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Seek Forgiveness Over Regret

By Mattie :)Published about a month ago • 5 min read
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Michael always felt like life was against him. Growing up he had a difficult relationship with his alcoholic father. Yet one afternoon, during the summer his father asked him to go fishing with him at the local fishing pond. Michael had always desired to go, yet his dad seemed too busy to care. So when he suddenly got the opportunity he took it.

Him and his father had a great time fishing. Michael's dad told him old stories of going fishing with his brothers and all the trouble they'd gotten into. For the first time it felt like his dad was really there for him and things were looking up. Yet on the way home they pulled over for gas and Michael's father went inside to pay for the gas as well as get a couple soda's for the ride home. As Michael waited in the car, he heard a horrific gun shot come from inside the store. The gunman and his accomplish rushed outside the gas station with stolen goods and took off like bats out of hell. Michael climbed out of his seat and dashed into the store, finding his father laying on the floor of the gas station in a pool of his own blood. By the time the ambulance arrived, Michael's father was dead.

The loss of his father really struck Michael's heart. In high school he tried out for several sports activities as a way to deal with his father's loss. His father may not be alive, yet playing football or basketball would make him proud Michael thought. Yet Michael struggled to stay fit and on any of the teams he tried out for. Eventually he found a spot on the baseball team, yet barely got any playing time. He couldn't stop, striking out.

Michael went to the local state college, yet never found the time to study, so he dropped out and worked at local spots around town, earning a full time job as a mechanic. A couple years later, after graduating from college Martha, the girl of his dreams, moved back into town. Martha and Michael rarely spoke before, yet during an intense lighting shower Michael found Martha parked beside the main road in town. The battery in her vehicle died, giving Michael a chance to show off his labor skills. From there the two started dating and ended up married. Things were finally looking up for Michael.

One morning Martha came into work which surprised Michael, considering how busy Martha was working as a nurse practitioner. She came in with a wide smile on her face, telling Michael she had quit her job, revealing to him the images of the baby growing inside her stomach. Martha told him she decided to stay at home to take care of his son which made Michael so proud.

Yet Michael's doom and gloom soon returned when Martha had a miscarriage. The miscarriage was unexpected, causing major friction nearly ending their marriage. Instead they remained married, yet not in love.

" I think we should see a marriage counselor," Martha told Michael.

" Why? So he could tell me what a loser I am and you can leave me for some fancy therapist with a silly degree?" Michael scoffed. He knew Martha was right, yet couldn't bar to fail at something else. No matter how many pastors or therapist he'd see, no one could bring their child back to life.

" I'm going to go out for a little drive," said Michael" don't worry. I won't buy any alcohol this time," Michael grabbed his keys and took off. He flicked on the radio, listening to oldies. He drove by the liquor store, feeling the itch to drown his sorrows.

" Shit!" Michael shouted, sharply turning his steering wheel to the right to avoid a collision with a semi truck, plowing into his lane. Michael then realized he was at the old fishing pond him and his father fished at decades ago. It felt like he had gone back in time, none the less still remembering all the troubles he had faced. What if he had told his dad he didn't want to go fishing that day? Would he still be alive? What if their son hadn't died in a miscarriage? He imagined going fishing there with his son one day.

Why God? Why did all of this happen to me, Michael said out loud. He felt bad blaming God, yet who else could he blame? Aren't You suppose to protect me?

" Michael!" Martha shouted, running toward him.

" Martha, what are you doing here?"

" I followed you and saw the semi truck. That guy must be crazy,"

" I'm sorry, Martha. Sorry about everything," Michael said, embracing her in a hug" it's all my fault,"

" No, no it's not. Don't blame yourself,"

" I can't do anything right. I always fail no matter what,"

" You're not failing, Michael. You're living and your dad would be so proud of you.... I love you,"

" I love you too," Michael said, feeling the anchor on his heart begin to disappear. He decided to seek counselling with his wife as well as volunteer at their church. A year later Martha was once again pregnant with twins. Five years later Michael returned to the fishing pond with his son and daughter. Michael told them this was were their grandfather and brother lived.

So I haven't posted any fictional stories lately. I got the idea for this story a couple hours ago and knew I had to write it. Hope yall enjoy and please leave a comment. If you enjoyed it thanks very much. If not..... Maybe next time :)

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Mattie :)

I'm a 29 year old curious and creative soul. Spread love like a wildfire.#NonBinary #Christian #WellsFiction

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  • Rana Shafiq12 days ago

    Althought I'm reading this after Thanksgiving, I want to thank you for the very important reminder. I hope you hade a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

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