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Orbs of Purity


By Ocusan MPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 4 min read

The colony who calls themselves Orbs of Purity exists on a island platform in space they call Womb, named after the mother or birthplace of the spirit. They are a old race of beings, human in form, living among the ancient dwellings made of sacred ash & clay. They cook in clay stoves and eat gathered fruits, nuts & berries that they believe we're given by the token Oracle who created them out of clay many eaons ago. They had a star like sun that gave them warmth and a atmosphere of aither, as the world was just born anew. There was no moons above womb, as the sun never set since womb did not rotate but did travel around creating seasons. The colony consisted of only men who were born of women but something happened to them they never spoke of, something made them vanish and they worried on how they would carry on their race of peoples. The sky was their God that gave them aither to breath making their bodies glow a white array that looked like a smoke halo around their being. They were growing old and some lived to be over 100, and the young boys were no more. They spent their time chipping away on pumus stone given by the now extinct volcanos creating works of art that stood in the high grottos that they burnt offerings to that allowed the Oracle to speak. The voice was deep and seemed to come from the outer edges of space, it would ask what they needed and provided company to the men. Gathering around the sacred Oracle was a nightly ritual as they were getting concerned on how to obtain women for breeding purposes. One of the oldest elder was called, Thuban, named after a old star that the Oracle had taught was once the North Star of Egypt, a colony that lived on another world that only the Oracle could see. They believe the Oracle is a Goddess that helped build the universes along with the Suns. Thuban spoke of the urgency of finding women and the Oracle agreed to find one on another world. It had been so long since they had companions that the man made clay women to mate with that they put in a secret chamber below in the caves. If a man hungered and so desired he would go to the clay sculptures that were moistened by the cave water and mate with a clay women. It was all they had, as some of the younger males designed their own with hairs made of sea grass to strengthen the illusion. Some they designed with small beasts, some large, as each male belonging to the orbs of purity had their own sculpture. They did have a sea that swirled different hues of water that they bathed in the ritual. But it was getting old with just a cult of men, as one named Thoth demanded the Oracle, he said, " Oracle are you not the one who created us by breathing clay into fire?" The Goddess who was a hovering pillar of rock said, " Yes I created you this way. " " Then why not breath fire into one of our sculptures? " " This hasn't been done for over one hundred years, sine I made Thuban, but I could try." The few men that had gathered shook their heads in rhythm, surprises on their faces. Thoth had ran down to the caves to bring his clay woman he called Mara. He ran back uphill to the grotto holding her image, sea grass blowing in the aither air. "here she is Mother Oracle, bring her to life!" The wind picked up and laughter echoed within the shape. The statue beckoned out of the wind and bent over the image and hovered. It covered her with a bright orb and she started to move, quivering in the orb, coming to life! The males gasped and patted each other in excitement! Their eyes wide open witnessing a miracle in front of their very eyes. Then the cloud surrounding the clay creation made a small noise, a voice and then movement! " She's alive," they exclaimed, jumping around and dancing, while the boy Thoth had to see. He bent down over her being as a cloud of smoke rose, the air glistened with sparkles as he saw her face. She squawked like a ancient bird and her eyes looked up at him. Thoth spoke to the Oracle, "Give her more! "In time, she answered, Everything doesn't happen in one day, you must teach her like I taught you," Thoth was flapping his eagle feathered frock and prancing around but it was a alive woman and her aliveness seemed to satisfy him to his liking. He thanked the Oracle and gathered the now alive Mara in his arms and took her down to his cave. He spoke softly to her claymation movements. She could only blink her eyes and sqwack...


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Ocusan M

I write in a surrealistic style & enjoy collage art

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  • Donna Fox2 months ago

    Very interesting read.

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