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by Isis Lyons 2 months ago in Short Story
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The Misunderstood Enchantress

Photo by Rhett Wesley on Unsplash


There weren't always dragons in the Valley, but a town’s king, Lockrum, screwed our people over. It all started in a town named Miroculous, a town filled with warlocks, witches, and water nymphs. Miroculous is the most magical place there is, it used to be the most peaceful until my father, Lockrum ruined everything. It all started when he sent his knights and soldiers on a mission to find me, Ria. I had been locked up in a royalty prison for ten years because when I was eight years old I accidentally almost murdered my brother, Spark with a fireball.. My own mother didn’t believe me when I told her it wasn’t meant for him. My whole family despised me at the age of eight, and it’s all Zale’s fault. They threw me in solitude for ten years with no way of getting out because Magna, my mother, created a spell so I wouldn’t be able to leave or use my magic. Zale, one of Lockrum’s knights, is a piece of dirt that deserves nothing but pain. When I told my father that Zale was literally rubbing me the wrong way he didn’t believe me, instead he believed Spark when he said I was a danger to him. I never thought my own brother would go against me, I began to grow hatred for my father and Spark. I plotted my revenge and escape for years, I led Zale on for so long that I started to believe my own lies. I would pretend that I was falling in love with him, I would act as if his abuse from the past didn’t faze me, but deep down I still hated him to the core. I hated him for touching me, I hated him for making me hate my family and I most definitely hated him because my freedom was taken away. On the other hand, Zale was in love with me, he has always been since I was a little girl. I used that to my advantage; he would sneak to see me every night. When things seemed to get serious between us two he went to my father and asked him if he could be the guard for my personal prison, so if he ever got caught talking to me it wouldn’t seem suspicious. After a while Zale began to trust and love me so much that he went to Spark and talked to him about releasing me. Zale told me Spark was skeptical about asking our father, but he has always trusted Zale’s word, Just like when Zale told him he never laid a hand on me. My family didn’t understand that Zale was a creep and a liar.

Spark went to our father and convinced him to let me out of my prison. He told him that he wasn’t afraid of me anymore; he said he felt like I learned my lesson. Although he didn’t truly believe this, he’d do anything for Zale. My father agreed because he always listens to Spark. He notified my mother that it was okay to lift the spell from the prison. This was my chance to create my cloaking spell, this was my chance to run.

The Run

“Oooh olla, Oooh ooshna, Oooh disappear.” I chanted. “Wow, it actually worked.” Zale cheered. He had no clue what was coming next, he knew that I planned to run away, but what he didn’t know was that I hated him. “Stay here in my old prison so I can check if anyone’s coming down.” I demand. Zale listens and sits down on my king sized bed. I leave the room and I trap him inside, I close my eyes and I begin to chant, “HUMM OOH LA RAE!” My whole body becomes hot like pure fire, my hands start to burn with so much power and I push my hands forward towards the closed door. The whole entire room catches fire. I smirk to myself, I’ve never felt this kind of power in my life and I felt liberated. I walked upstairs, and I entered the main room of our palace. The smoke started to feel the house and all I could hear was “WHERE’S RIA!” The scream of my father radiated the whole house. I quickly leave the palace on that note, I glide towards the door. “Ria?” Magna uttered. My mother is the only person who could see me because she’s also an enchantress. I look back at her with exhaustion and pain, she could feel the anger building inside of me. I didn’t say anything, she didn’t say anything; she just let me leave.

I traveled towards a town named Derise, a small town where everyone is welcoming, and normal. A town where everyone shares and loves each other for who they are. Instead of wasting my powers to get there I simply just walk and I enjoy the beautiful sounds of nature. As I’m enjoying my peaceful stroll, I begin to hear horses, and men shouting. I immediately glide into the forest and I hide on top of a long tree. As I’m looking down on all of these soldiers and knights, I see Spark and my father on one of those horses. They were either trying to get me back home or they were trying to kill me. Either way I wasn’t having it, I yelled “OOMA LONG, OOMA LONG!” I close my eyes and I visualize large dragons with wide mouths, and I continue to scream my chant. I start to feel like I’m running out of oxygen, dragons begin to stretch out of my body and I pass out. All I heard as I closed my eyes were screams coming from every direction.

I wake up to dragons blowing fire towards my old town, Miroculous. I see warlocks trying to either tame them or kill them, but there were so many that I’m surprised I didn’t die. I look around and I see my mother kneeling down mourning the deaths of my father and brother. As I lay on the grass of the majestic forest I begin to smile; I feel like an anchor has been lifted from my heart as I watch the two people I despise lay down and die.

Short Story

About the author

Isis Lyons

I am extremely passionate about all things writing; I write poetry, short stories, books, reports, essays, and I even create music lyrics. I'm here to share my passions with you all.

Instagram; @isisthepoeticgod


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