everything they needed had been packed up the night before. About an hour later, Olive's friend Aaron arrived to take them to the airport. Ruby loved flying because she got to see a lot of people she loved to see the people, and the people loved to see her. However, she did not like being in such a small space for so long. But she was good at sleeping during the flight and making the time pass quickly. Before she knew it, the. The plane had arrived at the destination. There was a car waiting for them when they got off the plane and it took them to a big fancy hotel in the city that they would be performing in the next day. The next morning was not as relaxing as the one before Ruby and Olive had to rush out the door to make it to the stage to practice before their performance. luckily, there was time for a quick breakfast Ruby could not perform without breakfast. After practice, it was time for their first meet and greet of the day. Ruby and Olive had a great time meeting their fans. Ruby loved the way her fluffy white hair looked against the blue background as she took photos with fans. After a short break, it was time to go back to the stage to perform. As Ruby looked out on the audience, she realized just how happy she was. Her life had not gotten off to a great start, but now it was so perfect that she wouldn't change a thing. After Olive and Ruby were introduced, they walked out on the Ruby, opened her mouth, spoke into the microphone, and said hello to all her new friends

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Hello, there! I am a creative and fun loving blogger with a bucket list, big dreams and a love of writing. Some of my favorite things to write about include self care, blogging, and pets.

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