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Paper plane

A heavenly glance

By RedmenDevilPublished 29 days ago 7 min read

Year 2018,27 April. Tokyo city,japan
I open my eyes and sigh to myself as another day begins. After getting ready I came downstairs. Putting on my shoe I grabbed the door knob. I encouraged myself not to be afraid again of people today. You never know how easy it is, until you try right? I took a deep breath and opened the door. Here it is, the world where I am nothing but another face to her.
“Bye mom”
“Bye dear.(I hope he doesn’t get senseless and fall on the road again)”
The puddle on road shines as sun rays reflect on it. Two birds on the dried tree. As I continue to walk I again feel the emptiness in my heart. Why do I even go to school? To be humiliated I guess. I was never a good student though I try hard every time. I heard voice behind my back. Awgh it’s him again my so called friend,Arata.
“Yo Asahi, how is it going”. I tried to avoid him at first but after he kept calling me I couldn’t resist.
“Yeah, nothing much. How about you?”
“Same to me. Hey do you know what happened yesterday at playground?”
“No, what is it?”
“Take a guess.”
He knew I have problem talking to others. He intentionally told me to guess. Anyway I stayed silent. He stared at me for couple seconds while we walk.
“You really dont get it. Do you,Asahi?
Hey just spit it out already or go away, don’t disturb me.
“It was some high school students. We were playing football and then they came and wanted to play with us. But when we denied they popped our ball.”
“What a pity.” I glared down and as I walk slowly.
“Sure it is.” Arata sighed
Our school bell rings. The sound of the bell Peirces through my heart. No, I don’t wanna remember that day. That day when it happe---
“I think I am gonna be late. See you later, Asahi” Arata started walking fast.
Haaah, thank god he is gone. Now I can walk peacefully. What I am doing also? I also should walk fast otherwise I am gonna be late too. As I walk, I was analysing the conversation between me and him to find out if i said something wrong. Well now it doesn’t matter, he is gonna forget about me anyway. I approached the school gate. When i entered the school, my life again throws me back to my place. I slip and fall on the muddy puddle in front of the school gate. Yeah that’s right, I deserve this. I can’t go to class with these dirty clothes. The bell also finished ringing. What should I do now? I clamed myself then became a comics speedstar. I ran so fast even the light couldn’t keep up with me.
“Hey kid, move your blocking my way”
What’s wrong with me? Why did I suddenly stop? Oh no, my vision….. Its getting blurry. No I must reach my home and change my clothes. I barely managed to reach home.
“Oi, Asahi. What did you do? Ugh now I have to wash these clothes.”
“Sorry mom. But I am in bit hurry”
“Hey is this anyway to talk to your elders”
Mom keeps on shouting. Its normal for any mom to be mad after seeing dirty clothes and also she doesn’t know what actually happened. Anyway I went upstairs and entered my room. I was in the middle of changing but then I quickly closed the curtains even though they were half closed before. I closed the curtains cause what if there is some pervert spying on me. There is no time to think about all this. Why don’t I just get ready quickly.
“Mom, is it okay if I don’t go school today” I don’t like to be at school like any other student.
“Why? Are you feeling bad?” The concern in Mom voice was deep.
“No. Mom just forget about it.”
Finally I am fully ready. It’s time to go again.
After I reached the school I sighed. No wonder the gate is closed. A shadow figure called out my name behind the walls. I slowly approached it. As soon as I get close it it pulled me behind the shadows.
“Oh, Aoto it’s you” I sighed in relief.
“What even did you think?who could be here? Some angel who will teleport you to class.”
“Stop joking. Anyway it seems that we both are late.”
“Yeah, but don’t worry about it. I have figured out a way to enter the school. And you would never guess what it is.”
“Haah let me guess we need to climb the wall” I smirked knowing it’s the only answer.
“Eh how did you know!”
“Ah stop acting stupid” I got annoyed. He is like this to cheer me up .
“Sure. Now help me climb up”
After Aoto had climbed the wall he helped me by giving a hand to climb the wall. We jumped down and then enter the school. We rushed to the class room and took our seats.
“Oh I am glad that teacher didn’t came yet” Aoto sighs. I nodded to Aoto and then minded my business. Soon our teacher came and the class begins. Now I am fully focused on the class.
“Asahi Akiyama..Asahi Akiyama!”the teacher shouts.
“Yes sir” I stood up quickly.
“Get out my class”
I slowly took steps while the whole class was laughing at me. What I was even focusing at, sir was only calling names. Huh maybe I was not focused at all and that’s why I didn’t notice that sir was calling my name. After the recess came I went and grabbed my lunch. While going upstairs I called out to Arata.
“Oi,Arata I think someone is calling you” a student with Arata said.
“really, you are mishearing. It maybe a mosquito. Just shut up and walk.”
“yeah you’re right”.
Really, why do they gotta do me like that. I knew when I was walking to school he talked to me cause there was no one else to talk. Whatever, I am used to it. Anyway after having lunch and washing my hands I ran straight to 10-c. I took a peak through the window and there she was .
My sun who always gives light and happiness to me. But she doesn’t know I exist, I wish she did.
“Oi Asahi what are you doing here?”,Aoto asked.
“Eh, nothing nothing.”
“hey tell me. Is this that girl again.”
“i said it’s nothing”I walked off quickly. Was I shy? Well maybe. Aoto catched up to me.
“Oi Asahi, wanna go play”
“Nah, I rather sit and watch you”
“really!talk about a lazy kid”
“By the way what were you going to play?”
“paper plane throw”
“I am in”
“eh, really . I was just joking. Who plays paper plane throw at this age! Are you a kid?”
“Do you want me to play or not?”
“haah.ok ok. Let’s go to class room and make couple paper planes first”
After making paper planes we went to the roof.
“hey Asahi are you ready? On 1 2 3 go”
We both throw our paper planes. But mine didn’t even flew a metar.
“Aoto, hear me a bit”
“sure,what is it?”
“it was always fun knowing you. I have request, If I die then please let her know that I loved her”. Oh god what am I saying. That’s so cringe.
“what are you talking about?if you wanna die then go jump off I don’t care.”
“ok,then it’s a bye bye” I approached the edge of the roof.
“oi seriously!get back here” Aoto pulled me back.
“Did you really thought that I would jump off the roof?haha I would never until I get to know her feelings for me”
“And if she doesn’t feel the same as you then what are you gonna do?
“Dont say I will cry”
“really,what a douchbag!”
“Hey what’s that sound !” I said as we heard loud noises from 4th floor. We rushed to the spot and saw Arata patheticly lying on floor.
“Heh, this is what he deserves” I said as I smiled. How bad of me on laughing on someones bad fate. As I tried to slip through the crowd like a cat to go to my classroom Arata said something pointing at me. Then the bulky giant came running towards me like a elephant and grabbed me by my shirt. I think that’s what I get for laughing at someone. I am gonna get a beating. When the humongous camel was going to land a blow on me Aoto screamed. He did this to save me. I took the chance and ran to my classroom. Time passes as i take notes in the class.
All the classes are finished except the last one. I was writing down what teacher was teaching us. Then suddenly someone threw a paper ball at me. I opened it and there was some exceptional stuff. Then the teacher popped out of nowhere and saw the writing on the paper. Obviously he scolded me and even though I felt bad at first then I remembered i am used to it. After the last class, I and Aoto sat and talked for while. School is now finished, time to go home. I sneakily brought the headphones today. At the afternoon hours orange sun rays are dazzling on the buildings. Will go to home but after roaming around the city. This is my hobby. Walking like a half dead beggar in late hours of the day. Today I will not follow that girl, talk about being a creep. After going further from flower shop and turning left there was the stairway to heaven, at least what i assume to be heaven. The leaves of trees are glittering like a new born baby. I went to the top and there was my heart warming view. After puting my bag on the wall of the well, i sat beneath the tree . As my favourite song starts to play and I close my eyes and feel the freshness of the light wind. Two white birds flew from a distance . After putting of the headphone I made a paper plane and threw it. All the loneliness turned into a breeze fire of sheer happiness. The plane flew like it would never land.

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