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Planet Tetro ~ 89


By TerrencePublished 2 months ago 3 min read

After the dodge and gaining some distance , we hid amongst some trees . As so we could have the upper hand in our next exchange . Even from a distance we could hear Rhilo yelling out loud ." Hiding won’t work !" We could see where he was because , a strong gust of wind started to circle him as he walked around . He was destroying small trees in his path .Even the big trees were highly damaged . He walked around carefully and slowly while searching for us . As to be cautious for surprise attacks . While he walked around the wind surrounding him casually destroyed his surroundings .

While we were watching him from a distance Visceroy whispered to me . " Let’s attack him from multiple angles engaging him in close combat . He’ll either have to exert magical power like the one he’s using know to keep us at bay . Or he’s going to have to use it like earlier to gain larger distance for himself ." "Okay ", I said confidently . It sounded like a solid plan . I looked at Visceroy and said , " okay let’s do this ."

Rhilo was still patiently tracking us . So we waited a while for the perfect moment . Then we saw a good moment to take action when we had good positioning . Rhilo had his back turned to us and we felt like that was the perfect moment to take action . Me and Visceroy locked eyes with each other . Both of us nodded without saying a word to each other , then we took to action . I shot out from the tree heading right . I moved in a snake like pattern in case he was getting ready to shoot a projectile at me . While visceroy went left and did the same maneuvers .

Instead of attacking us directly Rhilo launched 2 balls of wind in the air above his head with his fan. He seemed to be planning on making it dangerous to get close . We pressed him anyways . Engaging him in close combat for a brief second . We didn’t land anything significant but I tore his robe a little . As I saw Rhilo's expression change for the first time . He must really care about his clothes I thought . The wind balls came falling back down and all 3 of us dashed as far away from the wind explosion as possible . Several trees were destroyed and part of the ground was terraformed.

After the attack Rhilo was just standing still . Me and Visceroy were standing pretty far from each other as well . In fact our 3 positions on the battlefield formed a triangle right now . There was destroyed land , trees and debris surrounding us . I don’t know what they were planning but I started heading towards Vieceroy again . Personally , I had a new plan to tell him . Rhilo shot a green wind ball at me ! With him having sharp instincts . He must’ve sensed that I wanted to talk to Visceroy !

Visceroy sensing what was going on looked me dead in the eyes and ran towards Rhilo. I followed suit and dodged the green wind ball and then headed towards Rhilo. I understood his reasoning. If we tried to keep gaining distance to eventually meet , we’d be in more danger of getting caught up in a wind ball explosion . Dodging his attacks and then getting close is probably the best way to deal with his wind ball projectiles .

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