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Return Of The Night Owl

by Jennifer Derrico 5 months ago in Short Story
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The return is near!

Please don't make it mad...

Today was no ordinary day, as the raging storm settled down, light mist of rain covered the small town of River Oak springs. My friends and I were driving home from school when we noticed a U-Haul parked at the end of my street. My best friend Chelsea pointed, “Who is that weird looking girl starring at us?” Chelsea smirked. “Don’t call her that”, I stated. “She looks new here, maybe we should go introduce ourselves”, I offered. “No way! I’m good right here”, my boyfriend Travis stated. “She does seem a little off if you ask me”, David murmured scratching the back of his head. “Well, no one asked you!” I scolded. I proceeded to walk up to the new girl myself, since my friends weren’t that interested.

I approached the short brown headed, freckled girl wearing a light blue sun dress that blew evenly with the afternoon high winds. I extended my hand out to her in a friendly way to greet her. “Hello, my name is Sarah Kennedy, nice to meet you”. The girl motioned her eyes to meet mine slowly and responded, “Hi, I’m Olivia Porter, nice to meet you”, she extended her hand back out to me. “Are you guys just moving here?” I asked noticing a tall slender guy unloading boxes from the U-Haul parked near the street. “Why yes, my father and I just moved here from Powered springs Ga. He just got a job offer here a few days ago so we had to relocate”, Olivia explained. “That’s awesome! It’s about time another girl my age lived on this street, maybe when you’re all settled, we can get to know each other better and go out for some smoothies or something? If that’s ok with you?” I suggested. “That’s fine with me, I’ll have to ask my father first to see if its ok”, Olivia replied. “That’s cool, and I’ll introduce you to my knuckle headed friends over there as well, when you get back from asking your father of course”. Olivia nodded and proceeded to go ask her dad, who was wiping sweat with the bottom half of his dingy off-white sweat shirt. Her dad seemed to disagree with her choice to hang out with us, judging by the look on his face. Olivia walked back towards us and said, “It’s a date!” He said I could go now if I wanted to because he can cover the rest himself. And besides, we have movers who’s joining him in a bit to help him out”. “Ok, that’s great! But why did he look so disapproving?” Olivia sighed and said, “Oh it’s nothing, he’s just over protective that’s all. I’m new here so he’s just making sure everything is good before I venture out on my own”. She smiled lightly. “Well, ok, let me introduce you to my three amigos”, I chuckled pointing at Chelsea, David and Travis. My friends seemed to like her personality so they seemed to hit it off instantly. Except for of course, Chelsea. She still had her doubts about the so-called new girl and kept her guard up.

After a few weeks of hanging out, partying and making new friends, Olivia seemed to be the new it girl. Olivia’s popularity grew spontaneously within weeks as she got settled down here. Her father always tried to keep a tight leash on her like he was afraid something bad would happen if he let her out of his sight for even a second. She would always reassure him that everything would be just fine. But I would sometimes catch him lurking around public places when we’re hanging out with Olivia, just sitting in his parked car watching us. His window adjusted slightly enough for him to look directly at us. Mr. Porter was really in full creep mode at this moment, or so it seemed.

Several weeks later, our head cheerleader Christina Baker invited us all to come to her birthday bash she was throwing at her place this upcoming Saturday. We all agreed to go, so Chelsea, Olivia and I decided to do a little shopping for something to wear for the special occasion. “This weekend is going to be epic!” Chelsea said happily holding a short black dress up to her. “Yes, it is! And you’re going to rock the heck out of that dress. Just wait till David see you wearing that! Girl, he is going to flip out!” I added with excellent. Olivia looked bothered by my comment about David because over the past couple of weeks, Olivia grew a small crush on David because he was very nice to her. A few weeks back before her popularity sparked, David stood up to some jerks on his football team who threw spaghetti all over her. Olivia took his kindness the complete wrong way! I wouldn’t dare let Chelsea know that little fact because she already didn’t care for Olivia from the beginning. But Olivia never acted on her feelings toward David, she just gazes at him from afar. I just ignored her because I didn’t want to get into the middle of it.

The mall was really crowded today, everyone shopping for the party that’s happening tonight. We scurried out of there to go get ready for Christina’s big party tonight, it was party time. Time to get ready for our big night out.

After I pleaded with my parents for the car, Olivia rode with me to pick up Chelsea, David and Travis. We arrived at Christina’s party right on time. Her yard was packed so we scrambled around for a clear, safe place to park. Inside, the music was roaring and what seemed like hundreds of teens, overtook the living room and kitchen area dancing and drinking booze. Chelsea instantly disappeared into the crowd leaving me standing at the punch bowl with Olivia and Travis. Travis poured me a cup of punch and we all proceeded to find the birthday girl to give her the gift we all got for her.

Chelsea was standing in a corner in the living room area with four other students from our school. She looked over her shoulder at us and started giggling historically. After Toby, a nerdy kid from our science lab at school tapped her on the shoulder, Chelsea’s laughter turned into anger. Her face grew red and timid. I proceeded to walk over to see what was going on, but Chelsea beat me to it. Chelsea stormed over yelling at Olivia, calling her every mean word you could possibly think of. Apparently, Toby the science geek told Chelsea about Olivia’s little crush on David. David knew Olivia had a crush on him, so he told a few of his locker buddies and apparently, one of them started the rumors.

Olivia denied everything of course, until Chelsea screamed, “That’s why that whore of a mother left you! Because your nothing but a loser! Nobody wants you here and David isn’t the least bit interested in you! You ugly, weird freak of nature!” Everyone at Christina’s party laughed out loudly pointing at Olivia. Olivia ran outside crying from being humiliated. I ran after her to try and calm her down, but the worst was happening. David was with his locker buddies outside telling them how much he’d felt sorry for the weird new girl. David didn’t know she was standing there, so Olivia face started to change colors. She screamed to the top of her lungs, causing everyone inside to run out. Her entire body turned into this gigantic owl, that struck David in the head and killed him on impact. Everyone screamed with terror as they watched David on the ground and watched Olivia the owl flies away into the cloudy night skies.

Mr. Porter, Olivia’s father, came running towards us filling us in on what and who Olivia really was. Apparently, Olivia was responsible for her mother’s death. Her mother didn’t agree with how short tampered Olivia was, and Olivia didn’t like anyone going against anything she desired or wanted. Olivia sat their last home on fire, killing her own mother inside. The cops couldn’t prove it was Olivia, so her father moved them here to start fresh. He proceeded to tell us why he followed her every she went since they moved here.

He was only trying to make sure Olivia didn’t hurt anyone else. It all make sense, except for the fact that she’s a life size night owl. “She’s gone for the next couple of years, but she’ll return, and with a vengeance!” Mr. Porter exclaimed, kneeling down to the ground with his face buried in his hands. “And we’ll be prepared!” I stated looking up into the dark skies.

The end….

Short Story

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Jennifer Derrico

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