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Post-80s Siege


By lihaoPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Su Wei covered her stomach and laughed non-stop. "Yawen, you always come up with new theories every time. Now I am more and more curious about what kind of husband you will find. What kind of man can take you into the wedding hall? I guess he is either scumbag handsome or rich. Gotta bleed."

Su Wei continued to laugh while clutching her stomach.

"It's not serious, just look at it, what I'm looking for is definitely not what you said, it must be a prince charming." Yawen kept stirring the ice in the glass with a straw, and looked at Su Wei with disdain, as if provocative .

"Be careful, the one riding the white horse may not be the prince, but Tang Seng." Su Wei snatched the iced black tea from Yawen's hand, took a sip unceremoniously, and continued, "However, I understand why there are so many people. I'm chasing you, Chinese men will definitely feel emotional when they hear your words, and if I were a man, I would fall in love with you instantly."

Yawen pinched Su Wei's thigh, and the two began to fight.

When Hanwen and Xue Zhe pushed open the glass door, Coco was the first to rush over amidst the clear echo of the glass wind chimes. Hanwen stood aside in embarrassment, the waiter and the surrounding guests all looked at this pair of men and women who were kissing like no one else.

Su Wei and Yawen finished their fight, and greeted Hanwen warmly. When everyone sat down and Coco's introduction was finished, Su Wei and Yawen couldn't help being amazed. Xue Zhe is as handsome as coco described, with thick eyebrows, deep eyes, and a high nose bridge. His smile is as bright as the sun, but with a little bit of naughtiness; his tall figure is as fashionable as if he was taken from a magazine. Male model walking up and down.

Several people were talking and laughing happily, Xue Zhe kept talking about funny things, making everyone laugh, and Coco nestled in Xue Zhe's arms like a bird. Both are children of rich families, Xue Zhe and Han Wen are both attractive types, Xue Zhe is very simple, although he is a bit selfish, but he does not have the bad habits of ordinary dudes, he is very enthusiastic and friendly. Maybe it's because of the superior environment since I was a child, and I didn't compete with the world. Hanwen is talented and knowledgeable. He was strictly required by his family since he was a child. He behaves rigorously and does things meticulously. Although he feels too serious and difficult to approach, he feels at ease after getting acquainted.

Su Wei and Yawen kept joking with Xue Zhe, asking how he caught up with Coco. Coco is always nestled in Xue Zhe's arms, with a look of happiness on his face.

"So, Xue Zhe, you learned how to cook in order to chase after Coco? Just to please the beauties?"

"Xue Zhe, you really know how to sing downstairs at Coco's house, this scene seems to have only been seen in movies, right?"

"Xue Zhe, did you really go all over Chinatown to buy that movie for Coco?"

"Xue Zhe..."

Su Wei and Yawen chattered non-stop, their eyes couldn't help showing a lot of envy, a boy's intentions when he pursued a girl really moved others even more, it seemed that even the romantic pink candle on the table was also crying with excitement .

"Coco, come out with me." Hanwen said as he pulled Coco out.

"Hanwen, what are you doing?" Coco followed behind and asked in confusion.

Hanwen opened the trunk of the car, took out two exquisite paper bags and handed them to coco.

"One bag is Australian skin care products for your future mother-in-law, and the other bag is health care products for your future father-in-law. I knew you would not prepare gifts, so I prepared them for you. How can there be a new daughter-in-law? It’s the first time you’re visiting empty-handed, just say you bought it in Australia.” Hanwen smiled and tapped Coco’s head lightly.

"Hanwen, why did you bring a gift?" Coco asked puzzled, looking curiously at the paper bag in his hand.

"Silly boy, this is China, and there are still many things you don't understand. Dress well today, remember to smile more and talk less when you meet your parents."

"Okay, little one understands!" Coco stood on the spot and saluted Hanwen mischievously, blinking his eyes.

"Go back quickly, if you don't go back, your husband will think that I eloped with you." Hanwen smiled and followed Coco, looking at her bouncing back.

Young Adult

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