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Planet Tetros ~ Page 3

by Terrence 5 months ago in Adventure · updated 4 months ago
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Apparently he felt the same way I did, as he spat in my face. I couldn’t tell you the flames that enraged inside of me. Like magic he even uttered the first words that I heard any of them say. “Fucking Bitch!”I threw some sandy dirt in his eyes that I had managed to scrape together. I urged myself to think up a strategy while he cleaned his eyes out, but he didn’t care . He located me swiftly, and then pummeled my already bruised face. He was delivering combos as my head helplessly hit the ground.Then I felt myself drifting off again…

Boom!! This time I woke up to an insanely loud explosion. My whole body , face and muscles aching all over. My face was crusted in dry blood. I could barely see out of one eye, and it feels like my best friend was trying to give me a matching pair by the way my “working” one could. Which, at the moment hardly mattered. It was especially because in that very moment my eyes could focus on anything, the first thing that I saw was the same guy getting his chest caved in by a metal club wielding cyclops! How cool is that?

The cyclops wielding the metal club definitely woke me up. Cyclops aren’t really rare in this world. They’re just another race, but I didn’t recognize him. He didn’t seem like much of a talker as he smashed away at my captives. Who were all canines like me. All four of them tried to jump him to no avail and the way he handled them left me in pure surprise. Even more importantly, it made me look at my shortcomings, and want to grow stronger. Compared to him they were just 4 average punks. They’re average fighters really. They decided to jump me, someone who doesn’t even consider himself a fighter. I hunt treasure , I said to myself reassuringly to my ego.

They tried to jump him too , but it was very quick. Eventually, each one ended up slumped, bloody, and knocked out completely cold. When he was done with them, he turned his attention to me. It wasn’t like I was hiding or anything .I had already analyzed that he was a good guy, since he took out my kidnappers. He gave me a long confused look up and down. That’s when it started to dawn on me . That maybe, he wasn’t really here to save me.

After awhile he noncholantly bellowed in a deep loud voice , “Well, I guess I’ll free you. Although to be honest I’ve been stalking these bandits . I heard them bragging about a big job and I saw them carrying something large. Looks like that suspiciously large package they were carrying was you! Sorry I took so long. Just in case they were stronger than I thought, I decided to take my sweet time and get some good rest.”

He started to free me then paused. He said, in a now more serious tone, “Now, before I free you, anything that we find is mines, unless I say otherwise!.” I noticed he had a deep voice like a heavier person would have. I thought to myself , he probably is heavy. He’s a little taller than me with hardened muscles. “Yes!” I agreed with a dry but desperate voice. I thanked him and let him know that he’s very strong. He laughed and said “I work out.” Short and simple. I like him, not only did he save me, but he also seems to be humble. I told him that my name is Bright Jagger. He said, “ Cool name, My name is John. John the cyclops!”


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Releasing an ongoing online book called Zaigon. If you are new here I strongly reccomend you start reading from page 1(the oldest). Comic located at Merch at

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