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Pigs With Halos: Part 1

Children have their own secret army against adults who cross them!

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago Updated 2 years ago 12 min read
Pigs With Halos: Part 1
Photo by Madeline Ingram on Unsplash


Cara Lane lay on her bed. It was 7:30 A.M. and she was supposed to be going to school. Cara hated school with all her heart. She would much rather be going to the beach or hanging out with her friends. Then there was her teacher Miss Butcher who she hated with a vengeance.

"Stupid teacher, always telling me off!" Cara whispered to herself.

Miss butcher liked her students well behaved. She had rules in her classroom. If the children broke them, she would give them two pages of lines after school, and take away their play-time.

Cara enjoyed being naughty in class; she loved winding her teacher up, just so she could witness her nose turning red every time she told her off. Cara let out a laugh as she remembered the time she flicked a rubber from her ruler at her teacher, which soared through the air and hit her right on her bum. That put Miss Butcher in a really bad mood, and Cara was sure that steam came out of both her ears and nostrils when she was telling her off!

She thought that Miss Butcher was going to blow herself up!

"Cara Lane. Get up for school now!" Mrs Lane firmly told her daughter.

"Aww! Do I have to!?" Cara complained.

Mrs Lane rolled her eyes. Mr Tolney, the headteacher had complained frequently about Cara being late for school. Cara insisted on dawdling in the morning; she consistently made up excuses not to go to school. Mrs Lane was running out of ideas to motivate her.

"Yes, you do! You're not getting out of it today, Cara Lane." Mrs Lane firmly told her daughter.

Once Mrs Lane had left Cara's room, Cara grimaced behind her mother's back.

Why do I have to go to school? My mum never has to do it! Cara thought to herself.

"Just five minutes more won't hurt!"Cara said out loud.

Mrs Lane heard her daughter complain. She stormed into the room and threw the covers off her daughter, and made her stand up.

"Now Cara! You will go to school today. I am not leaving this room until you get dressed." Mrs Lane reprimanded her daughter.

"Then I'm not getting dressed!" Cara snapped back at her mum.

Mrs Lane picked up Cara's clothes and threw them at her.

"Breakfast is on the table. If it goes cold, it's your own fault," Mrs Lane told Cara.

Cara slammed the door shut. There was no way of getting out of this today. She will just have to go to school. Not to worry though, she had a plan;

to create so much havoc, that neither she nor the other children would have to do any work.

Now that sounded like a plan!


Cara couldn't wait to get to school. Today was going to be a fun day, even though she didn't want to go. She was looking forward to the chaos that she was going to cause!

Oh yes! It would be worth it, just to see Miss Butcher let off some steam!

She grabbed her bag and quickly kissed her mum goodbye. She couldn't wait to get out of the door!

Cara called for John and Clare who were her two best friends.

"If only my mum knew what we were going to do today!" She told them.

"My mum forced me out of bed this morning, right in the middle of watching a good show on television. Drat those parents!" John exclaimed.

John loved his television. He was watching a show about a secret agent who saved the world from bad people. He never understood why they had to go to school. He grimaced, then turned to Clare and said,

"Our parents don't have to go to school, so why should we? They get to stay at home and do nothing all day!"

Clare nodded in agreement.

None of the children believed that their parents worked or spent their non-working days cleaning the house. They thought that their parents watched television and did nothing all day.

They were disgusted.

Why should they have to work at school all day, when their parents could do just what they wanted?

"I say we call the pigs," Cara suggested.

"Call the pigs? What are those pink stinkers going to do?" John asked.

"Come on John. You have heard of the pigs with halos! They are our guardian angels who sit in the clouds watching us. When the grown-ups do something to upset us, we call them. They do exactly as we say, and they help us to get sweet revenge on those adults who try to rule us! "Cara exclaimed.

John had heard of the myths in the tiny village of Cherry where the children lived. However, he never thought it to be real. There are many myths in cherry; Wizards who make adults disappear, Witches who turn evil parents into mice and toads... but pigs with halos?

He had never heard of them.

He thought about this for a while.

What if they did exist? He could ask them to make their parents disappear so that he could watch television all day, never clean his room, and never have to go to school again.

He shook the thought off.

"That's just a silly myth! Silly myths travel fast in our Village." He finally told Cara.

"I'm up for trying it. If it stops my mum winging at me over the mess in my room!" Clare piped up.

John rolled his eyes. He was outnumbered.

He had no chance against the girls. If they wanted to do it, they would do it anyway. He still didn't believe the pigs existed, but he decided to tag along anyway.

If the girls got into any trouble, at least he would be there to get them out of it!

Cara, John and Clare finally got to school. They had spent so much time dawdling along the way, and they were very late!

When they got into the reception, their headteacher, Mr Tolney was already waiting for them. The children let out a loud groan.

"Uh-oh. Here comes the hairy old geezer!" John muttered aloud.

"I heard that John Green!" Mr Tolney told him angrily.

"You heard what Sir?" John asked him defiantly.

"You have the attitude of a wet handkerchief, John. My office right now!" Mr Tolney demanded.

He shot a fierce and stern look at Cara and Clare.

"Why are you late?" he asked them.

"My mum lost my school bag," Cara replied defiantly.

"My mum lost the door key," answered Clare, equally as defiant.

Mr Tolney shook his head. He knew the girls were lying. They always did. These kids today didn't understand the importance of school.

They were lazy! Always screaming in class, defiant, and always late. These kids were nothing but trouble!

He felt the need to teach them a lesson.

After all:

One way or another, they needed to learn!

He ordered them into detention, complete with 1000 lines. He had no idea how these children were planning their revenge!


Miss Butcher's nose was as red as a bottle of ketchup! Cara couldn't help but laugh at her as she stood there telling her off for being late.

"Why are you laughing Cara Lane? Being late for school is no laughing matter. You disrupt the whole class when you are late, and you miss out on important information at the start of the lesson!" Miss Butcher explained firmly.

"I'm sorry Miss, but your nose is red. I'm bound to laugh when there is a live shiny tomato in front of me!" Cara responded cheekily.

"Cara Lane. Sit down now!" Miss Butcher told her.

Cara loved getting her teacher mad. She loved how easy it was to wind her up. She was always cheeky to her teachers, but being cheeky to Miss Butcher was her favourite past-time. She had a reputation to keep up, and she was determined to ensure that it was kept up!

Cara sat at her desk. The teacher was droning on about some boring chapter in a book. Cara had no idea what the book was about. She chose not to pay much attention.

English was a stupid lesson anyway! Why do we need to learn about words, when we speak them every day! Noone should have to sit learning a language that they already know!

Miss Butcher was watching her sharply. The old tomato nosed battle-axe had been watching her throughout the whole lesson. Cara had been pretending to do the work. At the end of the lesson, Miss Butcher asked to see Cara's essay. All she had written was:

I can't wait until school ends. School is boring and the teachers are dumb!

Miss Butcher was not impressed. She told Cara that she wanted the whole essay written again tonight and on her desk in the morning. Cara stuck her tongue out at her, and the whole class laughed. Miss Butcher was exhausted at the end of the lesson. She chose to leave Mr Tolney to deal with Cara.

After all, he was the headteacher.

Her job was to teach, not to play police patrol with her students!

Finally, the class had ended!

Cara smirked at Miss Butcher before leaving the classroom.

Miss Butcher was steaming. Cara was spying on her through the classroom door. Miss Butcher had sprayed herself with bodyspray before leaving the class.

"Does she stink?" Cara asked herself.

"Wait until break time; I'll show her smelly!" Cara told Clare as she met her outside the classroom.

"We're not staying in the playground this break-time. We're heading to the park where we can call the pigs. The old hag deserves it!" Cara continued.

"What about Mr Tolney?" Clare asked.

"Oh, he's getting it too," Cara replied with an evil grin.

The children headed to the playground for their break. Cara had found a space where they could talk in secret behind the annexes. There was a park beyond the wall of the playground right in front of them.

"We can easily get over that wall without being caught," Cara told the others.

"Once in the park, we will call the pigs. We will cause chaos in the classroom, and that battle-axe will never pick on us again." She continued.

"Yeah, but what about Mr Tolney? That old geezer is always picking on me!" John asked, followed by a snort.

"Don't worry we will get him. First, we have to call the pigs," Cara told him.

Clare didn't say a word. She wanted to see if these imaginary pigs turned up first. She had heard of them, though she wasn't yet convinced that they existed!

Cara, John and Clare managed to make it to the park with no problems. The park had a large field. They formed a circle in the middle of the field, and then all three chanted:

"Three pigs, three pigs, come on down,

We seek vengeance on those all around!"

Suddenly, there was a brilliant flash of white light which appeared in front of them. There was a pause at first; leaving the children unsure. Just as the children were about to give up, three pigs with white wings on their shoulders and halo's around their heads appeared!

"Oh my goodness! It is real!" John exclaimed.

The first pig was large and he had scruffy white hair at the side of his halo. He snorted then said,

"Of course we are real! We are not invisible; here we are!!"

The second pig, a female, slightly shorter than the first and rounded, asked,

"What vengeance do you seek? Parents, Teachers! We are here to help you get your revenge!"

The third one was smaller and oval-shaped. He stepped forward,

smiled, and said,

"Every wish will be granted!"

Cara, John and Clare told the pigs in chorus with each other,

"We seek chaos on our parents and teachers. We ask for chaos in the school, and chaos when the parents pick us up."

The three pigs made three circles with their wands, causing a large puff of blue smoke to fill the air.

"Wish granted!" They all confirmed in chorus, then they disappeared fast before anyone could see them.

"Wow! that was easy," Cara exclaimed.

The three of them then headed back to school, where everyone was oblivious to what was to come next ...


The next day, Cara couldn't wait to get out of bed. She was up way before it was time to go to school, and out of the door before her mum could tell her off!

Mrs Lane was confused by Cara's excitement to get to school.

Her daughter hated school!

She watched in awe as Cara rushed out of the door, almost forgetting her schoolbag.

"Cara wait! Don't forget your bag." Mrs Lane called to her daughter.

Cara almost snatched the bag out of her mum's hands. She didn't have time to apologise or think about it.

She had to get to school!

John and Clare were already waiting in the playground for her. She smiled and greeted them both.

"Where are the pigs?" Cara asked.

"They were waiting for..." John began explaining.

John didn't have time to finish his sentence, because a curfuffle had broken out at the entrance of the school.

"Who would do this?" Miss Butcher asked, her nose as red as a shiny red tomato and steam really coming out of her ears!

Miss Butcher had just got to school. She had a smart, expensive uniform on that looked like it could have left her bankrupt. She was carrying a posh, expensive leather case. As she had reached the entrance, a big pile of manure had fallen on her as she opened the door; she was covered in the vile, smelly brown stuff from head to toe. She had no idea how it had happened.

Cara, John and Clare watched, laughing with delight, as the scene unfolded in front of them.

The female pig was standing on the roof of the school with a very large bucket in her hand. She winked and saluted them, before disappearing into a huge cloud of smoke.

"I can't believe this is happening to me! I smell like a pig farm!" Miss Butcher complained, before slamming the door and heading into the school.

Cara was amazed that Miss Butcher would head into school looking like that! Mr Tolney was very strict about his staff's appearance. She laughed and turned to John.

"'Miss Butcher is going to get a telling off from Mr Tolney when he sees her! "she told him.

John and Clare broke out into a fit of laughter.

"It serves the smelly old battleaxe right! She is always telling us off. She is a witch. I wonder if she turns green!? Maybe she could be the real devil, with her nose that red. Did you see the steam coming out of her ears?

Cara, John and Clare all laughed. They laughed so hard, that they almost didn't hear the school bell signalling it was time for class.

The children had made plans to pretend to work while they watched the chaos unfold.

When they got inside; they acted as if nothing had happened.

Cara entered her classroom to find Mr Tolney already there. He was insisting that Miss Butcher went home, though Miss Butcher was having none of it.

"Now Miss Butcher. You know the rules! All teachers must turn up to class tidy, with no excuses accepted. How do you expect the children to learn hygiene if you turn up like this?" Cara heard him telling her.

"I'm sorry Brian, but I didn't know there was going to be a pile of muck fall from the sky! I can't leave these children to teach themselves. The class would be full of chaos!" Miss Butcher told Mr Tolney.

Mr Tolney said he would find a replacement, and ushered Miss Butcher out of the door kicking and screaming.

Cara couldn't help but laugh. Neither Miss Butcher nor Mr Tolney had noticed her, even though she was sitting at her desk in the classroom!

Miss Butcher had steam pouring out of her ears, and her nose was redder than the bright red lipstick she was wearing!

Neither Miss Butcher nor Mr Tolney had any idea as to what had just happened. Mr Tolney scratched his head.

He was determined to find out.

He knew none of the children could get onto the roof, so he couldn't blame them. That would be unfair and absurd!

He thought that maybe a cleaner might have left it on the roof, but the question was;

What would a cleaner need with a big bucket of smelly manure?

He left the classroom frustrated and baffled by this morning's events. When he got to his office, he set about finding a replacement for the day. It was going to be no easy task, but he had to do it anyway.

Cara overheard him talking:

Little did he know that she was already planning her revenge!

Watch out for part two of this story coming soon.

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