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QETR Pink Sapphire Heist

Heist of the Quantum Entanglement Transportation Research facility.

By Dwayne ChapmanPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
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2AM Saturday

Serena gained access to the facility using the keycard she lifted from one of the scientists earlier in the night. She had no idea what they were researching, only that valuable gemstones were being used in their experiments and some were worth a good fortune.

She was after one main gemstone, a prized pink sapphire which stood tall in its confinement at the center of the room. Setting the fake she planned to switch it with on a nearby console, she cracked her knuckles and began figuring out how to unlock the box.

The fake rolled off the ledge and hit the start button...

8PM Friday

Testing was going well, the directors of the QETR project would be pleased. The machine effectively traded one object for another, transporting each through quantum entanglement. However, what they got in return was never the same. It was like blindly reaching into boxes of chocolates and only taking one from each box.

Quantum entanglement always had to swap one object with another. It was a zero sum trade.

7AM Monday

Serena was nowhere to be found, but just outside the box in the room was a human sized rock not from Earth.

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Dwayne Chapman

I write stories and articles of all genres. If my content is to your liking, stay tuned! I have more coming and will be creating a community discord channel for those who want to follow me and get updates on future projects.

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  • Ian Read4 months ago

    I love how it meshes the style of a time log and an event log in a notebook. Definitely gives it a nice sci-fi feel. Wonderful work!

  • Obsidian Words4 months ago

    This is relly cool! The time breakdown really works for this!

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