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Recurring dream of Olivia

Recurring dream

By Suprita GurungPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

Olivia had been experiencing the same vivid dream for as long as she could remember. Each night, as her eyes closed and she drifted into sleep, she found herself standing in the center of a vast, lush forest. The trees were impossibly tall, their canopies forming a green ceiling that filtered the sunlight into a perpetual twilight. The air was always cool and carried the scent of pine and earth, mingling with a faint hint of something floral she could never quite identify.

In this dream, Olivia followed a winding path that led deeper into the forest. Along the way, she encountered familiar sights: a clear, bubbling brook that crossed her path, a fallen tree covered in vibrant moss, and a circle of ancient stones that seemed to hum with a silent energy. Despite the dream's repetition, these elements never lost their sense of wonder and comfort.

Every time, the path eventually led Olivia to a serene clearing. At its center stood a magnificent, towering oak tree, its gnarled branches spreading out like welcoming arms. The oak seemed to exude a warm, golden light, casting a gentle glow over the clearing. Beneath its branches sat an intricately carved stone bench, inviting and timeless.

Olivia would sit on the bench, feeling the smooth, cool stone beneath her fingers. As she sat, she always felt an overwhelming sense of peace and belonging, as if this place was an integral part of her very soul. She would close her eyes and breathe deeply, soaking in the tranquility.

Then, without fail, a figure would appear at the edge of the clearing. It was a woman, draped in a flowing gown that shimmered like moonlight. Her face was always obscured by shadows, but her presence radiated kindness and wisdom. The woman would approach Olivia, her movements graceful and deliberate.

Though the woman's words varied each night, the message was always the same. She spoke of the importance of remembering and embracing one's roots, of understanding the past to navigate the future. Olivia listened intently, her heart absorbing every syllable as if it were a long-forgotten melody.

As the dream drew to a close, the woman would place a gentle hand on Olivia's shoulder, imparting a final, silent blessing. The clearing would begin to fade, the light of the oak dimming as the sounds of the forest softened. Olivia would awaken with a sense of renewal, the dream's message echoing in her mind.

For years, Olivia pondered the meaning of the dream. She felt an inexplicable connection to the forest and the mysterious woman, as though they were keys to a part of her identity she had yet to discover. Determined to uncover the truth, she began researching her family history, delving into old records and speaking with relatives she hadn't seen in years.

One rainy afternoon, while sifting through a box of faded photographs and brittle documents, Olivia stumbled upon a diary belonging to her great-grandmother, Michelle. As she carefully turned the fragile pages, she found entries detailing a beloved forest that Michelle used to visit in her youth. The descriptions matched Olivia's dream almost exactly, right down to the ancient oak and the stone bench.

Further entries revealed that Michelle believed the forest was a sacred place, a sanctuary where the spirits of her ancestors resided. She wrote of dreams where a woman, much like the one in Olivia's visions, guided her and offered wisdom. Michelle had felt a deep spiritual connection to the forest, believing it to be a source of guidance and strength.

With this newfound understanding, Olivia decided to visit the forest from her dreams, now knowing it was a real place tied to her family's past. She traveled to the remote location described in the diary, her heart racing with anticipation.

When she arrived, the forest was exactly as she had dreamed. The path, the brook, the fallen tree, and the circle of stones were all there, waiting for her. As she stepped into the clearing, tears filled her eyes. The oak tree stood tall and proud, its golden light casting a familiar glow.

Olivia approached the stone bench and sat down, feeling the smoothness beneath her fingers. Closing her eyes, she breathed deeply, the scents and sounds enveloping her. A sense of peace and belonging washed over her, stronger than ever before.

And then she felt it—a gentle hand on her shoulder. Olivia opened her eyes to see the woman from her dreams standing before her, her face now visible and radiating warmth. The woman smiled, her eyes reflecting the wisdom of countless generations.

"You've found your way home," she whispered.

Olivia nodded, tears streaming down her face. She finally understood. The dream had been a bridge, connecting her to her roots, guiding her to this moment of profound realization. As she sat beneath the ancient oak, Olivia knew she was not alone. She was part of something greater, a legacy of love and wisdom that would continue to guide her for the rest of her days.


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Comments (2)

  • Esala Gunathilake2 months ago

    A nice work from you.

  • Margaret Brennan2 months ago

    that is so beautiful. I've traced my roots as far back as I could which isn't easy since my grandparents were born in another country but at least I found their parents. It's a start. Thank you for reminding me that I need to delve more deeply into my heritage.

SGWritten by Suprita Gurung

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