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Queen of a Broken Realm

by Melissa Cavallo about a month ago in Adventure
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Everyone has their own Beginning

Queen of a Broken Realm
Photo by Carlos Cram on Unsplash

There weren’t always dragons in the Valley…there was something much worse. There was destruction, death, greed, and powerful curse laid upon the realm that entrapped all magic creatures and subjects within. This was true for the realm until a great Queen broke the curse and allowed magic to once again, enter their lives.

But like most stories I think we should start from the beginning….

In a time and place far away from the Valley there was a young girl that dreamed of dragons and knights, this young girl dreamed that one day she would become a knight herself and slay the dragon and save the village from destruction. In each of these dreams she would will the power of the ancients and guide water, earth, air and fire with the flick of her hands and feel the power course through her.

Each night when she had these dreams, she would wake drenched in sweat with her heart racing and hands trembling. She never quite understood them and hours after she would wake, she would forget about them and get absorbed with her everyday life as a maid for the Canterberries.

This young girl’s life started off when she was dropped off at an orphanage at the age of five, she doesn’t remember much of her life before this day, but this day set her on a path that would change her life forever. It was a dark gloomy day, as most days were in the outskirts of London, as the carriage she was riding in swayed left and right, there was a strong smell in that carriage that took her almost a lifetime to forget.

This was the day she was left at the orphanage, Eldornea and was left without a family, clothes, and a name. The only thing she was left with was a blanket that had the letters ASP embroidered in it and a small piece of paper with words that she will come to memorise for the rest of her life until her dying breathe, “This child was born out of hate and has never been shown love in the 5 years she has been in this universe, I hope this was the right thing to do and she will foresee the prophecy come to light. All things can become something great if only put in the right place. Light will become dark, dark will become light, nothing is as it seems until the gate opens, and Rafael will come down from the heavens and shine his gaze upon those that have wronged him”.

No one quite knew what the words on the piece of paper truly meant, nor the letters embroidered on her blanket but the nuns at Eldornea took the small girl in and named her Anna Sofia Pagedonre.

Eldornea was a massive castle built in the late 1500s by the Great Tudor Queen, known to many as the Virgin Queen. A lot of children that first came to the orphanage was struck by the size and beauty of it. The castle grounds were over 60 hectares large with over 1300 rooms that was enclosed by Sanderwoods forest and the Cliffs of Hoddle.

For children that first stepped onto the grounds of Eldornea they weren’t sure what to expect. Most were around the age of five to eight, they were either throw out by their families because they couldn’t look after them or they had nowhere else to go because their families were killed by soldiers that took their land and homes.

There were many children at the orphanage and every day new children came in and others were taken out. There were whispers of what happened to the children that were taken away, some said if you stayed there too long the nuns would get sick of you and pretend you were taken in by a family and just dump your body in the nearby cliffs, but for Anna, she knew this wasn’t the case, as she had been there the longest and seen lots of children leave. Anna had been there almost 10 years and she was coming to her 15th birthday.

Eldornea wasn’t like other orphanages around the country, most were small and found it difficult to look after all the children that were brought to their doorsteps. Eldornea took in many children, they fed them, clothed them, named them, and taught them a range of things from languages, math, science, history, and the art of defending oneself with hand-to-hand combat, archery and sword fighting.

Eldornea helped the children grow and become their best versions of themselves and ‘when the time was right and the faiths were aligned’, well that’s what the nuns said anyhow, they were given to a family that would cherish them, honour them, and protect them above all else in the world.


About the author

Melissa Cavallo

Just a woman that loves anything about books and history 🤓📖 Come on though, the smells of books. Hmm best 👌

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