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By Rayne Published 4 months ago 1 min read
Photo by SuttleMedia on Pixabay

I have to untangle myself from several layers of sleep. Deep within a cavernous space inside my mind, I spend the night running through Psyche, limbs scratched from electrodes; fingers nimble, tearing at the stringy material of dreams.

I stop.

She walks into my landscape--a gnarled mass. Eyes swallowed in blue, lacking whites and irises. A panel of glass separates us. Is this hers or mine? I wonder. I move the glass, step into her realm, uncanny eyes following.

She arches her back, steadying to pounce.

I scream a sound without a voice.

Am I the ghost, or is she?


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"Seafaring" was inspired by Enya's "Caribbean Blue," and "The Seafarer" followed suit, but was also influenced by Sarah Kay's poetry. My essay on Game of Thrones won 3rd place here in the Vocal GOT contest! :)

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