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Raising from the shadows: A take of the overlooks

A story of the overlooks

By Peculiar BeautyPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

I fumble in my pocket and shut my eyes, realizing my phone is left in the car. An exasperating lapse of judgment. Now what?

Sarge gives me a reassuring lick, and in a moment of clarity, I agree that his idea is the way forward.

We move stealthily along the wall until we reach a large commercial waste bin beneath a massive window. Sarge effortlessly leaps up, and I grab onto his leg, hauling myself onto the metal container. Together, we stand there, breath held, surrounded by an eerie silence that makes me question if it was just my imagination. Suddenly, Sarge darts behind me, his tail causing me to teeter on the edge.

"Almost gave me a heart attack, Sarge," I hiss. "Be cautious."

After waiting for my heart rate to settle, I propel myself toward the window ledge. Gripping the frame, I hoist myself up, feet scrabbling against the wall. Balancing on my forearms, I peer through the opening into the warehouse below.

Oh no. This is not good at all.

I descend, landing softly on the metal container, my body trembling.

"It's bad," I tell Sarge, teeth chattering. "They're all held at gunpoint by two masked men. I don't understand what went wrong, but we need to get help."

Crouching on the bin's edge, ready to drop to the ground, I hesitate. Perhaps I should double-check the warehouse, confirm there are only two armed men. Getting that wrong would worsen an already precarious situation.

I pull myself back up to the window, dangling over the ledge, scanning left and right. Inspector Matthews is slumped against the wall, injured. I wriggle further through the gap, eyes searching. Nothing. Until I look down.

"What the hell," someone shouts before I lose my balance. I reach for the ledge, but I grasp only air, arms flailing as I plummet to the floor.


"I can't believe I'm going to say this," Inspector Matthews says. "But I've never been happier to see you, Constable Bennett."

"Sir," I respond, ruffling Sarge's head.

"I thought we were done for, and then you come crashing through the window, landing on one of the assailants. Sarge follows, taking out the other guy. Outstanding bravery. I'm proud of you both."

"Thank you, sir," I say, cheeks burning, debating whether to confess the truth that my heroics were more accidental than intentional.

Sarge nudges my hand, a silent agreement. Some things are better left unsaid.

As the stretchered men are taken away, Inspector Matthews guides me aside.

"What's with her?" I ask, noticing Jean wiping her tears with a tissue.

"Big trouble," mutters Inspector Matthews. "She damaged the superintendent's car and tried to pin it on you. Unacceptable behavior."

I raise an eyebrow, surprised by the unexpected twist.

"Enough about Constable Butcher," he says. "Let's talk about your promotion to sergeant..."

In the aftermath, as the stretchered assailants are whisked away, Inspector Matthews pulls me aside. "Big trouble for her," he mutters, nodding towards Jean wiping away tears. "She tried to pin the superintendent's car damage on you."

Surprised by the unexpected twist, I raise an eyebrow. "Unacceptable."

Inspector Matthews shifts the focus. "Enough about Constable Butcher. Let's talk about your promotion to sergeant."

Amazement courses through me. "That would be incredible," I gasp, dropping to my knees and affectionately kissing Sarge's head. "But if I'm promoted, we might need to rename this guy from Sergeant to Inspector too."

As the chaos subsides, Sarge looks up at me, and I realize that sometimes, the unexpected turns lead to remarkable opportunities. With newfound pride, we embark on a journey where the underdog emerges victorious, and bonds forged in the heat of the moment become the foundation for a brighter future.

"Well, that would be amazing," I gasp, dropping to my knees and playfully kissing Sarge's head. "But if I get promoted, we might need to change this guy's name from Sergeant to Inspector too."


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  • Test2 months ago

    Well done, My Friend. Well done.

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