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Rizz Train

Jewel Gatsby and her Charming Choo Choo

By Shelby Hagood Published 9 months ago 7 min read

"Caroline wants us to ride the Rizz Train," my coworker, Carl set down a ticket on my desk. I glanced down at the ticket and saw the large number.

"A $50,000 ticket," I shook my head at the number as large as one person's entire year salary.

"Well double that was spent on the two of us. Call it a real nice bonus," he waved his own ticket.

"Oh yeah because instead of $50,000 up front, I want to ride a train," I puffed.

"Well she really wants this story for TAB badly, and she picked us so that means something," he coaxed.

"Another silly article to write about," I saved the current article I was typing about heels on wheels for the TAB (Trends Are Bussin') website.

"Heels on wheels races would be hilarious," he joked.

"Yeah, as everyone who barely knows how to roll on regular roller skates participates and breaks their ankles," I sigh.

"Not like you are fully responsible. If we don't get the article out first, someone else will write about it. Reasons why she wanted to get these tickets fast. Rizz Train is already starting to become talk of interest into the range of trends that will be bussin', so don't lose your ticket before Saturday," he teased and walked back to his desk. I then took the time to pick up the ticket and examine it more closely:

1 entry ticket ($50,000)

Rizz Train Ride to my steampunk mansion

Charming Choo Choo Inc.

<3 from Jewel Gatsby

A Gatsby party huh? I searched in my desk drawer for the book I always kept with me. This girl calls herself Gatsby and throws parties but charges people for it instead of blowing thousands each weekend. Better to make a profit, smart. I turn in the book to my favorite sentence:

In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.

Why is this girl doing this? Profit sure, but what is it about wanting to entertain random people for fun as Gatsby? I set the book down and finished my work for the day when I later went home to ponder, pack, and prepare for the train trip.


The morning I had to ride the train, I came to the station and saw Carl. There were about 18 other people waiting for the train. I guess 20 people is all she could house, I thought to myself. As it came up, we were all escorted by people in steam punk attire into their seats with an area to stash our suitcases. Everyone that escorted us into the train started singing about White Russians and pouring the drink to hand to us. It felt like the adult version of the hot chocolate song from The Polar Express. "Enjoy yourselves!" One of them announced, "We will soon come to a stop will Jewel will come on board and plain train croquet with you."

"Croquet on a train?" I asked.

"Yes, more fun that way because of the moving train," he responded and the train set into motion. After some time of Carl introducing himself to some of the passengers and me keeping to myself in a book, the train stopped and let Jewel on board. She was wearing an outfit that reminded me of being a steampunk ring leader and was twirling a microphone that had the end of a phonograph on it.

"Alright everyone, it is time for the moving croquet!" she announced and everyone followed her to an empty train car with wickets up for croquet. The train blew its whistle and started up again while each person took their turn and laughed about which way the ball started to go from where they aimed at each bump and turn of the train. Everyone thought it was hilarious and fun, but I just wanted to go sit back down and read my book again. "What is wrong? You are not having fun?" Jewel asked me.

"I just don't like how there is really no way to win this game," I responded.

"Ah, let me try then," she took my mallet and hit the ball slightly off from the wicket target, but the way the train lurched a bit lead the ball right through it. Everyone cheered for her. "Ah, well I have had my practice," she laughed and went to go talk to the others. After a while the game ended and we all sat down once again for the rest of the ride up to the mansion. I took some notes about the day for the article.

"Wow, we are going to have so much fun here," Carl rolled with his suitcase alongside me as we looked at the pool beside the towering mansion that had a waterslide. "Look at the moving wheels in that garden," he pointed out a large lush garden that people were tending to. There was also a fountain flowing at the front and a zip line hooked up. We walked inside and it was beautiful. Each person was shown to a room to unpack and left to roam around a bit before dinner time. There was a large table in the dining room that people were preparing.

"Want to go through a walk in the garden before dinner?" I asked Carl.

"Sure, sounds lovely," we walked out to all of the beautiful colors and artwork that was throughout the garden. "I like the way she mixed plants with the metallic way of steampunk," he commented on the garden.

"It is very pretty," I took out my phone for pictures.

"I can't wait for the food!" Carl rubbed his stomach, "It is sure to be good." We soon headed in for the meal with the others. The food was chicken parmesan. It was so delicious. Jewel sat at the head of the table.

"As you all know this is an ode to my great grandfather Jay Gatsby who tragically was murdered in his own pool. I feel as though I have to carry on his ways of being a lavish party goer for his sake. My great grandmother Lillian was so fond of him," she started.

"What about Daisy?" one of the guests asked.

"Daisy smasy," Jewel retorted, "He should have spent less time with her and more time with the mother of his child."

"Didn't realize Gatsby had children, thought that story was just fiction," I commented.

"Clearly not, for here I am as Gatsby herself," Jewel confirmed, "Now I hope you all here have a great time in my mansion."

"Where did the money from the mansion come from?" I questioned her.

"Well of course my great grandfather blew all of his money on the parties, my great grandmother's fortune is what you are looking at," she explained. I thought about this a bit in order to remember this for my notes later.

"Right, now we shall have dessert, chocolate soufflé!" she announced and stood when one of the other guests stood pulling out a gun and shot her. We all screamed, but she still remained standing. She tsked at the man as he was held down, "Oh dear sir, you think I want to go down like my grandfather? No, I wear bullet proof clothes here."

"I should have shot you in the pool!" he yelled back.

"Oh I am not getting in, I am the host. Not the one enjoying the party. I put in the work to make sure you all are entertained properly," she replied.

"I will get you for rejecting my advances!" he yelled as the police came to the mansion.

"Now that silliness is done, you may all enjoy the mansion once more," she smiled. I then came up to her to ask more questions.

"Do you have proof you were related to Gatsby?" I asked her.

"What proof do I need when I am such a Jewel, a gem as in my name. When everyone here believes, it is true," she responded and handed me a martini glass. I went to my room to take some notes for the article. I wanted to write about how Jewel was a fraud and was making a silly claim about being the granddaughter of Gatsby. I wanted to find out if that was really the name she was born as and test these claims, but something about her also made me feel like it was wrong to expose her as anything but. After all, she was just letting people have overpriced fun right? She had charmed me well after all. Her charisma was so strong it made me just want to believe her. If something sad and terrible was underneath this façade, who was I to dig for it to come out?

I instead decided to put on a swimsuit and enjoy my weekend there with the once in a lifetime opportunity. I rode the zip line, slid down the water slide, and enjoyed reading and relaxing in the gardens. At the end of it all when it was time to go back, I wrote about the great time I had there. I felt like it would take someone else to look into the mystery of her if they even wanted to. She seemed pretty set in who she really wanted to be and she wasn't scamming anyone. They all wanted badly enough to pay that price to be there. Who was I to stop anyone from enjoying this trend?

Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone... Just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had.

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