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reincarnation train (Chapter 2-3-4)

reincarnation train

By NGUYEN TRUNG HIEU Published 20 days ago 6 min read

Chapter 2:

“What is Far Lower World?” Ngu Ha Cuu opened his mouth to ask. Hoang Nha heard the sound and looked over. The man in a suit and the remaining elders couldn't help but look a little more. Not because of anything else, just because in this carriage, only Ngu Ha Cuu is still sitting. Before no one paid attention, now a few people started to judge. Ngu Ha Cuu's skin is very white, pure white without any blemishes at all, even each strand of hair can be seen clearly. Thick black hair loose, curled slightly at the ends, face that can make people can't help but say a beautiful sentence. People like that attract attention everywhere.Ngu Ha Cuu ignored other people's opinions, his face did not change at all. White-faced guy. In Hoang Nha's heart, she despised him. The task of guiding new passengers is assigned by the bus station, rewarding one day of survival. Therefore, Hoang Nha replied: “The Far Lower World is a place where all the things you fear, terror and horror, escape and slaughter, all these things appear there.” "The passengers who board the reincarnation train are all about to die, with not much time left to live.""If you have the chance to survive in the Far Lower World and get your own train ticket, you can have more time to live... And everyone has to go through thirteen stops." “So, if I die in the Far World, or can't find a train ticket, then, what should I do?” Someone asked tremblingly. Hoang Nha let out a sigh: “Returning to reality, sleeping in the cemetery, or after being cremated and put in an urn, there is no free lunch in this world, do you think you can pull it off without having to pay any price? long life.” Now that person's face was as white as ashes. Hoang Nha: "This is a circular train, it will take us to the Far Lower World." “Each Far Lower World has a limited time.” “No later than nine o'clock on the last day, the train will dock a second time, stopping for fifteen minutes. During this time, you must have your own train ticket to be able to leave, otherwise... ” Hearing what he had not finished saying, the anxious atmosphere in the cabin became more serious.“The reincarnation train takes you back to the passenger station again, then returns to the real world.” Ngu Ha Cuu frowned: Again? Having to witness life's memories once again... Hoang Nha leaned against the blue chair and continued:

Chapter 3:

Go to the car door, wait for Hoang Nha's three old passengers to get off first, then the rest will follow closely behind. Ngu Ha Cuu leisurely walked behind, his hand placed on his left chest, encouraging his heart to suddenly speed up because he was about to face his unfamiliar scene. Waiting for the entire group of passengers to get off the bus, the train turned around and ran away. The entire ship's hull floated about two centimeters above the ground, moving for a distance as if driving into dense fog, slowly disappearing without a trace. Ngu Ha Cuu retracted his gaze and immediately heard Hoang Nha suggest that everyone introduce each other's titles, so that it would be convenient to address them. “Everyone knows my title, this is Manager, this is Mr. Dau.” Hoang Nha introduced. After the invited passengers, in addition to Ngu Ha Cuu, there were also three men and two women. The guy who dresses trendy is nicknamed Me Thai, the guy with an honest and quiet appearance is called A Chi, and the guy wearing a normal business suit is called Binh An. “Choose a lucky name, hopefully you can get through it safely…” This person smiled nervously, his face both pale and stiff, captured by unknown fear. The two girls at first glance appear to be very young. The girl who asked the question before was nicknamed A Mieu. Another girl's situation was a bit special. She was disabled and couldn't talk. Fortunately, she brought a small notebook with her. She waved her hand and wrote on it the three words 'Ly Thien Thien'.

Chapter 4:

On the way to the house in the village, there is a path built with green stone steps. After climbing up, I discovered that countless Buddha statues were erected on both sides of the stairs, with different shapes, some large and some small. But most of it is covered by weeds, half covered and half exposed, making it unclear. The owner is skeptical: “Why are there so many Buddha statues?” Lao Dau: “Maybe there is a temple in the village.” While talking, they also entered the house range in the village. This place displays even more sculpted Buddha statues. As far as the eye can see, all of them are wooden statues related to Buddha, there are stone sculptures, and there are all kinds of reliefs carved on the walls of the house. Some houses even have a Buddha statue, Buddha altar, incense burner, lotus lamp,...

The face of the Buddha statue blames heaven for loving people, as if at every moment he is lamenting the difficult times and pitying the miserable people. But the Buddha's eyes should have been compassionate and equanimous. I don't know if it was due to time or not. On the Buddha statue's face and body, many dirty black stains were left. Especially the position of the eyes, at first glance it looked like a Buddha statue with tears streaming down its face, suddenly appearing a bit strange and creepy. “What happened to this village?” Me Thai silently shrunk her neck. He walked to the front door of a house, turned around and looked at the Buddha altar there. Just as I was carefully examining it, out of the corner of my eye I suddenly caught a glimpse of an old, tightly closed door with a gap, revealing a pair of old canvas shoes made of canvas... Mi Thai slowly raised her head to look back, a pair of blue cotton pants, a gray blouse, then a slightly bowed face, a wrinkled face, her eyes were still cloudy without looking. staring at him. It's truly deadly. At this moment, Me Thai was frightened and fell backwards, sitting on the ground. His hand accidentally knocked over the Buddha sculpture next to him, making a loud noise.The old door creaked loudly, and the gap that opened became larger and larger. The old man came out of the house, his voice muffled, as if he hadn't talked to anyone for a long time.

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