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Excerpt from "Legacy of the Diaspora"

By DespainPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

“What about this one, dear?”

I’m sure she meant well, but I was not one for pomp and circumstance. And she knew this, but my mother was insistent. My mother also married when she was young, albeit too young in my opinion. Sometimes she feels the need to live through me vicariously, and I, the ever-doting daughter, allow her this fantasy.

“Purple is more of my color.” I let her down, gently. She persisted.

“The purple is a terrible choice to go with your beautiful, bronze skin. Light pastels compliment your tone- “

“Mother! Not today. Please.” I paused, gently touching her arm. This occasion, I wanted her to live for her, and be my mother.

I was to be wed to heir of the Isthian throne. A charming, young man, our romance was swift, to say the least. When we first met, I had no idea who he was. He approached me, rather confidant may I add.

“The purple brings out the mystery in your eyes.” Those were his first words to me.

“Mystery? What mystery?”

Leonardo was not the first, nor would he be the last, to refer to that “mysteriousness”. I am a bit introverted, but for the right circumstance I come out of my shell, and he was the first to understand that. It would not be until much later I would find out he was to be the reigning monarch of Isthia. Nor did it matter. I had fallen for him and he for me. The day of our meeting was rather uneventful, but I remember it fondly.

During my later years at university, I studied abroad in Oredae, as did Leonardo. The young Prince played the role of incognito well. No one at the college knew who he was, and I’m sure I was but one of many women who doted upon him. His bright blue eyes, flowing blonde hair, and as tall as he was handsome. Yes, this man would make a great King, and he’d need the proper Lady by his side if he plans to rule accordingly.

“My name is Leonardo, by the way.” He introduced himself to me, but I was still a bit in a daze.

“Charmed.” I placed my hand out in a gesture of good faith, and we just stared at each other.

“I’m afraid I did not get your name, my Lady.” He interrupted my brief daydream. How inconsiderate of him.

“You have the right of it, it seems. Good day. I’m late for my studies.”

“Classes are over for the day, I thought.”

“Perhaps you thought wrong, Leo.” I said to him, referring to him as Leo!

“I will not hear it! I will not allow a daughter of House Borrea wed to the Isthian Prince! I will not have it.”

My father, patriarch of our house, and a loyal bannerman to the Sifian Princes. He was a stubborn, but strong man. I have learned a great deal from him, my protector. I never kept anything from him, as he was always fair toward me. My brothers, on the other hand, not so fortunate. I was his only daughter, and though at times he was overbearing, I welcomed it. The truth is that my father was rather fond of Leo, but my father is known for his network of spies located in every corner of the Known World. It didn’t take long for him to find out who Leo was.

When my father broke the news to my mother and I, I was shocked. My father, who had never lied to me, had me question his integrity for the first time since I was a child. Before I could grasp the gravity of the situation, father was already deep within his tirade. Just then, we were interrupted by a squire.

“My Lord. I announce His Grace, Prince Arden.”

“Yes fine.” My father’s tone shifted, calmer now. “Why do you insist on standing there, boy?! You mean to keep the prince waiting?!”

“S-Sorry mi ‘lord! Right away, sir!”

The Princes of Sifia, the current rulers of the Kingdom. King Augustus died suddenly four years ago without naming either of his sons as successors to the throne. The princes, who are twins, could not agree on who the throne should be abdicated to, so they agreed, with the blessing of the Counsel, to rule together as one. Whether it has been successful is a point of contention and it’s something I do not pay much attention to. Politics has never been something I found entertaining and it’s best to let the men talk. The men only think they rule. Whatever my father and Prince Arden spoke of that evening caused my father’s opinion the potential betrothal to change. He went from shouting one moment, to blessing the ceremony.

“I do.” He said to me.

“With all of my heart, I do.”

I responded.


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I am a thirty something year old that's had the same story playing in his head since I was a child. Let's see what happens, I guess.

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