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Look young while growing old !

By Nira KumariPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Photo by BBH Singapore on Unsplash

It was a bright and beautiful morning. The rising sun was casting a rosy hue across the morning sky. Golden fingers of sunlight were lighting up the scenes all around. Cool breeze was intoxicating the morning mind. The young and the old were basking in the morning sun. The fitness freaks were already on with their jogging plans. Some health conscious ladies were also ready with beauty exercises to defeat the age. Rima and Maya, too, were  on their morning walk. They looked extremely conscious about their health and beauty. 

It's the special characteristic of women that they want to look young and attractive. They don't want to grow old ever. Ask them, they won't tell you their real age. Rima and Maya were also of the same sort. They wanted to keep evergreen. They wanted to look young while growing old. They would do anything for keeping young and beautiful. They were so health conscious.

After the walk, Maya asked Rima, "Do you know what is the secret to looking young and attractive?" Rima smiled a little and said, " You are already so beautiful like Madhuri Dixit. Young too. How much more attractive would you be?" 

Maya said," You perhaps could not understand me. I, actually,  want to know the art of staying young while growing old." 

This beauty and fitness gossip continued for a while, and then at last Rima suggested, " I think we should follow the Japanese IKIGAI".

Maya : " What is this IKIGAI ?" 

RIMA: "It means getting up early in the morning, doing a lot of physical work and never retiring, keeping ever engaged and happy."

Their talks continued about how the Japanese follow a routined life and healthy diet, laugh a lot and always keep contented and happy. What a strong sense of community they have! They treat everyone like their own brothers. Visit them, they won't allow you to feel like a stranger. They have a unique sense of togetherness and brotherhood.

Maya: " This is really the wonderful part of their life. That's why they keep young and energetic. Their country is known as the island of eternal youth." 

Rima: " For them, life means to be worthwhile. They have a lot of vitality, and the most important thing is that they don't suffer from any chronic disease as we do in our country. "

Maya: " Yes. In our country,  people don't follow such things, particularly in cities. The result is that they have a weak immune system and they quite often fall ill with chronic diseases."

Rima: " The greatest problem in our country is obesity,  and obesity itself is the mother of several diseases."

Maya: " Of course. We also need to follow our IKIGAI, and keep young and energetic."

Rima: " Yes, following the Japanese way of living, we may attain biological immortality, having reached aging's "escape velocity ". Active mind and youthful body, stress free life, sleeping eight hours at night and working for satisfaction will give you youthfulness and longevity. "

Maya: " It means walking for just an hour a day is not enough. We need to keep active through out the day, and sleep well at night."

Rima: " Yes. In ancient times, the rishies of our country also lived a very long life by following austerity, doing Yoga and meditation. But, the Japanese follow a normal life. They just do a lot of physical activity and enjoy every moment of life in its real sense. "

Maya: " Yes, exactly. Let's also have such an active, jubilant, stress free and healthy life and defeat the age. It will keep us young and attractive always."

Rima: " No doubt, we will have a happy and youthful life, always, by following these tips."

Thus, the two women agreed and set their foot on. They started to follow their IKIGAI. They followed these tips for looking young while growing old. Now, they really look young and attractive. In fact, everybody should follow these tips to keep young and attractive. We must have a positive attitude because it pays back positively. By making some small changes in our lifestyle, we can begin to renew our bodies and minds, be young and energetic, look attractive and increase our life expectancy. Let's adopt these tips in our lives.

Keep Active, Keep Young!

Have a great life!


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Nira Kumari

Hello wonderful Readers, I'm a school teacher passionate for writing. This year I turned 55, and have started my long life dream of becoming a Writer.

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