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Road To Success: Drama.

Deliberate Effort

By Michael Published 6 months ago 3 min read
Road To Success: Drama.
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Act 1

Scene 1

The stage is dimly lit, with a desk and a chair on one side and a bed on the other. We see a young man, John, asleep on the bed. The alarm clock on his phone rings, and he wakes up, dazed. He looks at his phone, and jumps out of bed, realizing he is late for work.

John: (frustrated) Damn it! Not again.

He quickly brushes his teeth and puts on his work clothes, while talking to himself.

John: I can't keep doing this. I need to be successful. I need to make a name for myself.

Scene 2

We see John at his workplace, a coffee shop. It's a bustling day, and he seems to be struggling to keep up. He takes an order, but then spills coffee on the customer.

Customer: (annoyed) Watch where you're going, kid!

John: (apologetic) I'm sorry, sir. Let me get you another cup.

The manager, Sarah, notices the commotion and comes over.

Sarah: Is everything okay here, John? You seem to be struggling.

John: (embarrassed) Yeah, sorry. I'm just having a rough day.

Sarah: (sympathetic) It's okay. We all have those days. Why don't you take a break, and we can talk later?

John nods and walks away, looking downcast.

Act 2

Scene 1

John is at home, lying on his bed, scrolling through his social media. He sees his classmates from college, colleagues from work, and friends, all doing well in their career and lives. This makes him feel inferior and inadequate.

John: (frustrated) Why can't I be like them? Why am I stuck here, working at a coffee shop?

Scene 2

A few days later, John is at a party with his friends. He is chatting with Emily, a girl from work, when his phone pings. He excuses himself and takes out his phone to check the message.

It's from Sarah, his manager.

Sarah: John, can you come to my office tomorrow morning? We need to talk about your performance.

John feels a knot in his stomach and excuses himself, leaving the party.

Act 3

Scene 1

The following day, John is nervously waiting outside Sarah's office. He is pacing back and forth, when she calls him in.

Sarah: John, I wanted to talk to you about your performance. You've been struggling lately, and it's affecting the business.

John: (defeated) I'm sorry, Sarah. I've been trying my best, but I just can't seem to keep up.

Sarah: (sympathetic) I understand, John. But you need to understand that if you want to be successful, you need to work hard. You need to put in the effort and dedication required.

John: (determined) I know, Sarah. I want to be successful. I want to make a name for myself. I'll do whatever it takes.

Scene 2

We see a montage of scenes where John works hard, studies diligently, and improves his performance at work. He takes online courses, learns new skills, and practices consistently.

Scene 3

John is back at the coffee shop, this time, with a renewed sense of confidence. He is able to handle the customers efficiently, and his colleagues nod in appreciation.

Emily: (impressed) Wow, John. You're doing great today.

John: (smiling) Thanks, Emily.

Sarah comes over and pats him on the back.

Sarah: (proudly) That's what I like to see, John. Keep up the good work.

John nods, feeling a sense of accomplishment.


We see John at home, sitting at his desk, typing away on his laptop. We see several certificates and awards hanging on the wall behind him. He looks confident and satisfied.

John: (thoughtfully) Success isn't an overnight thing. It requires hard work and dedication. But if you keep at it, and strive for excellence, you will reap the rewards.

He smiles, looking at the computer screen, reflecting on his journey to success.

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