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Persephone and the Magic Track Jumping Train

Chapter Four

By Anna BoisvertPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Persephone and the Magic Track Jumping Train
Photo by Finn Mund on Unsplash

They started walking through the train to the engine. Persephone loved seeing all of the different cars and the transparent, ghost-like passengers. When she asked Alfonso about it, he explained:

"This train is a part of multiple dimensions. The passengers each belong to their own world. You see them here because they too are open to possibilities and are willing to see things differently. Now, that does not always mean they choose different.

If you were to choose a seat next to one of them, you would enter their dimension, experience a reality that they, along with all the others who reside there, have created with their points of view.

You see, Persphone, your point of view creates your reality. How you SEE things builds them, what you THINK keeps them, what you CHOOSE changes them."

Persphone felt herself get a little light headed. All of Alfonso's words were swimming in her head and the more she tried to think it out, the dizzier she became.

Alfonso read what was going on for her and chuckled. " Stop thinking dear girl, and be." And she did.

Immediately, she felt better and feeling playful, reached her hand near one of the passengers. She watched her hand go all glimmery, the person turned to look her way and she removed it. A huge smile came to her face.

"This is fun!" And proceeded to continue almost touching each passenger as they passed.

One of them appeared to see her as he cried, " OY! How are you there?"

She immediately withdrew her hand and looked up at Alfonso, who was laughing at the whole thing.

"Let's keep going. The train is long and I must introduce to someone before we pull into the station."

They walked through many cars with no passengers at all and Persephone wondered about it and asked Alfonso why.

"There are passengers there. We simply do not see them here as they are not open. They have closed their energy into themselves and solidified it to their reality."

"Is that why those cars are dark?" She asked.


"Will they always remain so?"

" I have walked this train for many years and these cars are always dark."

This bothered Persephone. "But. Why? Why would they choose that?"

"Because they do not know any different."

"I did not know any different. So what made me be open and others not?"

" You my dear girl have the most valuable thing one can possess. An imagination! It took your mind places you did not see in your world. It gave you hope when everything around you was telling you a different story altogether. You told yourself your own story, and therefore created within yourself the openess required to meet me, and to be on this train. You perceived the magic in the world. The magic in the world invited you in and you said yes!"

They finally arrived at the front of the train. They were met by a large golden door. It was quite ornate, took up the whole end, and had a ruby handle. Alfonso invited Persephone to open the door.

She tentatively reached out and when she touched the ruby handle it lit up and glowed warmly. Persephone giggled and turned it slowly, not knowing at all what would greet them on the other side.

The handle clicked and the door made a rumbling sound as it slid back into nothing, as there was no wall space next to the door to slide into. Another magic thing on this miraculous train and Persephone was delighted.

They walked through a curtain of golden light.

"HELLLOOOO!" Boomed a voice.


About the Creator

Anna Boisvert

Musings and imaginings from the brain of a fifty something year old Gemini who sold everything and moved to Los Angeles in 2018.

I am no professional, I write because it brings me joy, release, and peace.

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